Where the Gays Are

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

These U.S. cities can proudly claim bragging rights to having the largest gay populations.

According to Jed Kolko, Chief Economist at real estate website Trulia:

Here’s what we did. For each ZIP code in the U.S., we calculated the share of households that are same-sex male couples and same-sex female couples, based on the 2010 Census. Then, we combined the Census data on where gay people live with median price per foot of listed homes in each ZIP code on Trulia over the past year.

So guys, if you’re currently living in Little Rock, AR, or Boise, ID, or Minot, ND, and want to find a new place to live rich with “family”, you might want to consider one of these U.S. cities.

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9 Responses to Where the Gays Are

  1. ChiTOM says:

    Where is Chicago? Lakeview, just north of downtown has an enormous, vital and thriving gay and lesbian population.

    I can’t believe Pleasant Ridge, MI has a larger gay population than our Lakeview.

  2. Brigadoon says:

    $671 a square foot? No wonder San Francisco is one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world. A 1,500 house in the Castro would cost more than $1 million dollars. I love San Francisco but it is too expensive.

  3. Harry says:

    Seattle’s Broadway isn’t listed. I find that hard to believe.

  4. Jim says:

    Very interesting! SF is still tops.

  5. Marburg says:

    Where is DuPont Circle in Washington DC?

  6. The Real Adam says:

    Or for that matter, the West Village in Manhattan or Druid Hills in Atlanta?

    This analysis is flawed and should be used only as a starting point. The reality is, most American cities with populations greater than 500,000 have large LGBT populations in 2012.

  7. Estacada says:

    Miami Beach is GAY, GAY, GAY! And international GAY. I think cities are seriously missing from the Trulia analysis.

    Heck, even Portland, OR and Denver, CO, have thriving gay neighborhoods.

  8. Randy Arroyo says:

    Hillcrest in San Diego has got to be at least 50% gay and lesbian. It’s a great place to live. I’m really curious the Trulia analyst didn’t include this area of San Diego? I visited Reboboth Beach a couple of years ago and found most of the area to be straight and retired. Did I miss something?

  9. Insouciant says:

    Any city with a large gay and lesbian population is my kind of town!

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