ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State Plans to Use Libya as Gateway to Invade Europe

February 17, 2015


Less than a week after ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State savagely marched 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians to their deaths in a carefully orchestrated mass beheading, a document written by an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) propagandist believed to be an online recruiter for the terror group, claims militants are planning a takeover Libya and use the north African nation as a “gateway” to wage war across the whole of southern Europe.

According to a chilling article in the UK Telegraph:

The jihadists hope to flood the north African state with militiamen from Syria and Iraq, who will then sail across the Mediterranean posing as migrants on people trafficking vessels, according to plans seen by Quilliam, the British anti-extremist group.

The fighters would then run amok in southern European cities and also try to attack maritime shipping.

Meanwhile, in response to the threat of ISIS on the march, Italy has dispatched 5,000 troops to Libya to defend the nation from an Islamic extremist invasion. Libya is just 109 miles away from the island of Lampedusa and 300 miles from Sicily.

While President Obama and outgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder continue to refuse to use the accurate terminology of “radical Islam” to describe the threat ISIS represents to the west, Jordan, Egypt and now Italy, are wasting no time to fight the Islamic menace.

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9 Responses to ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State Plans to Use Libya as Gateway to Invade Europe

  1. Randy Arroyo says:

    I wonder what name President Obama would have used in 1941 for the Nazis?

  2. Peace Nick says:

    Whether or not Mr. Obama wants to admit it, we’re faced with a religious war. It’s a page out of the Crusades the president incorrectly referenced recently.

  3. karen503 says:

    “Primitive Islam” or “fundamentalist Islam” might be more accurate than “radical Islam”. The whole point of ISIS/ISIL is to bring back the tenets of Islam to the brutal 500 years after Muhammad.

  4. Brigadoon says:

    Maybe someone can explain why the White House refused to say 21 Egyptian Coptic ‘Christians’ when they released their office presser to the media, preferring to say 21 Egyptians. Was this to help white wash the religious motivation of ISIS’ actions? Make the horror easier to swallow?

  5. Scott Dancer says:

    This is a short list of the radical Islamic groups in the world today:

    al Qaeda
    Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan
    Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan
    Tevhid Selam
    Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine
    Fatah al-Inifada
    Armed Islamic Group
    Jamaat ul-Mujaheddin
    Abu Sayyaf Group

    All of these groups practice a radical form of Sharia Islam and all share a hatred for the U.S. and Israel. All of these groups have carried out kidnapping, suicide bombings, and executions.

    As much as I hate to say it but, we’re in over our heads and I think Obama realizes this.

  6. massagatto says:

    We can’t stop ISIS as long as we have a Muslim in the White House.

  7. Adirondacky says:

    “I made it comfortable for Obama to accept Christianity without having to renounce Islam”. – Rev. Jeremiah Wright

  8. ChiTOM says:

    I’m not an expert on how to stop ISIS but I think State’s Marie Harf was lost in the wilderness when she seemed to suggest we need to fund small businesses. As if opening felafel shops would stop the killing. The problem with ISIS can be found in the Quran itself. 109 verses saying people convert or they should be killed. This is insanity.

  9. DMason says:

    We live in scary times. I hope our next president isn’t an Islamic sympathizer.

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