Michelle Bachmann’s Lesbian Step-Sister is a Fan of Obama

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tea Party queen, Rep. Michelle Bachmann is known for many things including being married to a man who operates a so-called reparative Christian clinic that “prays away the gay,” supporting a Constitutional amendment that makes marriage equality illegal in all 50 states, and uttering insanely homophobic comments in 2004 that gays are ‘part of Satan’.

But I bet you didn’t know she has a lesbian step-sister?

Please meet Helen LaFave and her partner, Nia Wronski. The women are seen here speaking to a reporter in 2009 at Obama’s inauguration and speak glowingly of the new Democratic, African-American president.

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13 Responses to Michelle Bachmann’s Lesbian Step-Sister is a Fan of Obama

  1. Marcus Ybanez says:

    Christopher- Only you could’ve unearthed this.

    Well done.

  2. Pechanga says:

    Doesn’t Newt “Three Wives” Gingrich have a lesbian half-sister?

    Why is it always the Republican lawmakers who have gay siblings who wind up being the biggest antigay bigots of them all? I honestly feel sorry for these Americans who have such loony haters for their brothers and sisters. It’s very sad.

  3. Harry says:

    Pechanga – Yes. Her name is Candice Gingrich. She’s very smart and an activist. The opposite of her douchebag brother.

  4. retahyajyajav says:

    Did Michelle and Helen grow up in the same household? Thanksgiving and Christmas must’ve been World War Three.

    Anyway, Helen seems like a nice woman. It would be great if you could get her to sit down for an interview or even just answer like 5 or 6 questions. I’d like to hear what she thinks about her closet queen brother-in-law.

  5. Wikipedia has this entry about Candace Gingrich:

    Candace Gingrich served as the Human Rights Campaign’s National Coming Out Project Spokesperson for 1995 and was named one of Esquire’s “Women We Love” and Ms. magazine’s “Women of the Year.”

    She is currently the Human Rights Campaign’s Youth & Campus Outreach Senior Manager. She is the author of an autobiography, Accidental Activist: A Personal and Political Memoir.

  6. Big Hank says:

    Those Minnesota gals look tough.

  7. Matteo says:

    Dr. Marcus Bachmann makes a startling confession: “I’m Gay!”


    Marcus Bachmann, PhD, husband of presidential candidate and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, am a homosexual. After a lifetime in the shadows, whether sneaking away from my government-supported practice of literally fucking the gay out of gay men to visit buff male prostitutes, or dashing about like a mincing reindeer to the nearest rest stop lavatory, I am coming clean before my God, my wife, and my country, largely to ensure that my dear wife’s campaign proceed with the purifying disinfectant of sunshine. And a rainbow or two. I owe it her, and myself, after so many years of joyless, procreative intercourse, whose acts were little more than obvious bouts of overcompensation, that I can no longer stifle the imagery of the male form as I perform dutifully on that pillow-topped mattress of lies. Even as I frequented dark alleys, sleazy motels, backseats, and the occasional airport restroom, I tried desperately to picture my beloved Michele in full professorial mode, naked to the waist, poised and stern as she set forth on her nightly ritual of combining Scripture with cunnilingus. And as much as I suppressed my rage, disgust, and self-loathing as I massacred the deceptively simple task of bringing dear Michele to orgasm, my subsequent attacks of copious vomiting, unending showers, and mouthwash dependency proved, time and again, that my flirtation with the straight and narrow was nearing its end. The queer, long suppressed, had to spread its cheeks and fly.

  8. The Real Adam says:

    Matteo – LMAO! Most excellent!

  9. Rick Koch says:

    So one of her parents remarried somebody who had a lesbian liberal daugher?

    And this reflects poorly on Bachmann, how, exactly???

  10. JollyRoger says:

    Rick, I know you’re a Dildohead, but think about this one for a minute. Bachmann’s vitriolic hatred of a group of people that includes her own, flesh-and-blood sister is pretty reflective of Michele herself.

    Turn off Rush, and turn on your mind.

  11. feminazi says:

    Rick – Because when Bachmann says vile things about gay Americans she’s talking about a member of her own family. It would be the same as say your brother marrying a Hispanic woman and you refer to all Hispanics as “wetbacks” or your daughter marrying an African American man and you refer to black people as “n****rs.” It goes to character. Surely, even you can fathom this?

  12. okjimm says:

    “prays away the gay,” …ooops, I read that wrong. I thought you could “pray away the gray” and, well, gees, that Hair Club for Men thing is getting expensive, see, so for a moment I thought God might be the answer after all. Never Mind. And listen, if you can ONLY come up with TEN stupid things Michelle-erino said, buddy, youse ain’t trying very hard, just saying.

  13. fran says:

    Love it! The comment about breaking down the barriers was great.
    People like Bachmann are “barrier builders”– they would like to take away human & civil rights, to bow down to corporations & take back any environmental protections in a quest for the almighty dollar.
    That & impose with a stranglehold her toxic fundamentalist beliefs nationwide.

    I cringe every time she says “President Bachmann”. Ugggh!

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