Bill Clinton: Money Over Principle

Saturday, Febraury 14, 2009


Former president Bill Clinton showed his true colors by refusing to cancel a speaking engagement to a trade group at a hotel being boycotted because of the owner’s support of Proposition 8, the measure passed last November which bans same-sex marriage in California.

Clinton is scheduled to address the annual convention of the International Franchise Association at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego this Sunday.

The hotel’s owner, Douglas Manchester — who is a Mormon, contributed $125,000 to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign.

Following the passage of Prop 8, activists mounted a campaign to boycott the hotel. Several groups already have canceled conventions at the hotel costing Manchester’s facility an estimated $2 million.

Among those who bailed out of meeting at the hotel are conventions for the International Foundation of Employee Benefits, the San Diego Board of Realtors, the American Assn. of Law Schools and the California Nurses Association.

Gay rights advocates will protest Clinton’s speech Sunday outside the hotel.

“Public officials must lead by example,” San Diego Councilman Todd Gloria told The Los Angeles Times. “I hope President Clinton respects the importance of this issue and moves his speech.”

A spokesperson for the former President told the Associated Press that while the former president sticks by his views about gay rights, he plans to honor his commitment to give the speech.

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21 Responses to Bill Clinton: Money Over Principle

  1. Bill Clinton soul his soul years ago on Gay Rights. He not only threw gays under the bus he threw it in reverse and backed over us several times just to make sure we got it.

    I have not much left for him at this point in my life but contept. Pretty sad as once upon a time I loved the guy.

  2. Peace Nick says:

    Remember, the “Mrs.” still has an $8 million dollar campaign debt she’s trying to retire.

    They would sell Chelsea to a rich Saudi prince if the price were right.

    Who’d a thunkit? Everyone the rightwing ever said about the Clintons is true.

  3. Brigadoon says:

    Bill Clinton was never a friend to the gay community. Remember, this is the clown who gave us the DOMA and DADT. His wife isn’t any better. The Clintons are Blue Dog Dems through and through.

  4. Greg Satorie says:

    Bill Clinton is our friend, and if the hotel ownership was not, perhaps the folks attending are still people we need to talk to. People have been taught to beat up on this man by the right wing spin masters and it isn’t fair, and often not honest. He is pretty rich these days, but nothing compared to the Wall street goons who have ruined our economy by the excess of their greed. did he violate the boycott? if he spoke but didn’t stay there, maybe not.

  5. emcee says:

    Whether or not Billary is a friend to the gay community I’ll leave to others but after the primary, I learned he’s a racist scalawag.

    I can’t believe I used to like the guy.

  6. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    I’m not defending him, but the Clenis comes from ‘po white trash. People like this are always running from poverty.

    Like someone said, he would sell Chelsea into white slavery if the price is right.

  7. Mike Tidmus says:

    Whatever cred as a “progressive” Clinton imagined he possessed is now history. On Sunday Mr Bill will waltz across an AFL-CIO sanctioned picket line.

    There’s been an ongoing labor action against Doug Manchester’s Hyatt for some time. In 2006, Manchester’s Hyatt increased the daily quota of rooms his housekeepers must clean from 17 to 30. No other hotel in the Hyatt chain demands the same of its workers. The labor action began with lunch hour protests, and the hotel is now regularly picketed.

    Bill Clinton: No friend of ‘the gays’ and no friend of the unions.

    Sad actually.

  8. Scott Dancer says:

    Neither of the Clintons is friends of either labor or the LGBT community.

    When will people — particularly, people on the left, realize just because a politician is a Democrat doesn’t mean they’re automatically progressives?

    Hillary Clinton, worked tirelessly for Wal-Mart to stop workers from unionizing. Her campaign for president hired Mark Penn, whose firm the anti-union activities of Mr. Penn’s firm, Burson-Marsteller, is one of the nation’s leading public relations companies and has received millions from companies and corporations opposed to unionizing.

    Bill Clinton, reportedly told then-candidate John Kerry to “throw the gays under the bus.” He advised Kerry to oppose gay marriage and even support state initiatives that would outlaw same-sex marriage and the recognition of gay marriages performed in Massachusetts and abroad.

    Hopefully, the 2008 presidential election helped pull back the curtain on the sham operation of liberalism the Clintons (and their daughter) is operating. These aren’t Blue Dog Democrats, it’s worse. Bill and Hillary Clinton are Democrats in name only.

  9. lastpersonleft says:

    The more I look at Clinton and his pseudo post-presidency progressivism, the more I have come to appreciate the convictons, actions and apparent true nature of Jimmy Carter. As it is commonly believed, the legacy of a president may take years to evolve. The progressive nature of the Carter legacy far outshines the selfish nature of the Clinton myth. Bill Clinton has done more harm to the progressive movement than any other Democrat.

  10. MacDaddy says:

    Lastpersonleft: You got it right. This created NAFTA which caused a lot of jobs to go to Mexico and other countries. When he was making another agreement with China, Hoffa, head of the Teamsters, to which I belonged, wrote, phoned, pleading with Clinton not to do it, saying it would devastating to labor. Clinton never returned the calls or letters. This is why labor came out solidly behind Barack. Now, Clinton has turned his contacts with dictatorial leaders into beefing up his business and getting money for his causes. But a lot of it is going into his bank account.

    No, we don’t need the right-wing media. Clinton has turned solidly against the progressive movement and workers. No wonder he and Hillary view Sen. McCain as their best friend.

  11. Fran says:

    Clinton gets funkier as time goes by. He probably signed a contract to speak & has to pay Hill’s campaign tab. He does not have to care what people think anymore, because he gets his presidential pension- we pay for & Hill is still on the Gvmnt dole.

    Bill Clinton’s “ethics” have been on a slippery slope for quite some time.
    You might say a “stain on the fabric” of society.*

    *(Monica Lewinski semen stained dress reference)

  12. libhomo says:

    Bill Clinton always was a vicious homophobe. He also is anti middle class. The scumbag who inflicted NAFTA and the WTO on us is speaking at a union busting hotel.

    I should point out that the enormous speaking fees he and Reagan got have functionef as rewards for corporatist policies.

  13. Duder says:

    Since when has Clinton held principles allied with the gay community?

  14. R.J. says:

    This is the same jerk who thought getting rid of the Glass-Stegall Act of 1933 was a great thing for the banking industry.

    Someone should ask him how does he sleep at night when thousands of Americans don’t have a place to sleep thanks to his economic policies.

  15. Maithri says:

    The title of your post says it all bro…

    It should be about principles…always…

    Peace to you, M

  16. clinton was never a friend of the gay community. this is just another example. no matter how much he is getting paid, he could always and will always get another gig

  17. Woodcliffe says:

    It’s a regional thing.

    Northeastern Republicans tend to be social moderates: pro-choice, pro-gay rights, etc., but Southern Democrats tend to be social conservatives: anti-choice, antigay, etc.

    They (like Bill Clinton) are a product of their regional cultural more than anything.

  18. BrokeBackGuy says:

    Scott Dancer,

    Is this true? Did Bill Clinton really tell John Kerry the gays are expendable and to toss our cause under the political bus?

    I never like him but now I hate him.

  19. Bruce says:

    June 2007

    “Democratic political consultant Bob Shrum claims in his new book that during the 2004 elections, Bill Clinton advised John Kerry to support the Federal Marriage Amendment, i.e., the anti-gay amendment to the US Constitution that would have banned gay marriage and vitiated scores of other rights that gay couples may have, including health insurance, inheritance, child custody, parenting, and more. Shrum reports that Kerry refused to endorse the amendment.

    I decided to check with Bill Clinton’s office and the Kerry-Edwards 2004 campaign to find out if this is true. Here is what I found.

    Jay Carson, spokesman for President Clinton told me:
    “I checked and it’s completely untrue. He never advised John Kerry to support the gay marriage ban President Bush was pushing.”
    A senior Kerry-Edwards 2004 campaign staffer told me:
    “It’s definitely true. Newsweek had reported that Clinton had said Kerry should support some of the state [anti-gay] ballot initiatives. Clinton believed it would be this grand master stroke to neutralize Bush’s base.” ”

    Read more here:

  20. Randy Arroyo says:

    Billary confirmed what he’s made of and it isn’t who we thought back in 1992 and in 1996. He doesn’t care about offending the gays in 2009 anymore than he did back in 1994. I have no use or respect for him or his wife. They’re white trash with money.

  21. RealWorldRadical says:

    Hmmm….I wonder if everyone freaking out here is boycotting…say…any sporting event in which the Saudi’s are allowed to compete. This whole site is depressing me about the stupidity of humanity…and we are so fucked. Do you guys even realize it’s your whole friggin unrealistic attitude that caused Prop 8 and it’s that attitude that’s about to hit us square between the eyes.

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