School Massacre Gunman Raised by Gun Nut Mother

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nancy Lanza was obsessed with firearms

The Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman, Adam Lanza, who killed 20 children and seven adults Friday was raised by a mother with a fatal attraction to firearms and kept a large arsenal of guns and rifles at home.

The New York Times reports:

Nancy Lanza loved guns, and often took her sons to one of the shooting ranges here in the suburbs northeast of New York City, where there is an active community of gun enthusiasts, her friends said. At a local bar, she sometimes talked about her gun collection.

Ms. Lanza’s fascination with guns became an important focus of attention on Saturday as investigators tried to determine what caused Mr. Lanza to carry out one of the worst massacres in the nation’s history.

Investigators have linked Ms. Lanza to five weapons: two powerful handguns, two traditional hunting rifles and a semiautomatic rifle that is similar to weapons used by troops in Afghanistan. Her son took the two handguns and the semiautomatic rifle to the school. Law enforcement officials said they believed the guns were acquired legally and were registered.

Ms. Lanza, 52, had gone through a divorce in 2008 and was described by friends as social and generous to strangers, but also high-strung, as if she were holding herself together.

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16 Responses to School Massacre Gunman Raised by Gun Nut Mother

  1. feminazi says:

    There’s a Biblical quote that goes: ‘Those who live by the sword die by the sword’.

  2. Joe in Colorado says:

    Nancy Lanza’s assault rifles were identical to those used to kill al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan. I would like the so-called “experts” to explain why a single mother, living in a bucolic New England town with no crime, felt the need to pack such heat?

  3. Marcus Ybanez says:

    Ms. Lanza, 52 was described by friends as high-strung, as if she were holding herself together.

    Is this the profile of whom the NRA thinks should have an arsenal of firearms in their home?

  4. DMason says:

    I wonder if just before the mother died, she thought “Wow, maybe having a gun collection wasn’t the best display of judgment on my part?”

  5. Matteo says:

    Good for DiFi!

    On MSNBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ Sunday morning, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) promised to introduce a new assault weapons ban on the first day of the new Congress, challenging President Obama to back the bill. Feinstein sponsored the federal assault weapons ban that expired in 2004, and has been working on a new ban since the Aurora movie theater shooting in July. Four shooting sprees later, Feinstein has vowed to introduce the legislation on the first day of the 113th Congress.

  6. ChiTOM says:

    Nancy Lanza obviously had psychiatric problems. Reports say her love affair with guns began after her divorce from son Adam Lanza’s father. She would’ve been hard-pressed to find a safer place to live than the village of Sandy Hook. The only safe place might be the International Space Station. So her need to collect all the automatic weapons just makes no sense.

  7. Stephen Iversonn says:

    All those visits to the shooting range and Mama Lanza thought nothing sunk in?

    Well, she was very wrong. Her Asperger’s syndrome afflicted son was paying attention and he knew how to fire a gun and a rifle. Mama Lanza got a bullet in the face. Twenty-six people, including twenty children, were to follow.

    A portrait of an American family.

  8. hilly7 says:

    Oh no, it wouldn’t be the meds the kid was on which has produced some of the worst events around. And I’d hardly call a 9mm a powerful handgun. Deadly by someone with mental problems and meds, but so was the knife a guy the same day used on kids about the same age in China. Gun control is a bandaide on a gushing wound. Law breakers will have them… it’s in the descriptive name.

  9. Estacada says:

    Nancy Lanza was a ‘prepper’, so called because they are preparing for a breakdown in civilized society and the economic system.

    She was paranoid and became obsessed with guns and taught Adam and his older brother, Ryan, how to shoot, even taking them to local shooting ranges. It’s little wonder that kid went off the deep end with a parent like this.

  10. John says:

    Nancy Lanza’s assault rifles were identical to those used to kill al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan. I would like the so-called “experts” to explain why a single mother, living in a bucolic New England town with no crime, felt the need to pack such heat?
    Maybe she feared raising yet another Romney RAPE baby

  11. Frank Mazzoni says:

    There was one murder in the last ten years in this New England community and now
    we have twenty seven in one day.

  12. Guns kill. Period.

  13. How do,you get to a “large arsenal of guns”?
    Each of these firearms are different – just as various golf clubs or kitchen knives are.
    How many pairs of shoes do you own?
    Why couldn’t you play tennis with a baseball bat?

    Now that we’ve cleared that up & that barring a Japanese style ban on firearms Nancy Lanza would qualify to purchase a firearm under any rules- let’s start talking about mental health and why the heck anyone needs 30 round clips…

  14. Rendaculous says:

    A “prepper”? Where have I been all this time? People have gotten cray-cray and the decline seems to have accelerated since President Obama was elected. Having a “black president” brings out the pathologies in the loons. It’s the end of the world. Never mind the Mayan prophecies. Blame the black man for the end of civilization. These people need mental health care. They’re dangerous.

  15. hipolito says:

    If the country and our institutions were ending, I would think food and medicine was more critical than an automatic weapon. You can’t eat a Glock.

  16. Anthony says:

    She very well not be as crazy as thought for owning a few firearms. Connection of the CO Shooting and this? That fathers of the aggressors both met prior this year and both were to testify in the Libor Scandal. Maybe they were her weapons and maybe not, we have no real idea. Was their son a shooter and if so, who finally shot him? Remember they said his gun was jammed. What happened to the 2 that were running, especially the one that got away in the woods? Recordings of Police Radios are on the web for all to hear, just like any other events… somebody is always listening, shame it ain’t the press or general public hearing or being vigilant. Lots more questions unanswered with lots of questions answered, buts nobody is listening.

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