FCC to Re-Open Janet Jackson Boob Scandal

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Janet Jackson

Just as America had started to recover from the trauma of seeing a fleeting glimpse of Janet Jackson’s booby, our national morality police, the FCC, has decided to reassert their power and reopen their investigation to determine “whether CBS’ indecency violation [in the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake Super Bowl reveal] was willful.”

According to Broadcast and Cable:

“The evidence in this case strongly suggests that CBS had access to video delay technology at the time of the 2004 Super Bowl,” the FCC said Tuesday in a brief to the Third Circuit Appeals Court in the Janet Jackson Super Bowl reveal case. The commission asked the court to remand the decision back to the FCC so it could investigate further its assertion that the violation was “willful.”

The Third Circuit, in reversing the FCC’s fine against the broadcast, said the evidence that delay technology was available at the time was “scant.” The FCC disagrees and wants the chance to determine “whether CBS was reckless not to use video delay technology for this broadcast.”

Got that? The FCC is actually asserting that CBS willfully forced the nation’s children and adults to suffer the trauma of seeing a 9/10th of a second peek at Janet Jackson’s medal-clad boob during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.

I don’t know about you but I certainly feel better knowing someone in Washington is trying to regulate the wanton indecency that has taken over television today. Well done, FCC!

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16 Responses to FCC to Re-Open Janet Jackson Boob Scandal

  1. Big Hank says:

    I’m totally straight (but not narrow) and I love a good rack but I have to say, that is the ugliest damned tit I have ever seen.

    What is that medal thing Miss Jackson has stuck over the nipple?

  2. feminazi says:

    For goodness sake. The FCC is re-opening this foolishness but they look the other way when Glenn Beck goes on the air to say President Obama has ties to domestic terrorist organizations? Really, enough. The Pelosi/Reid circus needs to pull funding from the FCC. This is patently ridiculous.

  3. Rachel says:

    This is too stupid to believe. The FCC is elbowing their way into a five year old faux scandal over a tit but they allow AM talk radio to run rampant with lunatics who advocate President Obama needs to die? I truly think there’s no hope for this country.

  4. Estacada says:

    Who is heading the FCC these days?

    I know back in 2004, it was Michael Powell, the son of Colin Powell and a cardcarrying conservative Republican.

    Please don’t tell me President Obama, in his quest to be “bipartisan” selected another GOPer to lead the agency?

  5. bradfrmphnx says:

    Is that a boob or a blimp?

  6. Lori1979 says:

    Please, not again?

    One of these silly FCC morality trials was enough for me, thank you very much. I plan to write the FCC and tell them to back off. This is a waste of our taxpayer dollars.

  7. Harry says:

    I’m the first to admit I’m no expert on the female breast so why does Janet’s ta-ta have all those veins showing through? Mines don’t look like that.

  8. mbmdl says:

    Harry – Mary Beth here. Based on the picture of Miss Jackson’s breast I think she has implants and the skin is stretched, causing the veins to appear more prominent on the surface. I’ve seen this in patients before.

  9. jimmy says:

    This is anti-woman and anti-mother. The fact that our culture makes a woman’s breast obscene is obscene in its own right.

  10. lea-lea says:

    Mary Beth is correct.

    Everyone of my female friends who have had their breasts enlarged have those big unsightly veins. I went through a phase in college when I considered it but I am so terrified of complications that I never had it done.

  11. Prairiedog says:

    Funny isn’t it?

    The FCC can waste our tax dollars on Janet Jackson’s tit and yet look the other way when it concerns Glenn Beck.

    How about let’s abolish the FCC entirely?

  12. Aunt Peg says:

    I’m not conservative but I can’t fathom why Janet Jackson glued that horrible metal device over her aureola?

    This is a very sensitive part of a woman’s breast and the glue would be very irritating.

  13. Randy Arroyo says:

    It’s the tit that will never die. Is the FCC going to be revisiting this issue in 2050? Get over it. I feel like we’re living in Elizabethan England sometimes.

  14. i wonder if the FCC would do this if it was a white tit. the whole damn govt is full of republican racists.

  15. Meow.... says:

    its not been glued on its a nipple piercing (i know, ouch) and it is a nipple shield supposedly used to hide the nipple although by this pic yo can see it hasn’t done its job in actually hiding the nipple itself. i don’t really see what the fuss all about lol

  16. #LastGoodMenAlive says:

    im just sayin….Janet Jackson is an outragously sexy african american women, thus to me anything on her or about her is sexy and her breast/nipple is more than sexy it’s beautiful and if i were her man i would be sucking on her luscious breast any chance i got…fake or not

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