Republicans Negative on Bush

Americans on the President

In the months since the Congressional elections, President Bush has lost substantial support among members of his own party, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

Over all, Mr. Bush’s job approval remains at one of its lowest points, with 29 percent of all Americans saying they approve of the way he is doing his job

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8 Responses to Republicans Negative on Bush

  1. Randy Arroyo says:

    I’m not surprised in the least and here’s why. When the country music singers began to turn on him, I knew Bush was in serious trouble. The NASCAR cretins will be the next group to turn on him. BTW, isn’t 29% job approval in the Richard Nixon range?

  2. gay kitten says:

    71% disapprove of the Idiot Bush’s handling of Iraq. I guess the remaining 29% who approval must be Bush family members.

    What a fucking loser.

  3. Harry says:

    Yet with all this bad polling data, our genius leadership in the 110th Congress still can’t muster an effective way to bring Iraq to a close, let alone impeach the clown in the Oval Office. They make me sick.

  4. kayinmaine says:

    Wow! Bush’s approval ratings are falling faster than a cannonball thrown overboard! Love it.

  5. kayinmaine says:

    You make a good point Harry. What is wrong with the dems that they can’t realize how much support they have out here in America? We want to see frogmarching!!!

  6. Jim says:

    You know it’s dire when his own Republican Kooks turn against him. But even they can see the gravy train is over.

  7. Joe in Colorado says:

    I’ve been amused of late how the GOP is willing to overlook Rudy Guiliani’s marriage to his cousin, pro-choice, pro-gay rights positions all so they can get a candidate out there able to kick Hillary’s butt in a general election. I guess the so-called social issues fall away when you want to win more than anything.

  8. Manas says:

    “You know it’s dire when his own Republican Kooks turn against him. But even they can see the gravy train is over.”

    -right you are! 🙂

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