Martha Stewart on Sarah Palin: “boring,” “confused,” “a dangerous person”

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Martha Stewart was asked by CNN why Sarah Palin is such a polarizing figure and the original domestic Diva went all gangsta’ on the reporter.

M-Wart called Palin “boring,” “confused,” “a dangerous person,” and a “real problem,” and ended the Q&A with, “I wouldn’t watch her if you pay me.” Ouch!

Watch it:

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23 Responses to Martha Stewart on Sarah Palin: “boring,” “confused,” “a dangerous person”

  1. Brigadoon says:

    Martha’s Old School. She’s been in prison and she’s not about to sugar coat her responses to some idiot reporter from the idiotic CNN.

  2. Walk on Socks says:

    So we shouldn’t expect to see Sarah Palin appear on Martha Stewart’s TV show anytime soon sharing her favorite recipe for moose jerky?

    That’s fine with me. I love Martha. I loathe Sarah Palin.

    This will never change. But I have to say this. I am very worried about the possibility Palin could become president in 2012 or 2016. Someone called her Reagan with a vagina and I think this was an apt description of her.

  3. taco says:

    M-Wart called Palin “boring,” “confused,” “a dangerous person,” and a “real problem,” and ended the Q&A with, “I wouldn’t watch her if you pay me.”

    M-Wart? ROFL! Is this Martha’s prison name? Love it.

  4. i have always liked Martha Stewart. She was the ultimate scapegoat for the “crime” she committed (lying to the FBI). she went to prison, did her time – even tho it was way harsh. cant say the same about Richard Fuhl or any of the others who stole on Wall St. Geithner will make sure they go free

    Stewart is also a big democratic fundraiser.

    we need more people like M-Wart trashing Palin for what she is. Shame on Oprah for giving her a forum

  5. Peace Nick says:

    M-Wart and Palin in the Octagon.

    Now, that’s some serious entertainment and I would bet my entire retirement account on M-Wart.

    She would destroy Palin. Yank every strand of hair off her head.

  6. bradfrmphnx says:

    I’m not sure Palin is Reagan with a vagina. Ronnie had Nancy, Nancy ran Ronnie, Nancy was the President de facto for eight years. Whe does Sarah have….Todd? That’s laughable.

    Sarah graduated from the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho in 1987 when she was 25 years old. The University of Idaho was the third and
    fifth institutions of higher learning that she attended in five years after she graduated from high school. Those aren’t going to impress anybody when they add that together with her complete inability to answer questions in an interview. Put a fork in her…she’s done.

  7. Capt. Wysocki says:

    Martha has Palin’s number. Never doubt Martha.

    She’s the real deal. Palin, on the other hand, is trailer park trash.

  8. Mets Fan says:

    Martha has prison cred. She’s totally gangsta’ now. It’s kinda’ hot.

  9. VicoDANIEL says:

    Martha Stewart is one, bold broad.

    Think about it: probably 80% of her TV audience are women, similar numbers buy her books and products, yet there she is, telling a news reporter the truth about Sarah Palin, who also enjoys a fan base likely made up of 80% women.

    Martha just doesn’t care. Get her, M-Wart.

  10. MacDaddy says:

    Martha is my new hero!

  11. Locke DCVII says:

    Gotta love some good honesty on the airwaves. Don’t get much of that. Funny though- you would think a broken family like Palin’s would get more pity, but it seems like people appreciate Martha’s tarnished image ripping on the ex-governoress.

  12. retahyajyajav says:

    Locke DCVII – On a previous Palin thread, you were cheering her on as a visionary leader with epic talents.

    Now, she comes from a broken family?

    Make your mind up.

  13. Hah…for once I agree with Martha!

  14. Fran says:

    I reached my Palin saturation point the first day they were hawking her book. Why give this nutcase a forum? All polls indicate a solid 65 % realize she would not be up for the task of President.
    Yes, her freak show is like a train wreck we have a hard time looking away from– especially since the media keeps shoving it down our throats.
    Hey Sarah! You quit politics- so let’s just keep it that way. Go parent your litter of children.

  15. HalfGay says:

    I am kinda diggin on Martha. Way to go! Finally someone with celebrity speaks their truth about Palin

  16. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    A few years ago, when P Diddy bought a house in the swank Hamptons next door to Martha, the story goes he was shunned by the rich, white New Yorkers who have second homes there.

    All the rich, white New Yorkers except for Martha Stewart. Martha, threw P Diddy a huge welcome party at her house and invited more than 500 neighbors.

    Martha is alright. She’s cool and a tireless fundraiser for Democratic candidates and causes.

  17. Locke DCVII says:

    retahyajyajav- if you’re going to be following me about, read my posts. What I said about palin: “Yah… let’s be honest. Palin is no longer even minorly ‘in the game.’ She’s just a dropout.”
    Sorry for trolling folks.

  18. libhomo says:

    Stewart and Palin deserve to be locked in a room together for the rest of their miserable lives. Same for Glenn Beck and Chuck Norris.

  19. Randy Arroyo says:

    Isn’t Martha Stewart originally from Nutley, NJ? Not exactly “Get-O” as NeNe says, but not Sutton Place either. Plus, Martha spent time in a woman’s prison. I bet she picked up some survival skills. That said, Martha could kick Sarah Palin’s ass all the back to Anchorage. Now, I would love to see that.

  20. TAO says:

    ALRIGHT….let the cat fight begin!

    Sarah won’t let this slide like water on a duck’s back!

    But then again she might be so engaged fighting imaginary slights and attacks that she totally misses the one that comes at her right between the eyes!

  21. Oso says:

    Thanks for the post.Much respect to La Marta.

  22. Woodcliffe says:

    My wife loves Martha Stewart and she hates Sarah Palin.

    Wait till I tell her this or better still, show her the video of Martha letting Palin have it. It will make her day.

  23. LuvDemDems says:

    Well the circus started early this year! Palin is getting alot of publicity for her party but I think Martha is right. She could be very dangerous in a position of power after all this ridicule. Look what happened to Hitler when they kicked him out of art school!

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