Gun Control Support Soars In New Gallup Poll

Friday, December 28, 2012

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre and the ambush on the Webster, NY firefighters, a new Gallup poll shows Americans want stricter gun control laws.

Gallup finds 58% of Americans in favor of strengthening the laws covering the sale of firearms, up from 43% in 2011. Current support for stricter gun laws is the highest Gallup has measured since January 2004, but still not nearly as high as it was in the 1990s.



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21 Responses to Gun Control Support Soars In New Gallup Poll

  1. Joe in Colorado says:

    However, from the same Gallup poll, more Americans have a favorable view of the National Rifle Association than unfavorable. Can Americans be any more schizophrenic? How do we go forward when a nation is as nutty as this?

  2. Brigadoon says:

    If you listen to the NRA (last Sunday on MTP) the solution to gun violence in America is defeating Sen. Dianne Feinstein and add more guns to the American population. Of course, the NRA leaders don’t reflect the membership of the organization they allegedly represent. For example, 74% of NRA members support stricter gun control laws. But, NRA CEO Wayne La Pierre repeatedly turns a deaf ear to the membership.

  3. Idaho Librul says:

    First off, I hope everyone had a glorious Christmas. Sorry I haven’t been posting as much but they changed my work schedule to evenings and after twenty years as a morning person, I’m having a few adjustment issues.

    About this poll. I talked to my father-in-law about the recent spat of heartbreaking gun violence events sweeping the nation. He’s nearing 80-years of age, a life long Republican (I know 😦 ) and an NRA member. He said stricter gun control laws and strict enforcement coupled with more spending on mental health services is the only way to dig our way out if this dark epoch.

    I was taken aback. Commonsense from an old, Goldwater Republican. He is correct. Stricter gun control laws, strictly enforced without more access to mental health care won’t work. They must be in tandem. We can’t have another Sandy Hook school mass shooting. It’s un-American and immoral.

  4. hilly7 says:

    How many people actually believe that crazy, mean, and criminals will go legally to obtain guns? How many people are unaware that all the mass shootings were on medicine for a metal condition? Judging by the death toll, vehicles, pools, and conventional medicine (Nations # 2 killer) should be outlawed. Then again, we always have sticks and stones and bare knuckles… might want to check those out too. Thing is, law abiding citizens abide by law, criminals don’t.

  5. Personally, I think the root of the entire issue is the difference between “guns” and “weapons”. I fully support the right of all citizens who feel the need to protect themselves (from others with guns I might add) and those who wish to hunt wildlife for sport and recreation. What I don’t understand is the desire to own military-grade weaponry the purpose of which is to kill as many people as quickly as possible. I fear that we will soon live in a Vigilante State in which law enforcement will be all but impossible. More guns will solve nothing.

  6. hilly7 says:

    I see no need in Military grade as well for myself, but that is a choice. I think that has little to do with law enforcement though, seems a lack of moral fiber on that issue. The glorification of automatic weapons exploited by Hollywood perhaps along with the desensitizing of violence and the lack of value placed on life, not to mention music. This man used a gun, but not a military grade one but rather a defense weapon. Then again he used a builders tool for a weapon too on his own kin. People like that who value life so little can make a weapon out of anything they chose. It has already been proven that armed citizens that do value life have lower crime rates, levels the playing field and a deterrent for a lot of crimes. Guns are nothing more than tools, tools that can be used constructively or destructively. The only thing that can make a 90 pound lady equal to a 400 pound rapist, a 90 year old equal to a 20 year old predator. Actually more guns would make things more safer. Note that the shootings have all occurred where guns are abolished. This guy it probably wouldn’t have mattered, but this guy shouldn’t have been allowed on the streets.

  7. ChiTOM says:

    Hunters do not use automatic assault weapons to hunt. If you shot a deer with an automatic assault weapon, there would be nothing left of the deer. As for little church ladies at risk for being raped, the incident of this happening is fortunately, far and few between. I will concede, it you live in some remote, rural area like North Dakota and it would take the sheriff 30 minutes to respond to your 911 call for help, I have no problem with owning a handgun. Licensed and the owner trained how to use it. But, in general, if you feel terrified where you call home, it may be time to move.

  8. Rachel says:

    The eroticization of guns resulted in 20 dead children at Sandy Hook Elementary school. These kids were shot multiple times in the face. I wonder how the gun nuts would feel if these were their kids? So gruesome their injuries, the students were buried in closed caskets. There is simply no rationale for the proliferation of guns in America. None at all. Unless the gun nuts can guarantee the sane population of America that people like Adam Lanza will never be able to obtain firearms, then the gun nuts need to shut the fuck up and go straight to hell.

  9. Interesting comments all.

    As a man who has lived in big cities, mid-sized cities and suburbs, in African American ghettos and predominately white suburbs, I have never, not once, ever felt the need to run out and buy a gun, rife or a semi-automatic weapon.

    In fact, when I lived an an African American ghetto and in big cities, I experienced a greater sense of community, where people looked out for one another. We were a community. No one I knew said they had a firearm. Who knows? Maybe they were being untruthful? But, I never saw guns and I never felt unsafe.

    Crime statistics show, gun owners are more inclined to be injured or killed in the commencement of a robbery. Civilians aren’t trained cops or sheriffs.

  10. DMason says:

    The gun crazies need to issue apologies to the Webster, NY firefighters shot Christmas eve and tell them how the rights of gun owners supersede the rights if innocent first responders simply carrying out the duties of their job which was to help others. Should be interesting.

  11. Marcus Ybanez says:

    No one needs a semi automatic rifle unless it’s been issued to you by your military commander in the execution of war.

    The Second Amendment gang has co-opted reasonable gun ownership and collecting and turned it into a way to push back against an overreaching federal government. The preppers aren’t normal in the head.

  12. The Gallup poll was useless during the presidential campaign; they were sure that Romney would win by a landslide. WRONG!!! I don’t trust Gallup for my data gathering anymore, they are useless.

  13. feminazi says:

    Evidently, the gun lobby is now targeting Sen. Dianne Feinstein. LaPierre mentioned her name 6 times last Sunday on Meet the Press. Feinstein has clout and influence. If anyone in the congress can push through stricter firearms laws, it’s Feinstein.

  14. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    “I don’t trust Gallup for my data gathering anymore, they are useless.

    As useless as Karl Rove and Dick Morris? 🙂

  15. fran says:

    The gun manufacturers keep the NRA afloat financially, therefore they have a conflict of interest.
    They are not a grassroots organization, they are a lobby for profit.
    Horrifies me that some schoolteachers are attracted to carrying concealed weapons.
    It’s not like in the movies where the “good guys” always make the shots to take out the bad guys.
    In absolute chaos, w small children running about, it is likely that more innocents would get shot than not.
    We are burying small children & firefighters.
    It is not rocket science. Other countries w more strict gun control don’t have this problem.

  16. Stephen Iversonn says:

    I read an article in our local paper that was curious.

    When you call your car/house insurance company for underwriting for a new policy, they always ask, “Are there any firearms kept in the house or car?” An estimated 88% of firearms owners lie and say no. 88%! This is a staggering number.

    If gun owners stopped to think about the insurance liability aspects of having a gun or rifle, I have to think many of them would dump their firearms. The risk is too great.

  17. Vivzz says:

    Stephen Iversonn – I saw the same article or a similar one in USAToday. Home insurance companies won’t pay claims when a gun was involved and not disclosed on the application for coverage. I guess the gun nut have deep pockets.

  18. hilly7 says:

    It ain’t about the hunting. Take note that each location had strict gun laws and that criminals do not adhere to laws. As far as police, they had plenty but were not able to stop it, and as dependent and crazy as people are these days I’m sure they are overworked as is. It all breaks down to Problem, Reaction, Solution. Not shown on the news 12-7 of this years was a shooting diverted who was armed and countless other ones by armed citizens. Despite what the so called TV says they weren’t diverted by the OK Saloon shoot out Hollywood scenario.

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  20. mitch says:

    It might be wise to understand firearms before becoming just mobs of people sharing their feelings in terms of the right to keep and bear arms and what laws should be passed to control the distributions of fireams. When I hear the term “Assault Rifle”, I can feel the rope around my neck and I see the same mobs appear from their wicked past. I now understand how ignorance gave me the postage paid geneology telegram reading ” Your bloodline is that of a slave “. Why do I say this? Well, I never seen a rifle ” get up” on its own and start assaulting people. People assault with rifles. An “assault ” is a manuever only accepted by military units. Police forces make “entries” not assaults. Assault with anything is illegal in our country. Those that use firearms ( especially rifles) in a criminal capacity (ASSAULT) are really conducting military manuevers against a civilian population. Laws dealing with the criminal punishment and rehabilitation is a good place to start. Instead I see propaganda, building mobs of ignorance that are attacking the law abiding’s “God” given right to defend the only life that they have. Gun Contol was a way to keep blacks and other “colored animals” from defending themselves. Why do you think Native Americans are on reservations now and how do you think Jews where placed in ovens. Truth is, all firearms could have been used in a war at one time or another thoughout history. Some were just better than others. The Armalite 15 rifles or AR-15 sold to the public are not military standard rifles. You wont find a US military command using the AR-15 in its current mechanical configuration. The real ignorance is underlined by this fact. The semi-automatic world began well over 100 years ago. Flintlock muskets evolved and it has nothing to do with “hollywood” terms like “Assault Rifle”. We are in the so called ‘information age” or should we call it ” I will tell you your information age.”

  21. Anthony says:


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