Bill Clinton to Host Fundraiser for NRA Queen Kristin Gillibrand

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Make no mistake. When it comes to NRA Queen, Sen. Kristin Gillibrand, the Clintons — Bill and Hill, are explicitly backing the gun nut.

In fact, former President Bill Clinton will host a March 11 fundraiser at an as-yet-undetermined Manhattan location for his wife’s successor.

An e-mail sent to Gillibrand donors on Monday offered $4,800 and $10,000 packages (including “VIP photo with President Clinton”) and photoless $1,000 and $2,400 plans.

In recent weeks, the former Albany-area congresswoman, who has come under fire for her pro-gun views after the disclosure she kept 2 rifles under her bed with her 3 minor-age children milling about the family home. The firestorm forced Gillibrand to release a statement she had moved the rifles to a secure location.

Annie Oakley-on-the-Hudson received a 100% perfect rating from the NRA.

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19 Responses to Bill Clinton to Host Fundraiser for NRA Queen Kristin Gillibrand

  1. Joe in Colorado says:

    The polls suggest NY AG Andrew Cuomo will unseat Gov. David Paterson in 2010 and if he goes down, I think Gillibrand will go down to defeat too. Her pro gun views are out of touch with the population base of New York City.

  2. VicoDANIEL says:

    Both Clintons are more Blue Dog Democrat than either liberal or progressive so I can understand to some extent why Hillary supports Gillibrand.

    But Gillibrand is expected to be challenged in 2010 by Rep. Carol Maloney, who is a true liberal and pro-gun control.

    It’s almost as if there’s bad blood between the Clintons and Maloney.

    Personally, I can’t wait until 2010 to vote Gillibrand out of office and return her to Upstate where she can spend her weekends at target practice.

  3. BradFrmPhnx says:

    This is ridiculous. How does anybody know that she didn’t have those rifles secured with a trigger lock? So now, as Democrats, we are against owning guns? Now we have to have America march into our households and make sure we don’t store weapons under the bed? A common practice in America. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…Condemn the lady on her politics, and not on something that is her civil right. Bushy tried his best to attack our civil rights, now some of you want to hold hands with him and march to the cause of destroying our civil rights? And what is up with this new found disgust in the NRA? There is absolutely nothing wrong with owning a couple of rifles for hunting and protection. And it is absolutely nobodies business how she stores them in her house. Until you can prove to me that she didn’t have them safe guarded in an alternative manner, then your arguements can’t hold water.

  4. Stephan Iversonn says:

    Brad from Phoenix,

    We had this discussion on a previous thread and despite getting your ass handed to you repeatedly, you continue blathering the type of mindless rhetoric that only helps make the case for people who support restrictions and bans on firearm ownership.

    As I posted before and I will post again. This time, I suggest you pay attention. From the NRA’s own website:

    Store guns and rifles so that they are inaccessible to children and other unauthorized users. Gun shops sell a wide variety of safes, and cases. While specific security measures may vary, a parent must, in every case, assess the exposure of the firearm and absolutely ensure that it is inaccessible to a child.

    Your silly comments are exist outside the National Rifle Association’s recommendations for firearm ownership where young children are present.

    In Kristin Gillibrand’s case, there are 3 children in the family home. So the question begs, do we listen to you or the NRA?

    Nowhere does the NRA advocate keeping rifles under the bed of parents with children in the house.

  5. Estacada says:

    I don’t own a gun and I don’t have kids.

    But this much I know. If I had children, particularly boys who are notoriously curious and I owned a gun, it would not be tossed under my bed, with or without a so-called safety device on it.

    It would be put safely away and out of reach of my children. It’s called being a responsible parent.

  6. Jenna Bush Stole My ID says:

    I came up in public housing in one of the toughest parts of Dallas. Neither my moms or my dads had a gun in the house.

    What is this Gillibrand bitch so afraid of? Maybe her own shadow?

  7. JollyRoger says:

    I’m more concerned with her work as a tobacco company flunky/lobbyist than I am with her gun views.

    I’d say from the color of her teeth that the tobacco companies must have been forwarding her some free samples along with those big paychecks.

  8. taco says:

    I’d say from the color of her teeth that the tobacco companies must have been forwarding her some free samples along with those big paychecks.

    ROFLMAO! I will have to force myself to look at her more closely.

  9. Rachel says:

    Maybe the Clintons are grooming Annie Oakley for a vice presidential spot on Hillary’s 2012 ticket? I know Hillary says she won’t run again but everyone should know by now that she’s a consummate liar and politician.

  10. Fran says:

    I wonder if in the invitation it has some fine print saying a % will go to Hillary’s campaign tab?

    As for guns & restrictions- it is a whole different thing to have someone in a rural setting that may use them responsibly…. but in urban settings, assault rifles wind up in the wrong hands.

    Last year, enough KIDS were killed in Chicago to fill an entire classroom.
    In fact they staged empty desks with a pair of representative gym shoes & the name of the deceased student.

    Have the freaking gun discussion after you’ve talked with parents of a child whose kid was shot & killed for getting in the crossfire of people (other kids) who should not have been in possession of guns. Those numbers are staggering, and something HAS to be done about it.

  11. kellybelle says:

    I stole your I support Same Sex marriage for my blog–hope that’s ok.

  12. Matteo says:

    According to the Children’s Defense Fund, since 1979, gun violence has ended the lives of 104,419 children.

    Click to access protect-children-not-guns-report-2008.pdf

    The CDF report reveals that eight children and teens are killed by a firearm each day. Of the 3,006 killed in 2005, 1,624 were White, 1,271 were Black, 614 were Latino, 60 were Asian or Pacific Islander and 51 were American Indian or Alaska Native.

    Overall, 1,972 were homicide victims. In 2005, 69 preschoolers were killed by firearms compared to 53 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

    The firearm death rate for Black males ages 15 to 19 is more than four times that of comparable White males.

    In 2005, there were more than eight times as many suicides by guns among White children and teens as among Black children and teens.

    Since 1979, gun violence has ended the lives of 104,419 children and teens in America. And more than five times as many have been injured.

  13. Walk on Socks says:

    Matteo’s link is chilling.

    Look, the fact of the matter is, guns are extremely difficult for kids to get their hands on. No gun shop, no sporting goods store and not even a pawn shop, would sell a child a gun.

    So, where are these kids getting them from?

    At home, that’s where. From mommy and daddy’s cache of firearms that are supposed to be out of their reach and safely locked away.

    Unless you’re US Sen. Kristin Gillibrand, then your kids can simply reach under mommy’s bed and grab one of her two rifles.

  14. BradFrmPhnx says:

    Stephen…If you call that “handing my ass to me”…don’t bother going out for the debate team dickwad. I made some pretty good points and so did you. Live with it. Personal attacks are so…..rightwingish of you.

  15. DR says:

    I hope those of you so eager to vote her out keep in mind that she is ostensibly a supporter of LGBT rights. Perhaps you should make sure that whoever replaces her feels the same?

  16. JollyRoger says:

    I hope those of you so eager to vote her out keep in mind that she is ostensibly a supporter of LGBT rights.

    Those who post things like this should probably have a look at her record on the issue. Until just lately, she more often than not sided with the Jesusistanis. I’m not buying the 11th hour conversion.

  17. DMason says:

    I sure hope so, DR. Her voting record has been anything but pro-gay. I read she initially opposed the repeal of DADT and voted against adding persons HIV-positive but not with full-blown AIDS to Medicaid qualifiers. She’s flip-flopped now since moving to Washington. Let’s hope she doesn’t revert back to her Blue Dog roots.

  18. Randy Arroyo says:

    Annie Oakley may be “gay-for-pay” now that she’s in Washington but I know for a fact that as a US House Representative, Gillibrand voted against fast-tracking the significant others of gay men and lesbians born in foreign countries. I wouldn’t call this the behavior of someone friendly to our community.

  19. libhomo says:

    I’m not surprised that a vicious homophobe like Bill Clinton is raising money for Gillibrand, who has worked tirelessly to put guns in the hands of gay bashers, muggers, rapists, and murderers.

    It should be noted that Ms. Gillibrand also is part of a corrupt political machine involving her father, Al D’Amato, and indicted former GOP Senate Leader, Joe Bruno.

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