President Clinton Delivers Dividends for President Obama

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Former President William Jefferson Clinton Wows Democrats on Wednesday

Former president William Jefferson Clinton delivered a rousing speech Wednesday night at the Democratic Convention that was part policy wonkery and all Clintonian. Mr. Clinton mounted a rigorous defense of President Barack Obama’s handling of the nation’s economy, while criticizing the agenda and lies of Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Before formally nominating Mr. Obama, President Clinton told the audience:

“No president — not me or any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage in just four years.”

He deconstructed and dismantle the lies that were the foundation of the Republican National Convention a week ago.

He attacked Republican vice presidential nominee Representative Paul Ryan for criticizing Obama’s $716 billion cut in Medicare, part of the health-care law passed in 2010. Noting that Ryan has made the same cuts in his budget, saying:

“When Congressman Ryan looked into the TV camera and attacked President Obama’s “biggest coldest power play” in raiding Medicare, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  You see, that 716 billion dollars is exactly the same amount of Medicare savings Congressman Ryan had in his own budget. You know it takes some brass to attack a guy for doing something you did.”

Mr. Clinton pointed out the disparity in jobs creation for both parties:

“In 1961, the Republicans have held the White House 28 years, the Democrats 24.  In those 52 years, our economy produced 66 million private sector jobs.  What’s the jobs score?  Republicans 24 million, Democrats 42 million!”

He highlighted Romney’s draconian plan to eviscerate the Medicare Trust Fund:

“Governor Romney’s been consistent.  He wants to repeal the savings and give the money back to the insurance companies, re-open the donut hole and force seniors to pay more for drugs, and reduce the life of the Medicare Trust Fund by eight years. So now if he’s elected and does what he promised Medicare will go broke by 2016.  If that happens, you won’t have to wait until their voucher program to begins in 2023 to see the end Medicare as we know it.”

In my life, William Jefferson Clinton is the greatest orator I’ve ever heard. President Obama has a powerful friend in the 42nd President of the United States.

Read the entire speech in text form HERE.

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14 Responses to President Clinton Delivers Dividends for President Obama

  1. ChiTOM says:

    I laughed, I cheered, and I cried. Clinton was masterful. He was also correct.

    You would have to be out of your right mind to cast you vote for Romney/Ryan when the stakes are so high. Republicans nearly ruined this country when Reagan and Bush I and Bush II were in office.

    Do Romney’s supporters even care about the United States?

  2. Rachel says:

    I listened to NPR today at work and Susan Page said President Obama is getting 50% of female women’s support but Romney is getting 41%. How can 41% of women be so stupid? Perhaps, it should be required the adult, American public spend 3 hours studying the issues and candidates before they’re allowed anywhere near a voting location?

  3. Matteo says:

    This is good too. Bloomberg-TV fact checked President Clinton’s speech and found everything he said was accurate.

  4. Idaho Librul says:

    I run hot and cold on Bill Clinton.

    He disgraced Hillary with a stream of interns while president and in the Oval Office no less. He thought with the head on his pecker and not the one on his shoulders. He also gave us DADT and DOMA both of which were inexcusable.

    But, Clinton is a true leader. His tenure as president delivered a stunning 23 1/2 million new jobs and he was on target o eliminate the debt by 2010. A stunning fact considering we’re in the hole today to the tune of $17 trillion dollars. He also governed without going to war. Imagine that?

    I think Obama’s second term could very well redirect this country and put us back on course to be a great nation once more. I am literally terrified of a Romney presidency. We won’t survive as a nation if Romney is elected.

  5. retahyajyajav says:

    Best political speech ever.

  6. Seabec says:

    John F. Kennedy is smiling down at the breadth, depth and quality of Bill Clinton’s DNC speech.

  7. Peace Nick says:

    Those 48 1/2 minutes flew by like they were 4 1/2 minutes.

    It’s a true testimony to Clinton’s ability to connect with an audience that he is never boring and always informative and entertaining. I have to admit it — I kinda’ miss the Big Dog.

  8. DMason says:

    If Clinton could run for president today, I think and I believe, the American people would elect him.

  9. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    It’s over, folks. It’s over for Mitt Romney and his sidekick.

    After last night’s DNC lineup of speakers who included victims of Romney’s Bain Capital, Sandra Fluke, Elizabeth Warren and of course, President Bill Clinton, the American people won’t elect Romney if he promised them a week stay at his ocean front house in La Jolla.

    Barack Obama owns the 2012 presidential election.

  10. Eric Equality Kuntz says:

    TweetStat reported Bill Clinton received more than 28,000 tweets per minute during his 48 minute speech.

    These numbers are more than double Mitt Romney’s tweet numbers during his acceptance speech on the last night of the RNC.

    Bill Clinton is a rock star.

  11. Debbie Banuelos says:

    A great speech from a flawed man.

  12. Pechanga says:

    I agree with Debbie. A great speech from a flawed man. But, when you look below the surface, aren’t we all flawed? We’re only human.

    We elected a man — not a saint.

  13. joost says:

    Clinton completely destroyed Mitt Romney. If you’re still planning to vote for Romney then you haven’t been paying attention. Click the HERE link at the bottom of Christopher’s piece and read the text of President Clinton’s speech. Trust in President Obama but fear Mitt Romney.

  14. fran says:

    Clinton has a gift to speak intelligently but still keep it folksy. He nailed spelling out exactly what Romney & Ryan had so slickly glossed over. Yes indeed, the dems & Clinton especially called bullshit on the repugs- everything from obstructionist garbage, to the inherited historic mess, and the fuzzy arithmetic that does not add up. No way you can keep giving more & more tax cuts to the rich & balance the 3 trillion dollar debt the repugs racked up.
    For me, all Obama had to say was “I’m not a republican” & he would have had me!

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