Hillary for VP Group Shuts Its Doors

Thursday, July 31, 2008

“Vote Both,” a group dedicated to persuading Barack Obama to pick former foe Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential running mate, is shutting down, as hopes of a “dream ticket” fade.

More like a nightmare ticket, if you ask me.

Organizers Adam Parkhomenko and Sam Arora said they were halting their campaign, based on indications that the presumptive Democratic nominee was looking elsewhere.

The two former Clinton staffers concluded that reports that Obama had offered Clinton a prime-time speaking role on the second night of the party’s convention in Denver next month meant she would not be his pick for number two. Vice presidential nominees traditionally speak on the penultimate night of the four-day convention.

The notion that Hillary Clinton is somehow entitled to be Barack Obama’s vice president is laughable.

As the excellent blogger, Ron Chusid, at Liberal Values reminds us:

While many voters might not yet realize that Obama is not considering Clinton, those who care that much about whether Clinton is on the ticket certainly are paying attention. Despite the noise being made by the kooks in the PUMA movement, they represent only a small number of voters who are correctly being ignored by Democratic leaders and others as a handful of nuts who are out of touch with reality. Leaving Clinton off the ticket might lose the votes of a handful of such voters who are willing to risk returning to the age of shirt hanger abortions, but most Clinton voters will vote for Obama. Even before Clinton left the race, polls were showing that large numbers of people who had voted for Clinton in the early primary states preferred Obama after seeing how the race played out.

I agree 100% with Ron’s assessment. Furthermore, I see absolutely no reason why Barack Obama should reward Hillary Clinton with the number two position on the ticket after the racist, Rove-style campaign she and her husband employed against Obama in the primaries. Her campaign tactics not only cost her the Democratic party nomination but, the support of the African American community.

While Hillary Clinton’s much ballyhooed qualifications to be president were certainly a stunning work of fiction, her effort to equivocate the attempted party rule breaking in Michigan and Florida with the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe, bordered on the insane.

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18 Responses to Hillary for VP Group Shuts Its Doors

  1. taco says:

    …her effort to equivocate the attempted party rule breaking in Michigan and Florida with the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe, bordered on the insane.

    Could this have something to do with the fact Hillary Clinton is, insane?

    Just asking.

  2. Rachel says:

    I could never understand the type of campaign the Clintons forged against Barack Obama during the spring. Bill Clinton was called by the great American author, Tony Morrison, “America’s first black president,” not because of race or ethnicity but based on his awareness and sensitivity to issues of concern the Black people. What was replaced was an ugly pair of southern-states racists, drunk on ambition and totally lacking morals.

  3. Peace Nick says:

    By and by.

    Where is Lady Hillary these days? Didn’t she pledge to campaign for Barack Obama in the run-up to the General Election?

    All I read about Lady Hillary is she’s roaming around trying to retire her $30 million dollar campaign debt.

    This fulfills her promise to help Obama exactly how?

  4. americalives says:

    O’Reilly Factor bombshell

    Dick Morris slips and states that the only way McCain can win is by scaring the electorate enough in order to demonize Obama!

    Get all the details of that conversation @


    How do you think the Obama campaign should respond, and do you think that this is truly the only way that McCain can win? Doesn’t the center have more options than Morris gives him credit for ?

  5. Sasha in MN says:

    Hey Rachel, looks like McCain is headed down the same path. The old goat and GOP are ramping up their insults and accusations to a level of inane hysteria.
    What is is about Obama that brings out the ugliest, most desperate & despicable attempts by those running against him which in light shows their own selfish and visceral agendas?
    Time to hang up the pant suits .

  6. VicoDANIEL says:

    Thanks for bringing the focus back to politics, Chris.

    Your political pieces bring me back here again and again. Particularly, when you write about the candidates.

    Peace Nick raises a very good question. What happened to Hillary Clinton’s promise to go out and campaign for Obama — especially, in blue collar and rust belt states like Pennsylvania and Ohio. The only mention I’ve heard of Hillary in recent days is circuitous. It seems that MN Gov. Bill Richardson is back to groveling before the Clintons, promising to host a series of fundraisers to help Hillary retire her campaign debt and pay herself back the $11 million she lent her campaign.

    Of course, on a personal note, having the political landscape Clinton-free is a relief after the primary race. Never before have I seen such ugliness.


  7. Joe in Colorado says:

    There was so much attention given to the need for Obama to suck up and make nice with Hillary and her lynch mob for fear they would jump fence and support McCain in November. The funny thing is, I have yet to see a poll, be it Real Clear Politics, GALLUP, or Rasmussen, that shows Obama has lost the support of former Clinton supporters. In fact, the polls say quite the opposite. Looks to me like the histrionics from the PUMA loons is nothing more than a tiny echo chamber.

  8. stradella says:

    Child, please! Just look at the expression on that woman’s face!

    You just know Miss Hillary got off that stage and washed her hand as quickly as possible after holding hands with a black man.

    Remember that despite all her efforts to sell herself as a liberal, when you scratch below the surface Hillary Clinton is still a Goldwater girl.

  9. Grace says:

    When people are going to wake up and realize that the story about the “dream ticket” was all a political game played by both? Obama was never interested in having Clinton on the ticket, and neither Clinton.

    They always hated each other’s guts, both consumed by narcissism, ambition, calculation, and grit. Personality wise, they are more similar than different. People may want to see Obama as all pure and innocent, and Clinton as evil and “monster,” but the truth is much more nuanced and complex than that. And besides, Clinton ‘s been officially out of the race for almost 2 months.

    It’s puzzling to see that people still have a need to talk about her, since she can’t fulfill the role of scapegoat or trash can anymore. May be it’s because people are having trouble finding another convenient punching bag so Obama can appear again as being the victim. But he ‘s on his own now, so stand on your own two feet and show us what you have, Barack!

  10. Hadrian says:

    But he ’s on his own now, so stand on your own two feet and show us what you have, Barack!

    He seems to be doing precisely that if the polls are any indication.

    Pew Research: Obama 47, McCain 42
    National Gallup: Obama 45, McCain 44
    Rasmussen: Obama 48, McCain 46
    CNN: Obama 51, McCain 44
    Strategic Vision: Obama 49, McCain 40
    NYT: Obama 48, McCain 37
    Quinnipiac: Obama 49, McCain 42

    Grace, is it possible you’re just not paying attention?

  11. Randy Arroyo says:

    Hadrian – Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t those national tracking polls? I think there is one place where McCain is leading Obama: Florida. This isn’t a surprise as McCain has tried to frighten older voters by making specious charges that Obama is too inexperienced in the post-9/11 world to keep them safe.

  12. mbmdl says:

    Excellent blog post. I think most of us can agree on one thing: Hillary and McCain have much more in common than Hillary and Obama. The most obvious similarities is how Hillary played the race card against Obama in the primaries. Now, McCain is following down the same path and celebrating it.

  13. RWR says:

    Glad he’s got Kain on his short list to save us from those “shirt hanger abortions”. You people are seriously delusional. Neither Obama nor Hillary are evil and neither is a saint. What is scary is your need to see the world in simplistic binary terms. THAT is why you scare the crap out of people. I sincerely hope you’re a bunch of 20 year olds, because real adults walking around with this kind of fundamentalism and gullibility is a sad, sad statement on where we’ve arrived.

  14. Sasha in MN says:

    “real adults walking around with this kind of fundamentalism and gullibility is a sad, sad statement on where we’ve arrived”
    Ummmm THAT explains the past 8 years I wasn’t sucked into.

    Whaaa, wha, whaaaaa.

    And although I am past my 20’s I know enough ignorant, arrogant, jaded adults who should shut up or do something to change the situations at hand.

    We may scare the crap out of you, the feeling is mutual and I am quaking in my delusional pantsuit.

  15. Brigadoon says:

    I’m having difficulty following RWR’s train of thought as it seems to be all over the board. Most of the folks posting here are unapologetic supporters of Barack Obama and most have rejected Hillary Clinton. This is a presidential election year and as supporters go, you settle on a candidate. Unlike the PUMA lunatics who claim to be party delegates but say they will vote for McCain. Now that’s a whole lot of crazy.

  16. Bruce says:

    The PUMA people probably enjoy visiting this blog about as much as they do mine.

    I’ll add you to my blogroll!

  17. RWR says:

    Sasha, you appear not to understand the existence of any “fundamentalisms” but the kind you oppose. You also seem to think you can read minds and know what people have done and are doing to change the world. Believe me, you don’t know shit about me and what I’ve done. You just want to have a simple answer to everything and stick people in little boxes of your making.

    If you’re as old as you claim to be, you’re almost certainly a lost cause for gaining a remotely balanced world view with some perspective. I only hope there are others here who can “get it”. No, by getting it I don’t mean “learn not to vote for Obama because he’s evil evil evil”. That’s what you’d say. Unlike you simpletons I realize that there are other quite valid points of view. There are, in fact, good reasons to vote Obama. I just happen to think they don’t out way the bad. But the difference is I don’t think everyone who voted for Obama in the primaries or who votes for him now is an idiot. I understand why they chose what they choose, and, except in the case of the simpleton wing represented on blogs like this, I respect their difference of opinion.

    And I don’t tolerate anti-Obama ravings either when they go over the top. Do a search on NoQuarter and you’ll see me slammed for asking them to lay off the idiotic “Obama isn’t a citizen” delusion. There are dumb people without perspective everywhere, but the congregation of them in the Obama “movement” reminds me of nothing more than the Red Guard and Nazi Youth movements. It starts with devaluing others as humans. If you really had read your history you’d know it starts as nothing less than this.

    It’s not as simple as just “Respect” either. You don’t have to have respect for every damn stupid idea. But when you’ve got perspective and real knowledge and empathy you realize there are other arguments that with just a small change of your base premises yield a significant difference in the outcome of the argument. That’s what a disproportionate percentage of Obama supporters don’t get – and you end up just being a bunch of arrogant disrespectful assholes. And it’s not just that you don’t understand the damage you do to others with disrespect, how calling them racists is damn near as bad as calling them pedophiles…you don’t even understand, or maybe care, the damage you do to your own causes.


    “I’m having difficulty following RWR’s train of thought as it seems to be all over the board.”

    Fascinating how predictable you guys are. I’ve actually written twice about the frequency with which Obama follower’s use of claims of ignorance and inability to understand as a “debate” tactic (http://knotweed.wordpress.com/2008/06/29/more-ignorance-in-the-obama-camp/). Lovely non-existent list of examples you provide there.

    “Most of the folks posting here are unapologetic supporters of Barack Obama and most have rejected Hillary Clinton.”

    And your argument is what? That by choosing one candidate over another you have to become a closed minded fanatic who labels your opponent as a racist at every turn? Do you even know what intellectually honesty is?

    And all, great job on addressing my comment about Kain. Oh, yeah, forgot your blinders would have prevented you from even seeing his candidacy. Ah well, you may get lucky and never have to see him.

  18. Trixie says:

    I would never vote for McCain. The McCain term would be an extension of the 8 year killing spree of the Bush administration. I have a conscience. I will never play a part in the killing for profit of the neocons.

    This is about our country. It is not about one person, or even one party. It’s about our children and their children.

    A vote for McCain is morally indefensible. Unless you’re a neocon, and then you have no morals to begin with.

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