Hillary Clinton Hospitalized with Blood Clot

Monday, December 31, 2012

Mrs. Clinton has been hospitalized for a blood clot in New York City

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who hasn’t been seen in public since early December, was admitted to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital for a blood clot.

Clinton, who is known for her grueling travel schedule, flying as many as 400,000 air miles a year as secretary of state, was appointed by President Obama in January 2009.

She is the most traveled secretary of state in history, having visited 112 countries while in the job, according to the Associated Press.

Flying this much certainly puts her at risk for a DVT, or a Deep Vein Thrombosis. A potentially life-threatening condition that requires a doctor’s close monitoring as well as blood thinners to prevent the clot from moving to the heart or brain.

Her spokesman, Philippe Reines said:

“She is being treated with anti-coagulants and is at New York-Presbyterian Hospital so that they can monitor the medication over the next 48 hours. They will determine if any further action is required.”

I’m sure I speak for all Americans in wishing Mrs. Clinton a quick and complete recovery.

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8 Responses to Hillary Clinton Hospitalized with Blood Clot

  1. Nigel Karsten says:

    We just awakened to this dreadful news. I join with you all in wishing her a brilliant recovery.

  2. feminazi says:

    A blood clot is very serious. My late husband developed one in the hospital and ended up on blood thinners for the rest of his life. He was monitored monthly. It’s a good thing they caught it early before anything lethal took hold.

  3. The Real Adam says:

    Has any Republican said she’s faking it yet?

    The GOP media machine has alleged she was faking the stomach bug and the concussion so I expect they will assert the blood clot is bogus too. They’re such scum.

  4. Brigadoon says:

    The so-called “journalists” on FOX Noise have hinted Hillary’s blood clot is a fake to help her avoid testifying in the Benghazi hearings. They’re vile shitheads.

  5. Tena says:

    Brigadoon is correct. Monica Crowley didn’t hint Hillary is faking illness. She came right out and said it. These people aren’t human.

  6. ChiTOM says:

    Get better soon, Hillary. We’re pulling for you.

  7. fran says:

    Get well soon, Hillary.

  8. Marcus Ybanez says:

    The clot is reportedly in her head, in a vein between her brain and skull.

    Clots are serious and if untreated, lethal. The good news is, doctors caught Hillary’s clot and she’s receiving treatment at a world-class medical facility in New York. Reporters say her prognosis is good and she should make a full recovery.

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