New York Times/CBS News Poll: Obama 53, McCain 39

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The latest New York Times/CBS News Poll shows John McCain’s angry, race-tinged campaign tactics have backfired with the American public.

Over all, the poll found that if the election were held today, a stunning 53% of voters now say they plan to vote for Obama, and a pawltry 39% would vote for McCain.

Voters say their opinions of Barack Obama have become twice as favorable in recent weeks. Voters report their views of John McCain have become three times more negative.

Initially, McCain had promised to run a positive, issue oriented campaign but in recent weeks, the Arizona senator has run a campaign that is 100% negative and the American isn’t buying it. Especially against the back drop of the worst economy since the Great Depression.

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10 Responses to New York Times/CBS News Poll: Obama 53, McCain 39

  1. DCVET says:

    At first, I wanted to see Obama get tougher with McCain and knock him around a bit. But Americans are hurting and they want to see calm, steady leadership. I was wrong. Obama needs to just keep doing what he’s doing and the election is his.

  2. I may be biased because I live in state containing many morons, but I still think it’ll be close, polling be damned. No one wants to admit they’re voting for McPOW unless asked at a McPOW rally. Excuse me, a Mooselini rally.

  3. HelenWheels says:

    Great news, thanks, Christopher. I hope that McLame and his attack dog both suffer huge blows to their political careers for the horrible stunts they pulled at our expense. Now there are racist crazies who feel COMPLETELY justified in offing Obama. They pretty much got the ‘go ahead’ from McInsane and Mooselini. It’s disgusting.

  4. Obama would really need to blow this one or McCain do something amazing OR the Gop could steal it. Guess which is the most likely.

  5. emcee says:

    Dude, if the “O” man blows this lead, then he ain’t fit to go to the Big House.

    Let him sit his ass back in the senate for the bext 30 years.

  6. JollyRoger says:

    Well, he’s been “positively” racist, and “positively” hateful…

  7. D.R.Scott says:

    What are you talking about, emcee?

    Already the difference between the two candidates is vast, and it’s growing every day. It really is Hope vs. Fear. If Obama “blows” this lead, it’s won’t be because of what he did, but what those “undecided” white voters lost in America didn’t want to see, so don’t blame Katherine Harris, hanging chads, Ralph Nader, or the Supreme Court this time.

    As Walt Kelly’s Pogo said, “We have met the enemy, and it is us.” And Americans won’t even have to courage to feel ashamed.

  8. Sasha in MN says:

    I am sooooo ready for McCain to retire from this race, the senate and public office. He almost made me lose my dinner in this final debate, what a joke he has become.

  9. Fran says:

    I think John has a thing goin’ on with Joe-the-Plumber. wink.

  10. We are same paging hard.

    This is going to sound atrocious and judgey judgmental to the core, but it needs to be said: Anyone who votes for McCain is out of touch, a racist, and/or so fucktarded, they don’t know if they’re on spin or rinse.

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