Obama DoJ Greater Threat to Press Freedom than Bush DoJ

Monday, December 13, 2010

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said last week he authorized “significant” actions related to a criminal investigation into WikiLeaks’ document and cable publication but  declined to provide details.

However, according to CNN, a secret grand jury in Alexandria, VA is meeting to consider criminal charges in the WikiLeaks case, Mark Stephens, an attorney for the site’s founder, Julian Assange, told the Al-Jazeera in an interview.

“We have heard from Swedish authorities there has been a secretly empaneled grand jury in Alexandria.”

If true, the Obama Department of Justice is going to far greater lengths to limit and restrict freedom of the press than anything the Bush Department of Justice did in its eight years in power.

Mark Stephens told Al-Jazeera’s Sir David Frost on Sunday:

“The United States just wants Assange detained, [so] ultimately they can get their mitts on him. He [Assange] is entitled under international law, under Swedish law, to know the charges or the investigation that’s going on, the allegations made against him and the nature of the evidence which is said to support it. As I sit here talking to you now, he hasn’t (had) that information, so he’s not been able to comprehensively rebut (the allegations).”

Meanwhile, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee plans to hold a hearing on “the Espionage Act and the legal and constitutional issues raised by WikiLeaks,” according to its website. More details on the hearing and a witness list had not been posted as of Monday morning.

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8 Responses to Obama DoJ Greater Threat to Press Freedom than Bush DoJ

  1. Pechanga says:

    Espionage? ROFL!

    Assange isn’t working for a foreign government hostile to the United States and the Wiki documents weren’t stolen from the US State Department. The documents were publicly available — the Obama White House failed to adequately protect them.

    I agree with the title of this blog entry. the Obama DOJ is out of control and they’re actively trying to destroy the freedom of the press. We’re living in Orwell’s 1984.

  2. Matteo says:

    The Obama administration is one, scary bunch of cretins.

    Why is the there a grand jury in the first place and why is it meeting in secret? The American people have a right to see what their government is doing or at least, trying to do to Julian Assange.

  3. Smooch says:

    If the Obama White House gets its paws on Assange, I predict they will send him to Gitmo and he will never be seen again.

    I’ve said for the past year, Obama has crazy eyes now. He’s morphed into an entirely different person from the 2008 campaign. I no longer know him and I deeply regret casting my vote for him. I may never vote again. My feet and hands have been burned and I don’t like it.

  4. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:


    He’s a menace!

  5. Wikileaks provides an invaluable tool for people around the globe interested in the truth. My guess is, the Feds will attempt to challenge Assange’s claim he’s a member of the media. The Feds have endless deep pockets and it is clear they will stop at nothing to silence Wikileaks. So much for Obama’s promise to have the most open and transparent administration in history.

  6. DMason says:

    The Obama White House is every bit as sneaky as the Bush administration.

  7. Chad Lebanon says:

    I agree.

    There’s a cell in GITMO with the name “Julian Assange” above the bars. The Wiki docs were a huge embarrassment for this administration and how it handles sensitive material.

  8. Gary LaHue says:

    President Obama should be tried for treason upon the United States and it’s people. PERIOD!

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