The Most Disliked People in Sports

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A poll by Encino, Calif.-based E-Poll Market Research shows these sports figures are the most hated. Polling choices were limited to active players, coaches, owners or commentators, with a 10% minimum awareness score. Scores represent the combined percentage of respondents whose views ranged from “Dislike Somewhat” to “Dislike” to “Dislike a Lot.”

· Topping the list is the always creepy Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis.

· Convicted serial dog killer, Michael Vick comes in at number two.

· Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones commands the number three spot.

· Hooker and poontang-addict, Tiger Woods holds steady at number four.

SOURCE: Forbes

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6 Responses to The Most Disliked People in Sports

  1. Joe in Colorado says:

    All of them are vile. Michael Vick is the worst of the lot to me. Jerry Jones doesn’t bother me but his braggadocio is annoying. Al Davis looks like the Walking Dead. Tiger, well, what can you say? He likes pussy and it cost him his marriage and family and half his fortune.

  2. feminazi says:

    Michael Vick is a cretin. A pox on his house.

  3. Estacada says:

    I don’t think Vick will ever live down what he did to those 100+ dogs.

    The wanton brutality is epic and only a sociopath could carry out such violence toward innocent dogs and call it entertainment and sport. I hope he dies a slow, painful death. He’s earned it.

  4. Woodcliffe says:

    What amazes me is how poorly Tiger Woods has played golf since the scandal unraveled his career and marriage a year ago Thanksgiving.

    I mean, here was the greatest golfer in the world, unrivaled, and admired by the world. Fast forward to 2011 and you almost never hear his name on TV or see his face on sports magazines.

  5. Robbie says:

    Too bad there weren’t enough hockey fans who took that poll. Otherwise Sean Avery would have made the top three easily. He’s a punk ass bitch.

  6. DMason says:

    Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with 16 skanks. They divorced, and Elin got very, very rich. Michael Vick, by contrast, killed more than a 100 dogs in the most barbaric ways imaginable and was convicted of trafficking, animal abuse and lying to a Federal prosecutor. They two men aren’t even on the same planet. Vick is a monster and has earned the number one position in my opinion.

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