Pat Robertson: If Your Wife Has Alzheimer’s, Divorce Her and Move On

Friday, September 16, 2011

Pat Robertson, of 700 Club fame, who says Jews must convert to Christianity in order to enter Heaven, offered a stunning bon mot to a woman who is friends with a man whose wife is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and has begun to date another woman and wanted to know what he should do.

According to Robertson, the husband should go ahead, divorce his wife because she is, for all intents and purposes, “already dead” and get his grove thing on.

Co-host Terry Meeuwsen wondered if that would violate the “til death do you part” portion of the wedding vow, which Robertson dismissed, saying “he certainly wouldn’t put a guilt trip” on anyone who decided divorce was the answer.

Watch It:

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11 Responses to Pat Robertson: If Your Wife Has Alzheimer’s, Divorce Her and Move On

  1. Harry says:

    Wow! Christian family values on display? What an asswipe.

  2. The Real Adam says:

    Doesn’t Pat Robertson have Alzheimer’s disease?

    He sure acts like he has a serious brain disorder because no healthy, intact adult could possibly tell Jews they need to convert and spouses of disabled people should abandon their partner and party on because of illness. This guy makes me sick to my stomach.

  3. TOM339 says:

    I can’t imagine leaving my wife if she got sick with Alzheimer’s.

  4. Rachel says:

    So Pat Robertson says the husband has the moral right to leave his Alzheimer’s wife in a facility so he can diddle his noodle? Interesting. I bet if the hypothetical question posed concerned a wife with a husband suffering from Alzheimer’s, Pat Robertson would say “no way.” The wife has a Biblical objective to be faithful to her vows and husband. Organized religion is so sexist and always favors the man over the woman.

  5. Marcus Ybanez says:

    In the 17th and 18th centuries, men could divorce their wives if the wife was unable to have children.

    The Church of England sanctified this action as the absence of fertility was proof the union wasn’t seen as “Holy” in the eyes of God or the Church.

  6. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    Pat Robertson….. No Morals, very small brain…….. and constructed out of shit!

  7. Vivzz says:

    Robertson speaks in a twisted, tortured manner than suggests a type of demonic possession. I don’t know why the USA is host to so many of these televised religious types and who is their audience is but obviously someone watches and sends money. This subculture is as scary as it is fascinating.

  8. feminazi says:

    What a cold message to telegraph to a spouse of an Alzheimer’s victim. Thank goodness most people in this situation don’t abandon their husband or wife in some facility like a broken down car and cast them aside for a newer, healthier model.

  9. Tom says:

    My 47 year old wife was diagnosed in 2007. After 5 years of trying to save her, I can’t. I am so lonely and she’s still here. I understand and agree with Rev. Robertson. It is so depressing and full of despair. No one understands unless they walk in my shoes.

  10. Debbie says:

    His divorce comment is totally taken out of context. First of all the man is already cheating and having an affair with another woman. So rather than burn in hell for that, divorce the wife, move on and properly marry the one he is having an affair with. I doubt if the marriage works because of the way it started, but he’s trying to give the man a “reasonable” out instead of committing adultery just because the wife is sick.

  11. Roger Wicker says:

    My wife contracted disease at 47 and is like a 12 year old. Body odor, forgets to brush her teeth, can’t say a sentence gained 40 pounds too tired to exercise or put on makeup. Until someone walks in another’s shoes one has no idea.

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