Mama Grifter’s Contract at FOX News in Jeopardy

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mama Grifter Drags Her Down Syndrome Prop, Son, Trig, to an Appearance

When Mama Grifter’s mouth was muzzled by her handlers at FOX News, rendering her appearance at the Republic National Convention in Tampa, FL not needed, the Whore from Wasilla took to her Facebook to stupidly express her frustration with the decision. But her outburst highlights the often strained relationship between Mama Grifter and Rupert Murdock’s propaganda network.

Currently, Palin and FOX are in the early stages of an elaborate contract negotiation. Shockingly, Palin earns roughly $1 million per year from FOX which makes her the highest paid personality on the network. FOX executives are disappointed with her lackluster ratings and Palin’s outsized ego means she’s frustrated by FOX’s decision to not give her top billing on bookings. According to media sources, the relationship at times has gotten so bad that communication is conducted through Palin’s fish monger husband, Todd.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine Palin’s Facebook outburst didn’t help to endear her to the prickly Roger Ailes, who troop loyalty. Sources say Ailes has been frustrated with Palin’s refusal to fall in line. Palin ignored Ailes advice to remain quiet in the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in 2011. Palin had viciously put Ms. Giffords in rifle crosshairs on her website.

If I were a betting man, I would not bet on a contract extension for Palin at FOX. Her current contract expires in January, 2013 and sources say CNN, desperate to reverse their 20-year ratings downward spiral, could be interested in signing her.

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17 Responses to Mama Grifter’s Contract at FOX News in Jeopardy

  1. Randy Arroyo says:

    When President Obama wins his race for reelection in November, FOX will have to deal with the reality a liberal Democrat is in the White House. Palin’s extremism will look much less desirable to them. CNN, on the other hand, is so pathetic now that they are considering a reality show to win back viewers. Palin would be a their jewel in the crown, however tarnished.

  2. Adirondacky says:

    Fox pays this stupid twat $1 million a year? Are you kidding me?

  3. The Real Adam says:

    Oh, the irony here is rich!

    Katie Couric is returning to daytime TV with a talkshow and Le Sarah may be out on her ass. I recall someone saying Palin’s future is adult porn. More prophetic words were never spoken.

  4. Rachel says:

    Ironic, indeed.

  5. woyoyo says:

    “Mama Grifter.” Priceless moniker. Whenever I see Mama Grifter on the blogs I know it’s one of your posts. She really is trailer park trash and so is her daughter, Bristol Trash.

  6. Scott Dancer says:

    Imagine Sarah Palin on Jeopardy. It would go like this:

    ALEX: “It, is the largest U.S. state.”

    SARAH: “There you go again, Alex. Playing the lamestream media game and trying to confuse me. We all know the correct answer is Texas, because Glenn Beck and Rick Perry live there.”

  7. Tena says:

    Scott — ROFLMAO! Brilliant. As for Palin porn, there should be law.

  8. Estacada says:

    I hate to kick a dead horse but, that kid, Trig, is not Sarah’s son.

    Trig belongs to Bristol. Anyone who believes Trig is Sarah’s progeny listened to Rush and Hannity too much. I’m waiting for a video of Trig calling Bristol “mama.”

  9. I simply can’t stand Mama Grifter’s voice.

    When I’m forced to hear her speak — like when she’s on TV in a department store I’m shopping at, my reaction is to reach for ice picks to stick deep into my ears to puncture my ear drums so the sound will go away.

    Seriously, I have a profound, visceral reaction to her screechy tones.

  10. Marburg says:

    Hey Sarah, your 15 minutes are up. Now scram.

  11. Joe in Colorado says:

    $1 million a year? $1 million a year? That’s one well paid rightwing whore.

  12. Marcus Ybanez says:

    Didn’t Roger Ailes privately call Palin “stupid”? Why would FIXED Noise or any other news channel fork over $1 million a year to a stupid person?

    If FOX resigns her, then they are the stupid ones.

  13. PUMA Lisa 1972 says:

    Sarah Palin allegedly refers to Trig as, “my little retarded baby.” Classy. Puke.

  14. ajihani says:

    Even if Palin signs a new contract with FOX, she’ll quit half way through it.

  15. feminazi says:

    ajihani – So true!

  16. fran says:

    Palin is her own worst enemy!
    A network would be really smart to pay her to *shut up*…. that would be wildly popular!

  17. The Queen of Bismark Terrace says:

    Mama Moose should not be holding her “retarded baby” by the neck. Shameless.

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