Allen West’s Request for Recount Denied by FL Judge

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Homophobic Rep. Allen West Gets Denied by a Judge in Florida

In the ongoing saga known as Rep. Allen West’s refusal to accept the reality of defeat, a judge in Florida denied West’s request for a recount of the 37,379 ballots from early voting in St. Lucie County, FL. The decision now falls to the county’s canvassing board, scheduled to meet today at 4 p.m., the Palm Beach Post reports.

Circuit Judge Dan Vaughn said he does not have the authority to order a recount. West has been vocal about his concerns regarding the counting of early votes on election night.

During their meeting today, the St. Lucie County Canvassing Board will consider whether a full recount of early votes is necessary.

Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy leads West by 1,907 votes. An unofficial vote tally is due to the state Saturday.

St. Lucie County officials recounted only three days of early voting after finding out that machines double counted some ballots. As a result, West reportedly gained 132 votes and Murphy lost 667, according to reports.

Assuming the numbers hold, West would still trail Murphy by 1,108 votes.

Murphy’s campaign manager Anthony Kusich released the following statement following the judge’s decision on Friday:

“Once again, Congressman Allen West’s political stunts have been dismissed by the courts. Instead of admitting defeat, Allen West wants to keep counting votes until he gets the outcome he desires. That’s not how elections work and that is not how the law works. Patrick is ready to put the campaign behind him and move forward with addressing the challenges facing the people of the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches, first and foremost of which is getting Florida back to work.”

Isn’t it just like a Republican to run to the courts when they don’t get their way?

Editor Update: Since writing this blog piece, now former- Rep. Allen West conceded his reelection fight Tuesday to Democratic newcomer Patrick Murphy.

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13 Responses to Allen West’s Request for Recount Denied by FL Judge

  1. Brigadoon says:

    Allen West is a disgusting homophobe. If he was a man, he would accept the fact he lost the race and concede honorably. But he’s not a man. He’s a whining crybaby.

  2. Tiny Dancer says:

    Concede, asswipe. You lost. Get over it.

  3. Mets Fan says:

    There is no conceivable way for Rep. Allen West to win. He needs to step aside to permit Patrick Murphy formally represent the district.

    If West keeps this show going, Florida needs to send in the National Guard to arrest him.

  4. Zarathustra says:

    F U Allan West…. Go Back to Iraq, and jump up and down on a land Mine

  5. ChiTOM says:

    Can’t the GOP majority in the U.S. House vote to seat West regardless of the ballot count? This is one of the terrible side effects of demanding a vote recount. Certain rules attach that fly in the face of the will of the voter. This is not a representative democracy.

  6. Tena says:

    ChiTOM – You’re correct. This is NOT a representative democracy. Talk about circumventing the voting process.

  7. Rachel says:

    Allen West is an unapologetic hater of ‘teh gays.’ He needs to get a job at Wal Mart. He doesn’t belong in the U.S. Congress.

  8. hummdinger says:

    Allen West you lost now get the hell out of florida

  9. Estacada says:

    Where the hell do people like Allen West come from? Is his district full of kooks and lunatics?

    In any case, the country has turned a page and there is no longer any place for the Allen West’s of the world. Be gone, Tea Party representative. Be gone.

  10. fran says:

    Is that picture for real (w all the Swastikas?) Creepy!

  11. Jim says:

    Waaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! I’m a crybaby Republican!

  12. John Sheets says:

    Ever notice in all of these elections the republicans cheat all of the time. They cant win on there ideas so thy have to steal elections. This time this right wing bigot will have to get a real job.

  13. Lisa says:

    Why are Nazi flags in the background?

    Where was Allen West when this photo was taken? And what year was it taken?

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