Receiving No Post-Convention Poll Bump, Romney Takes Labor Day Off

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ann and Mitt Romney Seen Here Working Hard at Relaxing on Labor Day

I get the impression Mitt Romney still hasn’t figured out how much work it takes to run for President of the United States.

While President Obama spent Labor Day campaigning with union workers in Ohio and visiting Hurricane Isaac-ravaged areas in Louisiana, Mitt Romney, who received no post-convention bounce in the polls, spent Labor Day relaxing with wife Ann at the couples lake-front home on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, eating BBQ and jet skiing.

It’s as if Romney thinks the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will just fall from the sky and land in his lap. On the other hand, perhaps Romney is all-too aware of the internal polls that show there is absolutely no pathway to 270 Electoral College votes so why break a sweat?

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16 Responses to Receiving No Post-Convention Poll Bump, Romney Takes Labor Day Off

  1. Joe in Colorado says:

    I’m surprised Mitt didn’t send an assistant to stand him for him at a campaign stop? Oh wait, I think he did and his name is Paul Ryan.

  2. Vivzz says:

    For all of the media attention focused on Romney’s alleged Super Pac money and the advantage it gives him, I can report seeing virtually no Super Pac TV ads here in California. Is it possible Romney has already written off electoral college-rich California? If so, then he’s an even bigger fool than I thought. When you’re sunning for president every state is in play.

  3. Matteo says:

    Welcome back Christopher. I found this little pip and thought your readers might find it telling.

    Obama Leads in Michigan

    A new Public Policy Polling survey in Michigan finds President Obama leading Mitt Romney by seven points, 51% to 44% in Romney’s home state of Michigan.

    The key finding: “Michigan voters just don’t embrace Romney. Only 45% have a favorable opinion of him to 49% with an unfavorable one. They don’t accept Romney as one of their own either and just 34% consider him to be a Michigander while 57% who do not. The Republican convention doesn’t seem to have done Romney a lot of good in Michigan. Only 30% of voters say it made them more likely to support the GOP this year while 35% say it actually made them less likely to do so, and an equal 35% say it didn’t make a difference to them either way.”

    The native son has no gravitas among in his home state.

  4. feminazi says:

    I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Mitt Romney pocketed his donations. He has a nasty history of engaging in highly unethical behavior and who is watching the cookie jar in the final days of the 2012 campaign?

  5. Gindy51 says:

    Oh how nice, did he let the under aged grand kids ride those noisy jet skis too close to the shores again?

  6. Peace Nick says:

    Donald Trump is cool on Mitt Romney and thinks he will lose.

    Back in February, Trump told the Daily Beast, “Romney is going to lose because he can’t connect with voters. No, he’s going to lose. He doesn’t resonate, you know? I watched [Romney] make a speech and it was all these little trivial statements.” Ouch!

  7. Tiny Dancer says:

    Peace Nick – For once I agree with Trump.

  8. The Real Adam says:

    Agree. There is no way for Mitt Romney to get to 270.

    The US Supreme Court knows better than to try and repeat judicial activism a la 2000 Gore v. Bush so Romney is reduced to doing it the old fashioned way: earning votes and the votes aren’t there.

  9. Zarathustra says:

    Romney should leave the country and go live with his money in the Cayman Islands….

  10. PUMA Lisa 1972 says:

    As a woman, the thought of Romney/Ryan administration sends sheer terror down my spine. The GOP is mounting a vicious war on women which includes repealing Roe, ending all funding for Planned Parenthood and access to birth control nearly impossible. Romney/Ryan are like two candidates who stepped out of 1950.

  11. feminazi says:

    PUMA Lisa 1972 – And don’t forget a Constitutional Amendment to ban same-sex marriage. This pair might as well be from another century. Romney and Ryan are the party of God and guns.

  12. DMason says:

    Remember a few weeks ago when Mitt Romney had to cancel a campaign appearance in Orlando, FL because he was “too tired” to show up. He’s an elite and not accustomed to wiping his own ass and blowing his own nose. Call him, King Willard.

  13. Harry says:

    In order for Romney to reach 270, President Obama would have to be engulfed in a huge scandal and this isn’t likely.

  14. Rachel says:

    Romney’s own internal pollsters have to be telling him how hopeless it is. I mean, when you run for president, you check some seriously large checks to know how your campaign is going and what how you can tweak it. Romney must know he will lose. The question at this point is by how large a margin? Personally, I think President Obama will trounce Romney.

  15. Fran says:

    Mitt can ride the gas guzzler, but opening day @ the DNC did not pussyfoot around about what exactly Mitt & Ryan would do to this country & how these elites are entirely out of touch.

    I loved what Lilly Ledbetter said:
    “”Maybe 23 cents (per hour less than a man’s pay doing the same job) doesn’t sound like a lot to someone with a Swiss bank account, Cayman Island Investments and an IRA worth tens of millions of dollars. But Governor Romney, when we lose 23 cents every hour, every day, every paycheck, every job, over our entire lives, what we lose can’t just be measured in dollars.”

    Mitt may not hear her over the roar of his jet ski, but he will eventually get the message.

  16. Jim says:

    Mitt’s Excellent Adventure, wannabe President of the United States. It would all just be a big long vacation for him. It’ll never happen, thank goodness.

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