States Sending the Most Racist Tweets Post Election?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Floating Sheep, a tech group, charted states who sent racist post-election tweets

Reelecting the black guy to a second term as president is bound to drive the racists out from under their rocks. So much for living in a post-racial America?

Floating Sheep, a group of tech savvy geographers, searched for tweets containing “monkey” or “nigger,” and “Obama” or “reelected” or “won,” and isolated the ones that were geo-tagged with a location.

Then they created a formula to determine how high the state-level proportion of hate tweets to regular tweets, compared to national levels. The result: the above map. The greener the state, the bigger its share of racist tweets.

The American South came out on top.

SOURCE: Gawker

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14 Responses to States Sending the Most Racist Tweets Post Election?

  1. Brigadoon says:

    It’s depressing to me to see this tweet map. Oh well.

  2. Joe in Colorado says:

    The racism on Twitter after the election was so loud, so pronounced, that I left the site, disgusted at what I was seeing. No happiness or joy from these people. Just vile hatred.

  3. fran says:

    What has always confused me is that these same haters were OK w G.W. Bush admin long list of human rights crimes/violations, preemptive war, & ruining of the economy.
    All of that was OK because he is white & a republican.

    I will always believe that G W Bush & Dick Cheney are criminals that belong in jail.

  4. TOM339 says:

    The little darlings at Old Miss rioted election night when news came of Obama’s victory.

    I think we can all agree now that in the South, beliefs never change, never evolve. The ugly face of racism is alive and well.

    What troubles me most about the Old Miss students is, this is the future of America. Our future leaders, congresspeople and yes, presidents.

  5. ChiTOM says:

    Tom339 – The students at Old Miss also burned an effigy of President Obama on the field before the police came to remove it. I don’t comprehend this level of hatred and yes, the fact that it originated from young people is extremely troubling.

  6. Matteo says:

    Someone on You Tube assembled a collection of some of the most racist tweets post-election. I must say, even I was shocked by their animus toward President Obama.

  7. stradella says:

    Now you know why I moved my black ass to Los Angeles after college.

    I grew up in the south and trust me, the “new south” is a myth. There is no such thing as the new south.

    These racist beliefs and values just keep getting passed along generation after generation.

  8. DMason says:

    Let’s bring back the Mason-Dixon line!

  9. Randy Arroyo says:

    It’s ironic considering the large African American populations of Alabama and Mississippi. I have not been to the America south and have little desire to do so. As a Hispanic-American, I wonder how well I would be received? Better to just avoid it.

  10. Vivzz says:

    Matteo – Sickening.

  11. Tiny Dancer says:

    Republicans: “Obama would not have won without blacks, Hispanics, gays or Jews.”

    Democrats: “Or as we like to call them: Americans.”

    Can I get an ‘Amen’ up in here?

  12. feminazi says:

    I don’t have a Twitter account but reading this I think maybe I should. Then, each time I’m confronted by one of these anti-Obama, racist pinheads, I can kick their asses. I’m quite serious. No tolerance for racists from this old Jewish broad.

  13. Seabec says:

    No tolerance for racists from this old Jewish broad.

    LOL! Feminazi, you are the best!

  14. metprblog says:

    It’s disgusting to think just how much racism there is in this world and how social media sites like Twitter make it extremely easy to write hate tweets. It actually becomes ‘unsocial’.
    This tweet map, however, is a very effective way of measuring the posts and the key words. I like how they have managed to work out the proportion of regular tweets to hate tweets in each state.
    Could twitter have done more to regulate and monitor these racist hate tweets?

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