Sen. Bernie Sanders ‘Obama Should Face Primary Challenge’

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) an Independent and arguably the only genuine liberal in the U.S. senate, says President Obama could benefit from a primary challenger over the next year.

Speaking to talk show host Thom Hartmann over the weekend, Sanders said:

“My suggestion is, I think one of the reasons the president has been able to move so far to the right is that there is no primary opposition to him, and I think it would do this country a good deal of service if people started thinking about candidates out there to begin contrasting what is a progressive agenda as opposed to what Obama is doing. I think it would be a good idea if President Obama faced some primary opposition.”

Sanders is livid at President Obama for offering to slash Social Security and Medicare in order to reach a budget deal with Tea Party Republicans.

Cuts to America’s safety net programs could send millions of retired and disabled into a death spiral, as they struggle to pay for the rising costs of food, rent and medicine.

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8 Responses to Sen. Bernie Sanders ‘Obama Should Face Primary Challenge’

  1. Brigadoon says:

    I like Bernie Sanders. I wish he was my US senator.

  2. feminazi says:

    In theory, a primary challenger would be a splendid idea but, who would it be? Hillary says she’s tired from flying 250,000 miles a year jetting from country to country and wants to spend more time at home with her daughter, son-in-law and friends. Al Gore is busy with climate change issues. I don’t know who is viable? We need to look at the remaining Democratic state governors for possibilities and skip the congress.

  3. Eric Equality Kuntz says:

    Why not Bernie Sanders? He would make a perfect primary challenger to take on Obama.

    Listen, I had no idea when I cast my ballot for Obama back in 2008 that I was really electing a Republican. If I had, I would have voted for Hillary Clinton way back in the primary. Obama was a master at selling himself to us that he was a new kind of progressive.

    Turns out, he was just a old school liar.

  4. Tiny Dancer says:

    Bernie Sanders is my hero.

  5. Matteo says:

    More than a third of Americans now believe that President Obama’s policies are hurting the economy, and confidence in his ability to create jobs is sharply eroding among his base, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

    A primary challenger could have a chance, too.

  6. JollyRoger says:

    It’s like I said about this the other day…

    Let’s say that I decide I’m going to have sex with you, whether you want me to do it or not. I’m guessing you’d call me a rapist, and I’d certainly agree with you; there’s no question about it, is there?

    But, what if I called myself a THERAPIST? Would it be OK for me to have sex with you against your will THEN?

    I’m a little tired of getting bent over by someone who claims he’s “fighting for” me. A DINO is, in fact, a Rushpubliscum, no matter what he calls himself.

  7. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    I couldn’t agree more….. If I had known in 2008 what I know now, I never would have voted for Obama!

  8. JIM/TX says:

    Republican President Obama in a Donkey Suit, he has done more to destroy the party of TRUMAN than anyone I know! Seniors and working poor, middle class just got shafted!

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