Hillary Clinton Rise as Most Popular Politician Prompts Buyers’ Remorse

Friday, September 16, 2011

The most popular national political figure in America today is one who was rejected by her own party three years ago: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans hold a favorable view of her and one-third are suffering a form of buyer’s remorse, saying the U.S. would be better off now if she had become president in 2008 instead of Barack Obama

The finding in the latest Bloomberg National Poll shows a higher level of wishful thinking about a Hillary Clinton presidency than when a similar question was asked in July 2010. Then, a quarter of Americans held such a view.

“Looking back, I wonder if she would have been a stronger leader, knowing the games and the politics and all that goes on,” said Susan Dunlop, 50, a homemaker in New Port Richey, FL. “I don’t think she would have bent as much.”

Clinton, 63, New York, fought with Obama for the Democratic nomination until June 2008, in what was often a combative primary that included her questioning his presidential readiness.

While 34 percent say things would be better under a Clinton administration, almost half or 47 percent, say things would be about the same and 13 percent say worse.

“Some of her appeal is that she is not Barack Obama,” said J. Ann Selzer, president of Des Moines, Iowa-based , which conducted the Sept. 9-12 poll.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

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12 Responses to Hillary Clinton Rise as Most Popular Politician Prompts Buyers’ Remorse

  1. Joe in Colorado says:

    The LBJ moment for Obama is coming soon. I predict by the end of this year.

  2. Brigadoon says:

    I can’t see Hillary backing down to Boehner and McConnell on issues important to Americans like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. There’s no question Hillary would’ve been a better ally to Israel, too. But the voters made their choice and now we have to live with the uncertain outcome of Obama defending a paper-thin record of accomplishments next year and I think he will have a tough time winning another term.

  3. IMWatchingU says:

    No matter how wonderful a group of cheerleaders form a triangle, sooner or later it becomes too heavy to hold up and the simple laws of gravity take into effect. The weight of the Anointed One’s golden tongue is wearing even the best person.

  4. PUMA Lisa 1972 says:

    President Obama isn’t popular with women and independents. He’s lost much of the Hispanic support he enjoyed in 2008 and from what I read and I hear, the president has serious problems with the gay community.

    The numbers are reflected in the president’s fundraising totals. So far this year, Obama is raising about 50 cents on the dollar of what he raised in 2008. The Obama administration’s “come from behind” approach and small dollar donor approach just has no teeth in 2011.

    If Hillary Clinton decides to jump in, she will need to do so before the end of the year.

  5. Robyn says:

    I wish she would challenge Obama for the Democratic nomination. We need a real Democrat to vote for.

  6. Harry says:

    What Robyn said. Obama is the best Republican the Democrats ever elected.

  7. TOM339 says:

    It’s become impossible not to have buyer’s remorse at this point.

    There are things about Hillary I like and admire. For one thing, she’s not afraid to stand up to Iran and Ahmadinejad, and the word I’m hearing is, Hillary is responsible for greasing the wheels that has led to the American hikers being held illegally in Iran being released. Obama didn’t lift a finger.

    After what she and Bill endured when he was president, Hillary doesn’t a lick what Republicans think of her. She just gets the job done. She’s a genuine leader and man, do we need leadership.

  8. Abbey Peripatetic says:

    These polls reflect the growing “Anyone but Obama” sentiment sweeping the country.

    I know I’ll be voting against Obama with the exception of Rick Perry, who I will not vote for if you put a gun to my head. But Obama started an unconstitutional war against Libya and a covert war against Yemen, neither were OK’d by the U.S. Congress and last I checked, the president has no powers to begin wars willy-nilly without first going to the congress to make his case.

    Also, Obama’s promises and policies regarding jobs have been a costly boondoggle that have failed to deliver. Unemployment is worse today than when Obama was elected president. This is insanity and we can’t let it continue. I hope Hillary runs but I’m not holding my breath.

  9. Mets Fan says:

    The Democrats had better decide what they plan to do about 2012.

    If they stick with President Obama, he will be defeated by Mitt Romney or Rick Perry. If Hillary can be convinced to challenge Obama, I think there is a very solid chance she could win the nomination and go onto victory.

  10. Vivzz says:

    Like the 50% who told pollsters Hillary Clinton isn’t “likeable”, I have come to see likeability as something far less important than intelligence and leadership. Having watched President Obama for nearly three years, I see just what a weak leader he is and how little respect he commands. The Republicans on the other side of the fence see it too and they walk all over him. At very least, Obama should make Hillary his vice president and position her for 2016. She will be only 69 years of age in 2016.

  11. feminazi says:

    Joe in Colorado is correct.

  12. Paulhaider74 says:

    If the LBJ movement is correct, then why has the re-election campaign for Obama already raked in millions of dollars? Granted, there is not a single penny of mine that has been donated, and I would still like to collect the $500 that I gave to Obama’s campaign in 2008; this is an example of my personal buyer’s remorse. What we are witnessing is more like the ABC movement of 1979, as that stood for Anyone But Carter and resulted in Ted Kennedy announcing his presidential campaign in early November of that year. However, do we want our Democratic Party to be so divided that we are forced to say “President Romney” for four years? We were forced to say “President Reagan” (AKA St. Ronald Raygun) for eight years after Carter lost badly in 1980. Let’s not forget that the corporate, conservative media buried Howard Dean alive in Iowa in 2004 with the “Dean scream,” and we were left with John Kerry to support in spite of him being a weaker candidate. Hillary is the stronger candidate in 2012 in comparison with President Obama, but she was treated more unfairly by the media in 2008 compared with him, and she didn’t campaign as strongly. It is true that Joe Biden is “dead weight” and should be dumped in favor of Hillary as VP, but this is as likely to occur as Jimmy Carter dumping Walter Mondale in 1980 to replace him with Ted Kennedy. Clinton has already declined to run for president again in spite of our wishes.
    Paul Haider, Chicago

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