Pedophile Defender Bill Donohue: “It’s not pedophilia, most of the victims are post-pubescent”

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Please meet Catholic League bloviator, Bill Donohue. Donohue has made a career for himself as the go-to media person and ace defender of pedophile priests, Pope Benedict XVI and, all things Catholic.

However, last night on Larry King Live, Donohue managed to outdo himself. During roundtable discussion with former CNN anchor and priest sex abuse victim Thomas Roberts, Sinead O’Connor, and another Catholic priest, all gathered to discuss the latest sexual abuse scandal rocking the Vatican, Donohue screamed and shouted, defending his beloved Church and Pope Benedict XVI’s handling of the scandal. But, here’s where Donohue jumped the shark.

About six minutes into the video, Bill Donohue can actually be heard shouting:

“It’s not pedophilia, becasue most of the victims are post-pubescent”

Watch it:

Sinead O’Connor can be heard asking Donohue what he meant by “post-pubescent,” and Donohue wasted no time screaming:

“12-13 years old.”

So, let’s deconstruct what Bill Donohue is really saying. As the tsunami of priest sex abuse scandals threaten to destroy the very foundation of the Roman Catholic Church, according to Donohue, if a priest rapes a boy older than 12 years of age, then the act doesn’t meet the definition of pedophilia or, pederasty or, even abuse. The act is just regular gay sex between two males.

Please folks. If you’re the parent of minor age boys or girls, and this includes teenagers, do not under any circumstances let your children be alone with a Catholic priest. If you do, you’re throwing your children to the wolves.

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23 Responses to Pedophile Defender Bill Donohue: “It’s not pedophilia, most of the victims are post-pubescent”

  1. Brigadoon says:

    I saw it last night. All I can say is the Vatican isn’t being served by this Pope or by Bill Donohue. This scandal isn’t going away and the world isn’t going to stand by and let the Vatican sweep it under the rug like all the times before. Pope Rat needs to go.

  2. R L Pete Housman says:

    “We are infinitely talented in our ability to rationalize and justify any action which we endorse or practice.” Augustine

    Bill Donohue just gives proof to this observation.

    The actions of the individual members of the clergy are criminal abuse of children. The actions of the Institution to protect these offeners either by direct intervention or silence have made it impossible for the RCC to continue it’s desire to self regulate. The Civil Courts are duty bound to intervene.

    Both the behavior of the individuals and the Institution deserve the lash of public scorn and the punishment ascribed by Civil Justice. TOP DOWN

  3. Rachel says:

    If I’m understanding the Wisconsin case involving the rape of 200 deaf boys, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger pulled the plug on defrocking the guilty priest because he was terminally ill? Is this indeed how it played out? The problem with this is, the US is still extraditing very elderly Nazis to Germany for criminal prosecution of war crimes. How is this any different from the destruction of 200 deaf children in the US by a wanton pedophile priest? The Catholic church should be ashamed of itself.

  4. Fran says:

    Hmmm 12 to 13 year olds are now adults capable of granting consent for sex?

    I think they might want to check w law enforcement about what they consider legal age.

    Better check Donahue’s record for any “stains”.

  5. DMason says:

    Is Bill Donohue the president of the Catholic League or NAMBLA? Maybe both? I didn’t watch Larry King last night and I can’t bring myself to watch this video of the show. I detest the Catholic Church, the priests who keep doing this, and most of all, their apologists.

  6. Michael says:

    Thankfully I don’t have any young children, but if I did, and I ever found out that a priests abused my kid… they’d find that priest’s body somewhere. Donahue… remove your tongue from the Poop’s BUTT. You’re going to hell anyway. Remember DENIAL is not a river in Egypt!

  7. Seabec says:

    Men who screw kids are pedophiles.

    You can sparse the terminology until hell freezes over but the facts are the facts. I don’t care if you’re a steel worker, a corporate CEO, a fast food worker or, a priest, you need to keep your pants zipped and your focus on your job and not on the rear-ends of kids.

    I am not familiar with this Bill Donohue guy. What I saw on the video suggests to me the behavior of a well-paid enabler. Does anyone know where the Catholic League receives its revenue? Does it come from the Vatican? Follow the money. When you do, you will understand all you need to know.

    Since the problem of priests having sex with kids is a problem found around the world, perhaps we’ve come to the point where we need internment camps, a la, WWII, where these men can be sent and watched and removed from the larger society. They can’t be cured, so we need to start thinking creatively about how to protect kids everywhere.

  8. I recall during the heyday of Chimpy, many of us using the “even Bush eating a live baby on TV wouldn’t dissuade his supporters” or some variant thereof.

    Some priest could rape an altar boy on the Jumbotron to a stadium full of these loons and they’d still shift the blame to homersexuals or lie-bruls or aliens or high fructose corn syrup.

  9. Prairiedog says:

    Donohue’s NYT op-ed blames the liberals for what he basically says is a witch hunt targeting Pope Rat.

    I find it telling that this moron is so concerned about the Pope but, he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the child victims of the priests. I guess as long as the Pope survives, that’s what matters.

  10. Bungy says:

    So….I followed Donohue’s advice and “looked it up.”

    He is right, insofar as the psychological disorder of pedophilia is sexual abuse of the prepubescent. Apparently, many pedophiles by this definition are actually teenagers abusing younger kids.

    BUT, legally, pedophilia refers to sex with a minor, as in someone under the age of consent.

    Now, given that Donohue stresses in this interview that he is critical of the Catholic Church’s response because it hasn’t been tough enough, because it’s been too “therapeutic,” I find it odd that he would split hairs on the definition and go with the psychological (i.e. “therapeutic”) definition rather than the legal definition.

    But hey, if I’m the only one that’s going to talk about facts, that’s okay…let’s just be honest about it.

    (To clarify: that last bit is my snarky parody of Donohue’s dissembling.)

  11. Jim says:

    So vile! And really terrifying!

  12. Randy Arroyo says:

    Ah, correct me if I’m wrong but I was raised Catholic and I was taught that both priests and nuns took a vow of celibacy? What are the priests doing acting out sexually toward anyone? New rules?

  13. HalfGay says:

    Clearly this priest is a victim still defending the perpetrator. I will pray for him (said with sarcastic tone coming from the non-religious person)

  14. VicoDANIEL says:

    I haven’t been posting much these past two weeks because I’m trying to get the hell out of New York state and relocate to Las Vegas for a better life.

    But just to let you know, I am following the priest mess and of course I have opinions about it.

    I’ve always held Christianity was created as a solution to death. The idea of death is beyond human comprehension so enter a world of eternal life if we do the right thing while we’re alive.

    Catholicism tricks the follower into adherence via guilt through “original sin.” Of course, the sets up the dynamic where the apple is always dangled in front of you and it’s never achievable.

    But I digress. The priest sexual abuse mess is something the Church ignored because so few men were willing to “marry” the Church and not have a meaningful personal life with a man or a woman. Thus, the let the pond scum become priests.

    You see, healthy men want nothing to do with this ancient religion and all its fallacies. But for Catholics, even a pedophile is forgiven if they repent and ask for forgiveness.

  15. R.J. says:

    Bill Donohue is a disgusting human being. Too bad not enough people are watching CNN lately.

  16. Michael says:

    Hello good readers, I suppose most of you know that Philip Pullman, the author of The Golden Compass/His Dark Materials Trilogy has a new book coming out next month. I can’t wait to see what the “SLIME BALL” Donahue will say about this book. He rutlessly slammed the Golden Compass…. while I found it to be one of the most enjoyable triolgy of books I’ve ever read…. Finished the entire trilogy in less than 2 weeks! I can’t wait for his new book to come out… I’ll be at the door to my local book store early on that day. Bill Donahue… Defender of Pedophiles… What a disgusting human being you are, as Payment, I hope your Pope allows you to Rim his A-Hole. That’s why they make you kneel, isn’t it?

  17. JollyRoger says:

    The Op-Ed this piece of shit put in the NYT made me so mad I could taste the bile. I’m actually afraid to watch that clip.

  18. Michael says:

    I just had a thought… someone should kill Bill Donahue… it wouldn’t really be murder, He’s already dead from the neck up anyway!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. bill donohue is one of the most vile people on the planet – everything that comes out of his mouth contributes to the pollution of the air.

    between this scumbags comments on pedophilia and the vatican equating it to anti-semitism, you wonder why this rotten to the core organization cant go the way of Lehman Brothers…

  20. Michael says:

    Bill Donahue should have a Louisville Slugger jammed up his ass!

  21. Greg Dail says:

    I wish you people would go after school officials with the same vigor and enthusiasm that you go after the clergy. Statistically speaking if a child is molested the overwhelming odds are it was a school teacher that did it. Just last week in Raleigh, NC there were three or four cases (I lost count) of teachers having sex with students. I’m not saying the Catholic Church should get a pass, but it seems public education certainly is.

  22. Christine Harrison says:

    The distinction between pedophilia, (primary sexual attraction to prepubescent children), hebephilia (to pubescent preteens and young teens) and ephebophilia (to older teenagers) is important in clinical terms as it would affect treatment and expected outcome. Ephebophilia is not actually considered a mental disorder. But, of course, all are illegal and unethical behaviors as long as the child is under the age of legal consent.

    Most of the accused priests fall into the last two categories. While I think we would all agree that any adult who engages in these behaviors has committed a shameful crime, it is even worse for a priest because of the special authority and respect they command. This was especially true in years past when most of these accusations are alleged to have happened.

    I attended Catholic grade school and high school in the 50’s and 60’s and we truly did hold priests in the highest esteem. Here I must say that I have known some very fine priests and would never condemn priests as a group.

    In one small respect I can understand the inclination back then to believe that by prayer and treatment these men could be “cured” and safely returned to work. We know better now. What I will never understand is the many decisions to return these men to work with children again and again after repeated accusations and to do so without warning the new parishes they were sent to. They made a clear choice to attempt to protect the reputation of the church instead of protecting the children in their care. This is to their everlasting shame.

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