Mission (Not) Accomplished

As Congressional Democrats stumble about and fail in their quest to end Bush’s Iraq war, I thought it important to revisit the Iraq war by the numbers.

Today is the 1,421st day since the declaration of mission accomplished in Iraq 

3,169 Americans have died in the conflict

23,417 Americans have been injured or maimed

The cost to American taxpayers: $405,308,980,705

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9 Responses to Mission (Not) Accomplished

  1. Brigadoon says:

    The only thing Bush and Cheney have “accomplished” is bloating their bank accounts and destroying the country. Pelosi is a joke and Murtha is a bumbling foggey. What a God damned mess.

  2. TOM339 says:

    At least Nancy looks real purtee in her Armani shawl.

  3. JDRShaw says:

    It’s all become so terribly depressing.

    Like many, I had great hopes that the 110th Congress would pull the plug on Bush’s war and the carnage would finally end but alas, the Democrats are proving themselves to be every bit as hawkish and war-friendly as is Lieberman or Hillary.

  4. mbmdl says:

    I look at the figure – nearly a half a trillion dollars, and I ponder what we could’ve spent it on here at home for the American people. George Bush and Dick Cheney deserve to rot in hell for their misdeeds. They’re human filth.

  5. kayinmaine says:

    Uh oh Christopher. You showed a picture of our soldiers in their caskets. You know what that means! GITMO. LOL

  6. Jim says:

    The Democrats are failing already. Cut the funding for this misguided war effort. We should never have entered into such a deal with the devil. What a mess and we’ll be paying for it for generations, provided the country survives the Bush reign.

  7. balkanbalkan says:

    Agree with Jim, the Democrats are failing, and the numbers are so sad!

  8. Democrats are more concerned about not looking weak on defense than they are about their rhetoric about withdrawing from Iraq.

  9. Jacq says:

    My brother-in-law just retired after 23 years in active duty air force, because he was tired of all the years he was sent on any of these Middle East missions, having spent so much time away from his family. And mind you, he volunteered for a lot of them. I won’t speak for him as to what his opinion is of this administration, but I could tell he wasn’t too happy with it.

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