Ann Coulter is a Man

The only women with Adam’s apples are pre-op transexuals or drag queens. Sorry Ann, but all the bottle blonde hair and little black cocktail dresses in the world can’t disguise the truth: you are a man.

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  1. feminazi says:

    Coulter is an angry, vicious bitch and her obsession with calling everyone gay suggests to me that she fell in love with a gay man, was turned down and her fragile ego never got over it. This is junior high school stuff and not becoming on a 40-ish, adult woman. If she’s a woman.

  2. ukiah1942 says:

    Ann Coulter does not speak for all conservatives nor does she speak for me.

  3. Harry says:

    Maybe some angry queen will drop a safe on her as she walks down a Manhattan street, splattering her 80lbs. all over the sidewalk. Let’s hope so.

  4. The Queen of Bismark Terrace says:

    Ann Coulter is a cunt. If that offends someone – too bad. I’ve really had it with her and her destructive mouth.

  5. Mark says:

    Well Ukiah, that’s great that she doesn’t speak for you but the fact is, she speaks for many conservatives as is evidenced by the fact Coulter was an invited guest at this event and her homophobic diatribe was greeted with applause. Your political philosophy attracts people who appear to be deranged and it’s getting worse. There is an endless supply of people like Coulter to dazzle and entertain people on the right. The GOP affords them safe harbor.

  6. ChiTOM says:

    I saw an article this morning that claims the pajamas media has denounced her use of the “F” word and basically wants her to shut up.

    Nonetheless, Mark hit the nail on the proverbial head: Coulter was an invited guest as her hosts knew who they were asking to speak. The question is why is the Republican party populated by people like Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Melody Morgan, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage and Dr. Laura? Is it something in the water or are they just evil?

  7. feminazi says:

    Another way to look at this is, the more she flaps her piehole, the more the country will get turned off by anything even remotely associated with the GOP. Does that make sense?

  8. Christopher says:


    If you have a link to the article and have time to post that would be great. Thanks!

  9. Harry says:

    I disagree, feminazi. Mann Coulter’s bigotry just validates what is already in the hearts of most cons. Sorry to be so cynical,

  10. Larry says:

    Whatever it is, it should be boiled in a pit of maramlade and spread over Bush’s breakfast toast.

  11. Brigadoon says:

    I hope the bitch gets hit by a bus.

  12. Jim says:

    Now THAT’S scary!!!!!

  13. JDRShaw says:

    I’m not a shrink but, this broad is insane. Batshit-as-crazy-as-a-loon and very dangerous.

    To call her a hate-monger doesn’t begin to characterize her pathology.

  14. mbmdl says:

    Ann Coulter is why I no longer watch Bill Maher. They’re buddies you know. I’ve read interviews with Maher where he defends Coulter and says how funny he finds some of her comments.

  15. kayinmaine says:

    Wait til the neocons realize they’re worshiping a transgendered man! Love it. I hope I get to see the day. 🙂

  16. kayinmaine says:

    Christopher, watch this video:

    Ann Coulter is referred to as a “him” by George Will on national tv! Love it! Finally, we’re getting somewhere on this issue….


  17. Christopher says:

    Thanks for the link, Kay! A riot. I’m late getting to my own blog thanks to Road Runner idiocy this morning. Thanks again for the link.

  18. panasit says:

    Coulter is the Queen of Soundbites and thoroughly lacking in substance. Her shtick is designed to sell her books and keep her name in the media. I can only hope she meets a timely early death by drowning in her pool. And yes, you may quote me.

  19. HA! The few times I’ve spent more than 3 seconds listening to her drivel I have wondered about her adam’s apple. It’s sort of like a huge mole or zit. You just can’t take your eyes off of it even though you want to.

  20. CFAW says:

    We share the frustrations!!!

    That’s why the Center for the Advancement of Women created the campaign/petition:
    Ann Coulter Does Not Speak for Me

    You can check it out here:

    And the petition can be signed here:

  21. dartagnan says:

    “Coulter is an angry, vicious bitch”

    Yes, it is. Its self-loathing is painfully obvious in everything it says or writes.

    Maybe the self-loathing is the result of its feeling that it is a man born in a woman’s body, or a woman born in a man’s body, or … who the hell knows.

  22. dartagnan says:

    “I hope the bitch gets hit by a bus.”

    In all seriousness, someday the Coulter creature is going to meet up with the wrong person and he/she is going to pop a cap in its head.

    I’m not advocating it, just predicting it.

  23. dartagnan says:

    “The question is why is the Republican party populated by people like Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Melody Morgan, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage and Dr. Laura? Is it something in the water or are they just evil?”

    I’m gonna go with Option #2. They’re evil, hateful sumbitches.

    It’s interesting that, accorrding to news accounts, the CPAC crowd greeted Coulter’s “faggot” remark with “howls and cheers.” They ate it up. It was only a couple of days later that they figured out, “Hey, mainstream America might not think this is funny.”

  24. fredlox says:

    I guess Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan are men also look at their Adam’s apple

  25. neoconshatetrueamericanvalues says:

    MAnn Coulter may not speak for “all” conservatives, but it is obvious she speaks for many many more than will admit it publically. Obviously, if she didn’t speak for a majority. of those on the conservative side of things she , like the rest of the all too common high profile hate mongers like her, wouldn’t be where she is – out there disseminating the conservative message at sanctioned events and being applauded for doing so. If she didn’t speak for conservatives, consrvatives would have brushed her aside long ago. But they haven’t. They support her. They hire her. The attend events at which she speaks. They watch and listen to her on the TV and radio . . .

    Saying Ann Coulter doesn’t speak for Conservatives is like saying that William Joseph Simmons, Nathan Bedford Forrest, George Gordon and the like didn’t speak for the KKK.

  26. Man Coulter says:

    I created a website to warehouse evidence proving that Man Coulter is a dude, lemme know.

    She’s a man baby!

  27. Cyber Xena says:

    When all the TS in the dead will you all be happy Then?

  28. Christopher says:

    Cyber Xena,

    Huh? What are you trying to say?

  29. Reggin says:

    Ann is definitely a man, not to mention an incredible fag-hag – note: Bill Mahr, Denish D’ Sousa, and Bob Guccione, all ‘undercover’ faggots. Word is that Bill and Denish fooled around for a while.

    Come clean, Ann and be who you are. Man or woman we all hate your guts and pray that you and all of your fans die as soon as possible. If God is truly merciful, then you have already been stricken by some incurable disease.

  30. mel says:

    What a waste of time all you peoples hate is over hesheit. She has most of you right where she wants you. Paying attention.

  31. Bill C says:

    I remember when Ann Coulter came on Bill Maher’s show (before it was on cable) and said Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broderick. (sp?) Maher asked her to prove that Clinton did this, and there–on national T.V.–after repeatedly dodging the question, Coulter finally had to back down and admit that she had no proof to back up her accusation against Clinton. So there it is, on film, recorded for all to see, Ann Coulter accusing someone of rape and then admitting she had no proof to back it.. Why aren’t people addressing this incident?

  32. Mike G says:

    Right on, Bill. No one will stand up to Trann because normal people are taken aback by personal insults, especially in a public discussion. This is the core of her schoolyard strategy. As soon as her psychotic argument erodes, she starts the personal attack. Someone needs to challenge her manhood just as she is so happy to do.

  33. nikkita says:

    ann coulter looks like an anorexic horse(or a drag queen-crack whore).

  34. Dave says:

    Ann Coulter may be a man, but one thing is becoming more and more apparent. The inherintly wide spread of homosexuality within the right wing. They are the ones who can not live with them selfs, wich leads them to nihalist destructive tendencies. Just like Coulter. She would readily insult her targets to stir up the pot knowing full well the damage beeing caused. Her goals? Same as all the other dangerous loons on the right, to squash dissent with AGRESSIVE BS.

  35. R says:

    SAD. I don’t want children to see these types of actions and beleive they are acceptable. Teaching hatred is never acceptable in my opinion. How can one call themselves a “Christian” and beleive in hatred? Jesus himself would vomit.
    I can not wait until our generation runs the white house/gov’t…except for the fact that it will prob. be run by all these assholes kids with money. They don’t care who they screw over, as long as they get thier money.
    PS you people should watch “Iraq for Sale: War Profiteers” although it might make you very upset. I hope we can stop this war so we can stop exploitation of all peoples. This includes us as they use our pay checks (taxes ets.) to pay thier millionaire friends of the gov’t more and more of our hard earned money while they sit there.

  36. sadisticon says:

    You’re very correct; Ann has us paying attention. Someone has to pay attention to silly people like her, otherwise they tend to slip into power. And who knows what could happen when self-serving demagogues without a clue happen upon power. So far we’ve been lucky; it hasn’t happened yet…

  37. Jacq says:

    OMG! That pic is freakin HILARIOUS!!!!!!

  38. all i cn do is laugh at tha adam’s apple. LOL u wild LOL

  39. Mark says:

    I love this site! Finally others have noticed what I’ve noticed for years. It never ceases to amaze me how these moron republicians just worship the ground this rag in drag walks on. I am living for the day when our man Ann pops a woody on Fox and Friends while promoting her new book, “How to talk to a transgender…if you have too.” As for the comment about her falling in love with a gay men? My guess is as a gay man no one gave that ugly skank the time of day so it was either change its sex or put a gun to its head. How I wish it now had choosed the latter.

  40. holliwood13 says:

    Ann Coulter is a bitter bitch.

  41. jenny says:

    ann is a man and she/he would be a perfect partner for rush

  42. Niamh says:

    She definitely has a dick. That’s why she never married any of those people she was engaged to. They found out.


  43. the floacist says:

    When you accuse Bill Clinton of being gay, there’s something wrong…

    Yes she does look like a man. But to accuse every masculine looking woman as a transsexual doesn’t mean she is actually a man. That’s just rude 😛 Seriously, every girl has their “tranny” moment. Lots of unflattering make up and/or hairstyle could make you look like a man.

  44. Gus says:

    Jesus would back a truck up over this horse faced slag.

  45. Tom says:

    I think your pontifications about Ann’s gender makes ALL of you look like liberal, mind-altered idiots. So, why should I be so surprised at these leftist, brain-numbing comments?!

  46. Jon says:

    Has this he/she ever had a job ? Or is her/him just an asshole who stirs up controversy to sell books she didn’t even write. Please someone drop a piano from 50 stories up on her head

  47. Joe says:

    Ann Coulter was the spoiled little brat in your first grade class who insisted, usually at high volume, that everyone pay attention to her. You know the one – a screaming, stomping, crying, whining, snobby, pretty-pretty princess (or princeling) who couldn’t even begin to comprehend the beginning of an understanding that in galactic terms she and her selfish and/or hate-filled diatribe have about as much true importance as the dirt attached to the navel fuzz that I just flicked into my wastebasket.

    The only difference here is that she has made an adult career out of it.

    Don’t be angry with her, Earth. Pity her. For when she truly realizes the waste her life was and what she has become, perhaps as her life leaves her eventually, she will be very alone and utterly destroyed, staring down the abyss of her final end. Mostly likely with no audience but those of whom she might have surrounded herself? Those who are counting down the seconds until her expiration (and then the settling of her estate) or, even worse, completely alone. Or perhaps surrounded by beeping, non-sentient and unfeeling machines, straining to keep her functioning. Is there much of a difference in the three, I posit?


    Pity. For her life is wasted in her hate and empty aspirations. Truly nothing to carry forward unto whatever follows this life.

    Let this that you read be the last thought you give her, fellow sentients. Pity her. And give her the attention that you gave that squashed cabbage-leaf in first grade. Some quiet, sentimental and pitiful laughter and to only remember them over a quiet drink, wondering whether someone had slipped something into your chai, that you would consider someone so unimportant and non-sequitur.

    What was that child’s name, anyway…?

  48. Bobby says:

    The reason liberals hate Ann Coulter is because she has the “audacity” of being anti-liberal and anybody who speaks ill about their agenda should be forever silenced. You want to talk about National Socialists and people being totally against individual rights and freedoms, look no farther than the liberal ideology.

  49. Mike K. says:

    Ann is a hoot. And she is often insightful. Sometimes she is mean, granted. But she is certainly no meaner than say, Keith Olberman, her friend Bill Maher, and let’s not forget Al Franken.

    And in case the libs forgot, she’s smart. Law Review editor, law clerk with the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. That’s what really bugs the left about her more than anything, not her nastiness. Give me a break, no group is meaner than the american left.

  50. RealWorldRadical says:

    “The question is why is the Republican party populated by people like Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Melody Morgan, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage and Dr. Laura? Is it something in the water or are they just evil?”

    This is just an entertainment issue. Moderate (aka wishy-washy) ideas do not entertain. Anyone who works and lives in mixed company (or reads survey data) knows these folks aren’t typical…but they are gripping and entertaining…even to the segment of the left that enjoys the opportunity to froth.

    The left is in general (though not universally) more open intellectually. This does not make good entertainment, and, I’m afraid, according to research in persuasion, does not change minds very well. Extremism does. Just as the myth of Obama did. Fanatical lunatic dangerous nonsense is the most persuasive, and its a reality to accept or hide from.

  51. MAModerate says:

    do you guys have any actual ideas or rebuttals or do u just hate ann coulter
    she may be a bitch but she’s also a lot smarter than most of you, how many of you edited the law review, and for all you people telling her to shut up… there is a thing we like to call free speech in this country, it protects all view points, even those we disagree with

  52. Mary says:

    I have been saying this for years. It goes to show you with a lot of botox, bleach, and a skirt up to its wanger you can really trick the far right…As long as you say what they want to hear in a husky, manly voice…LOL

  53. Croppy Cait says:

    With all of ‘her’ reactionary platitudes and other bigoted crap, I’m quite surprised that ‘she’s’ never been bred. ‘She’s’ way to ignorant to be a real woman anyway unless ‘she’s’ from a place where it’s so cold that the brain freezes…such as Alaska!

  54. you liberals are so juvenile says:

    the forensic study of the human skeletal structure , which allows us to determine gender of purely skeletal remains , indicates that Ann is a she.
    to simplify ( because I see a lot of idiots here who will need to have is simplified for them )
    the index finger of males is shorter than their ring finger .
    the female index finger is of equal or longer length than the ring finger.
    this is never changed in transgender operations.

    it is a biological fact and it is irrefuttable.

    all the childish spewing here is just that , with zero factual basis.

    grow up

  55. Zoe Brain says:

    Except that many TS women have female-pattern hands. And not all have Adams Apples. If the brain develops along female lines, sometimes other bits do too. Not always. Not usually. But far more than the average.

    You know, if it was a Right-wing blog spewing this hateful garbage about a Leftie, the Left would be spitting chips about how inhuman and hateful the Right is. The Left would never do such a thing (HA!).

    Racism, Sexism and Transphobia are almost as rife on the Right of course, but at least they’re not hypocrites as well.

  56. Kute Kelly says:

    Calling Ann a man is almost an insult to men.

  57. Croppy Cait says:

    Poor Anne…she suffers from vagina envy!

  58. Hugh Jassol says:

    I heard that she was undergoing some hormone therapy and complained to the doctor that it was causing her “to grow excess hair”. The doctor asked her, “Where is it growing, on your chest?” “No,” she answered, “on my BALLS!” Hahahahaha

  59. Ruhlmann says:

    This is not a defence of Ann Coulter but many women do in fact have varying degrees of an Adam’s Apple. She is more a prick than a cunt though.

  60. JollyRoger says:

    the forensic study of the human skeletal structure , which allows us to determine gender of purely skeletal remains , indicates that Ann is a she.

    However, forensics, nor MRIs, nor any other known medical technology teaches us why Rushpublican Klanservatives are so stupid. For that, we must go to biology, and the well-known consequences of a limited gene pool.

  61. I LOVE Gus’ comment;

    “Jesus would back a truck up over this horse faced slag.”

  62. The Crons says:

    How has scum like this reached this level of communication?

    I guess it’s time for the culling.

  63. Fantastic post, I favorited your site so I can visit again in the near future, All the Best

  64. Zoe Brain says:

    What’s next? “And I have it on good authority that she’s only passing for white”?

    I too am bookmarking this site, Because many people don’t believe that those like you, and most of the commentariat here, exist.

  65. I'm Cold but Bold says:

    If she is actually a man, she has had a huge amount of plastic work done $30,000 minimum.
    Case in point, the Queen of Slimes playboy spread
    in 2008

  66. Diane says:

    I am a woman who was born intersex but my functional sex is female. I never had an Adams Apple, thank God.
    I happen to love Ann because she is blunt in making her points. Yes, I am a rather conservative thinker…….a constitutional advocate if you will. I really don’t understand why the hatred of Ann but for the disagreement with her political views to which I usually agree.

  67. aarzi says:

    The reason for all the hatred is:

    liberals are simple minded children who refuse to see the facts as they truly are.

    If you don’t agree with them they tease and bully you in hopes you will relent and convert over to the dark side.
    Just like school, huh?

    They like to make fun of Fox News because they think Fox delivers a one sided version and I would agree to the fact that Fox leans Right but liberals cannot, or will not, admit that the vast majority of the media is liberal and brainwashing people.

  68. Cheryl Meril says:

    You guys take her too seriously She’s just a money making shock jock political freak show act.

  69. d c says:

    does not matter wot sex gender oriantation u are as long as wot u are makes u happy then stuff wot other people think ive battled my self for years till i had my confidence beaten out of me black and blue

  70. idhitthat says:

    id hit that

  71. Sueshe says:

    It’s not the ‘Adams apple’ that’s the give away. It’s the ‘package’ the Annie sometimes has trouble hiding.

  72. pookerella says:

    Not a fan of Ann Coulter, but sorry to say, you are wrong about her being a man. All humans have Adam’s apples. A man’s is more prominent because men have a protrusion called a laryngeal prominence. Some women do have them, but she doesn’t. In women who are tall and thin, especially with long necks, you can see the thyroid cartilage more clearly. The difference is, males have that bony protrusion, women do not. And she does NOT have that. Science, as always, wins.

  73. Terri says:

    How do you celebrate Caitlyn Jenner becoming a woman while calling Ann Coulter a man as an insult? Ridiculous.
    Looks like, in this very old pic, Ann has a goiter which is a swelling of the thyroid gland. I hope she got it taken care of. SMH

  74. Kevin says:

    Though they rarely protrude as much as ours do, ALL women have Adam’s apples. Some do protrude btw and that usually seems to be the case with lankier people… Far from being definitive proof.

  75. Alice says:

    I have a female friend who I’ve been friends with since 6th grade. She has a visible Adam’s apple and is androgynous looking. It is cruel to make fun of women for having them because it has caused her a lot of grief in her life to be teased and told in school that she “wasn’t really a girl.”

  76. Taz man says:

    Just look at the size of the head… Dead giveaway, And WTF is going on with those hands?

  77. Belch Water says:

    Her package is almost as large as Michelle’s!!! What’s that about???

  78. Dennis Augello says:

    I dislike Ann, but this isn’t true. Everyone has an Adams apple. Some are just more pronounced. Mens are typically larger but it’s not always the case. Try studying some anatomy.

  79. Ann Coulter may very well be a man, just like Michelle Obama. I despise both of them.

  80. Zoe Ellen Brain says:

    You’re not one though.

  81. Sandra D says:

    I’ve always wondered if she was a he…The Adam’s apple,, deep whiskey voice and no mannerisms becoming of us REAL women.. She’s as Conservative as Al Sharpton …Neither of these radical men do! If anyone here thinks HE is conservative or GOP, their head is buried in the sand…

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