President Obama’s 17-Day Hawaii Vacation to Cost $4 Million

Sunday, December 18, 2011

President Barack Obama Frolicking on the Beach in Hawaii

As recession-weary Americans become accustomed to Saturday stay-cations and Wal-Mart lay-away, President Obama and his family, will jet off for their increasingly expensive annual Christmas vacay in Hawaii.

Hawaii Reporter crunched the numbers and they break down like this:

TRAVEL: $3,629,622

The biggest expense is President Barack Obama’s round trip flight to Hawaii via Air Force One, a cost the GAO office estimated at $1 million in the year 2000. Contacted today, the GAO confirmed there is no report the independent office affiliated with Congress has prepared since 2000 to operate Air Force One and Air Force Two.

However, the U.S. Air Force provides the most current numbers of $181,757 per flight hour. Travel time for Air Force One direct from Washington D.C. to Hawaii is about 9 hours or $1,635,813 each way for a total of $3,271,622 for the round trip to Hawaii and back.

The cost for USAF C-17 cargo aircraft that transports the Presidential limos, helicopters and other support equipment to Hawaii was not made available. However, the flight time between Andrews Air Force Base and Hawaii is at about 21.5 hours round-trip, with estimated operating cost of $12,000 per hour. (Source: GAO report, updated by C-17 crew member). The United States Marine Corps provides a presidential helicopter, along with pilots and support crews for the test flights, which travel on another C-17 flight. That is $258,000, not including costs for the 4 to 6 member crew’s per diem and hotel.

Mrs. Obama’s early flight to Hawaii costs about $63,000 (White House Dossier), but add security and personnel for a total of about $100,000.

HOUSING: $151,200

The President and his family pay for their own beachfront rental (they are not staying in the Winter White House this year but rather a house on the same street further to the ocean point).

The Kailua rentals are fronted by the ocean and backed by a canal. So, the taxpayers must cover the costs for housing U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Coast Guard and Navy Seals in beach front and canal front homes in Kailua.

That costs about $1,200 a day ($200 allocated per bedroom per day). Since security arrives one day early, homes are rented for 18 days.

That is about $21,600 per home for approximately 7 houses rented at a total cost of $151,200 for security to stay nearby.

HOTEL: $72,216

The President’s staff and White House Press Corps stay at one of Hawaii’s oldest and most elegant hotels, the Moana Surfrider. Hawaii Reporter confirmed they are again staying there this year. Besides its stunningly beautiful view of Waikiki, and its traditional architecture, it is one of the most pricey hotels in the state.

Government rates are $177 per night, but that only is available during certain times a year.

Rooms typically start at $250 but can cost on average as much as $450 a night, and are even higher during the holidays.  Hotel spokeswoman Marsha Weinert said she could “neither confirm nor deny” the president’s staff is staying there.

A conservative estimate with rooms at the government rate of $177 per day (excluding a 9.25 percent Transient Accommodation Tax and a 4.712 percent General Excise Tax on each bill, meals, internet charges and other charges) means the taxpayers are covering more than $72,216 in hotel bills for an estimated 24 staff.


Local police over time for the president’s visit has historically cost Oahu taxpayers $250,000 but may be more expensive this year with the extended vacation.

The city ambulance the accompanies the president 24 hours a day through his entire visit is $10,000, according to city spokeswoman Louise Kim McCoy.

No one would seek to deny Mr. Obama down time with his family over the Christmas holiday but, at a time of economic uncertainty, when as many as 50% of the American people are defined as “low income or poor,” and the U.S. is faced with a national debt of more than $16 trillion dollars, it seems unseemly to spend $4 million dollars for a 2 1/2 week holiday in Hawaii.

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20 Responses to President Obama’s 17-Day Hawaii Vacation to Cost $4 Million

  1. Unconditional1 says:

    Completely out of touch with everyday Americans!

  2. well, it is no different than former presidents with their outrageous vacations and whether it was Hawaii, or Tx, or Martha’ Vineyard. At this critical time though, Obama might have asked all of them to the White House for Christmas. It would have been better pr……but as far as GOP goes, they would find fault with him just staying and working through the holidays……nothing is right with them.

  3. Brigadoon says:

    Lead-by-example Obama.

  4. shughes2853 says:

    i don’t recall previous presidents having their vacations scrutinized line by line like this but I’m pretty sure their bills would total similar outrageous amounts. I really don’t want to hear anymore about Obama’s vacation costs. Really….just go with another attack – this one is getting old. (yawn)

  5. Fran says:

    Dang! Who will be enjoying the 37 Christmas trees in the White House???

    Seems like they could have toned that down as well.

    For me, this pre-election war shut down is missing something….
    Shutting down Gitmo prison, I mean detention center.

    May 2011, 171 detainees remained at Guantanamo.

    Can’t find the answer but one link estimates it costs $800,000 per year to house a detainee.

    Whatever it is, it is unconstitutional. Due process & all that.

  6. The Real Adam says:

    Washington’s pay, and by Washington, I mean the president and the congress, should be based on a meritocratic system.

    When their stewardship results in more jobs for Americans (not for the Chinese, Mexicans and the Vietnamese), physician reimbursement for Medicare is increased, and the waste known as defense spending is slashed, then I see no problem with a salary increase. The president can take a three week vacation on our dime. But, what have any of these elected officials done to deserve a raise or a vacation?

  7. beth says:

    it’s not that he’s vacationing. it’s that he’s being so flamboyant about it during such hard economic times. if you lost your job yesterday, how would you feel if your friend sent you pictures of his new mercedes 2 hours after you told him you got canned and threw money up in the air while drinking cristal right outside of your house. it would just be a bit insensitive and lack common decency. that’s why people are upset (and i am NOT a republican…just a human with common sense.) other presidents have vacationed, but i’m curious if it were in today’s time (like it IS with obama) if roosevelt partied it up in st. thomas for 2 1/2 weeks and then finished his vacay at a beautiful monaco resort (during the great depression, of course.) people would’ve had his hide.

  8. Debbie Banuelos says:

    Obama is fucking the pooch. He knows his re-election chances are thin so this may very well be the last time he can bilk the US Treasury for $4 million to haul the brood 5,000 miles from Washington and stay at a $1,200 water front abode on Oahu.

  9. And just why is it that Michele must fly there separately … with her mother? … at our expense? Apparently he believes his own sound bites about the recession being over … NOT!

  10. DMason says:

    Americans are sleeping in their cars in record numbers. Homeless shelters are filled to capacity and a third of veterans are homeless. It’s comforting to know our Dear Leader can spend American’s tax dollars on a fabulous, 17 day Hawaiian getaway. By the way, $4 million breaks out to be $235,294 a day or 4.7 times the average American’s salary of $50,000 a year. These politicians are a bunch of elite pigs. Including Obama.

  11. Peace Nick says:

    1.6 million children in the United States or one in 45 kids, were homeless last year, living in shelters, cars, abandoned buildings and parks, a study released Monday found.

    Nice to know Barry is spending $4 million on a uber-First class vacation to Hawaii when that money could go to something useful like ending child homelessness. He truly makes me ill.

  12. Chad Lebanon says:

    I don’t begrudge a president from taking time off but this costly Hawaiian getaway is in addition to the 50 or 60 golf games he played this year. I get the impression Obama is very lazy. Just my opinion.

  13. julie0130 says:

    Every President has had vacations, therefore, why should Obama differ? I just feel that if he were McCain it wouldn’t even be an issue. As far as his not having a second term, well, he will and God bless America for that. At least he knows what he is doing where the other Candidates are totally clueless.

  14. Its not like he’s not working all the time he is on VACATION. With all the BULL the congress has given him he more than deserve it. Bush vacationed and played golf quite well in his years at the White House.

  15. KarenJ says:

    Personally, if I were President, and I had a choice of my family and me spending the Christmas holidays in 1) deserted and frigid Washington D.C., 2) frigid Camp David, 3) frigid Martha’s Vineyard, 4) frigid south Chicago, or my ancestral home Oahu, Hawaii, which do you think I’d pick?

    If all you whiners are complaining about is the cost of Secret Service, which the Obama family is entitled to no matter where they spend their vacations, or the cost of jet fuel, which is the same cost whenever Air Force One is taken up even without the President aboard. then you are simply petty bitchers whose complaints change nothing about the state of this economy, which has been in decline for more years than President Obama has held that title.

  16. Sam Van Zandt says:

    Obama plays golf twice a month on average – so f-ing what?
    He is entitled to go to Hawaii on vacation – shortened by a week thanks to Congress, by the way.
    He isn’t showing off – he’s chilling at Christmas-time. The criticism I see here is stunning!

  17. Want to thank all of you, for your Powerfull stand against Oboma & His Corrupted political partners.

    But there is so much more we can do. Being aggressive and focusing on the facts and truth is only the first step.

    We musT follow Up with more details standing by our convictions and dont back down.

    Oboma has NOT brought CHANGE, In fact ~! ~ THE ONLY real THING needing CHANGE !….Was Barack Hussein Obama II.


    Barack Hussein Obama II ( Who hates American Values ) who is A ” SELF PROCLAIMED Enemy” ~of responsible, Morally Conscious HARD WORKING Americans.

    oBOMAS Irresponsible & DRUG MAFIA and reckless supporters KNOW~ that Barack Hussein Obama II, WILL FORCE YOU to paY THEM, out of your PockeT .{ FOR all of their UNCHECKED Vices and THRILLS/

    { All on YOU

    | / At your COST & Sacrifice.\ .

    ..This UN~CHANGABLE fraud, has done His VERY BEST to Inspire VIOLENCE. THESE ARE OBAMAS OWN WORDS.. saying ……To his supporters.Saying “Get ready for hand-to-hand combat with your Fellow Americans” – Obama has ALSO DECLARED to his Supporters. “I want all Americans to get in each others faces!– Obama Demands !

    “You bring a knife to a fight pal, we’ll bring a gun” –

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    OBAMA TAKES a little NEW BORN innocent child, BORN ALIVE sTabS it iN the head and SUCKs ITS BRAINS OUT.

    This is just too wrong and horrible. Please stand for Loving Children and the USA.

    Respectfully and Thankfully Thank you ALL for your Time.

    To see HORRIBLE HONOR Killings~` HATE CRIMES ]`~ ! eXecuted by the CLINTON, RENO and ATF Media WHO COMMITTED H0NOR KILLINGs [ SLAUGHTERING }] 21 LITTLE Helpless Children at Waco.

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  18. Joeb says:

    The First Moochers should be charged for ALL of their vacations. Presiden B.O. only has a 50,000 annual expense account but used up 1.4 billion of our taxpayer dollars for his vacations and personal protection in 2011. It’s time to hold these moochers accountable and make them pay back every cent or face jail time for misuse of public funds.

  19. Kathy says:

    ETC….I GET BLOCKED !!!!!!!

  20. grant says:

    wtf,where are our heads

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