AIDS Healthcare Foundation asks President Obama: Whose Side Are You On?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Few things anger me more than stories like this.

The U.S. spends $10 billion a month on the Afghanistan war so why are nearly 10,000  Americans living with HIV/AIDS on medication waiting lists — the highest numbers ever seen, unable to access life saving state AIDS Drug Assistance Programs?

Perspective. In 2008, the number of Americans living with HIV/AIDS on waiting lists was less 100 people. Today, that number has ballooned to nearly 10,000 people today.

President Obama, who is always ready with a blank check for a Wall Street bailout has done absolutely nothing to address this worsening healthcare crisis.

It seems Mr. Obama is the best Republican president Democrats have ever elected.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) asks you to speak out on behalf of the nearly 10,000 American placed on life-saving AIDS drug wait lists to sign this E-letter to President Obama and demand he take action.

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12 Responses to AIDS Healthcare Foundation asks President Obama: Whose Side Are You On?

  1. Brigadoon says:

    So many U.S. states are broke today. Eliminating the ADAP waiting list will take federal help. I really don’t understand Barack Obama, other than to conclude he was allowed to bubble to the surface to do the bidding of the banks. As for everyone else, Obama can’t be bothered getting his hands dirty.

  2. feminazi says:

    This is so sad. I remember a story in the news a month or so ago about $360 million dollars of tax payer monies disappearing in Afghanistan. When Obama was asked about it, his response was “we were trying to make the lives of the Afghan people better.” I have an idea, Mr. Obama? How about making the lives of people struggling to live with AIDS better? They should be his priority but what do I know? Oh, I signed the e-letter.

  3. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    Don’t ou know why Obama is Brown??? It’s because he’s nade of shit!!!!

  4. Pechanga says:

    These drugs are the only lifeline able to keep the virus at bay. They’re not a cure and they are very expensive.

    Once again, the needs of the American people come last as we’re generously depositing money into Karzai’s bank account so he can buy houses in the south of France and drink wine out of gold goblets.

  5. The Real Adam says:

    I agree, Christopher.

    It’s a sad comment on this country when $1.2 trillion can be poured down the Islamic toilets of Iraq and Afghanistan but cash-strapped states can’t get $50 million from the Feds to fund ADAP programs and eliminate waiting lists for Americans suffering from HIV.

  6. Robyn says:

    I’ll take action. I’ll take it again when I vote him out of office next year.

  7. ultragreen says:

    This affects more than the 10,000 people on these waiting lists. By not adequately funding medication for AIDS, the infected people on these lists are more likely to spread HIV to other people if they remain sexually active. This is because people with untreated AIDS have much higher levels of HIV in their bloodstreams than people who receive appropriate medical treatment. As a result, the number of people with HIV infection and AIDS could increase in the United States, increasing health care costs. By spending $50 million on AIDS medication now, the government and other health care insurance carriers could avoid spending more money on AIDS later.

    I’ve signed the e-mail letter and sent it to Obama as well.

  8. Randy Arroyo says:

    Ultragreen raises several important points. Logic shows treating a person who is HIV-positive before they become ill with an opportunist illness is a win-win. The patient maintains their health and costs the state less money in care costs. But like everything in America, we’re reactive when we should be proactive. The Obama administration is being irresponsible.

  9. Adirondacky says:

    Money is always available for war and killing but not for healthcare. This type of thinking is as American as apple pie, the flag and the Bible. Go figure?

  10. When it comes to allocating funds for HIV research and treatment, it pains me to say it but former President George W. Bush did a better job than President Obama.

    Bush wrangled $15 billion from the congress for treatment and research. The ADAP waiting lists disappeared and some of those funds even went to Africa to help poor nations buy HIV meds.

    The only way HIV would resonate to Obama is if the outreach were in an Arab/Islamic nation. Then, he would be tireless.

  11. Joe in Colorado says:

    I read this piece and I am forced to conclude Obama just doesn’t care. It’s as simple as that. If he did, he would have enough sense to know the high rate of HIV infection in the African American community and how the pandemic is impacting his own people. Early detection and treatment is key to survival. Obama has failed to provide leadership on AIDS.

  12. Abbey Peripatetic says:

    Unconscionable. Obama is such a poor excuse for a president he makes Carter look good.

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