CNN Hall of Shame: Reports Wrong ObamaCare Ruling by SCOTUS

Friday, June 29, 2012

It’s no secret CNN, the once mighty cable news organization, has lost half its viewers over the past two years.

Recently, it was reported CNN had posted the lowest primetime ratings in 21 years.

From making grievous geography errors like identifying the city of London, UK, 115 miles 115 miles northeast where Norwich is located, to hiring rightwing pundit Eric Erickson, who threatened to shoot any census worker who appears at his frontdoor, to making spelling errors only a fifth grader could make, to letting itself be repeatedly punked by the Howard Stern radio show, to inexplicably hiring Piers Morgan who has suspected ties to the Rupert Murdock phone hacking scandal, as a replacement for Larry King. CNN is a pathetic shell of its former self.

But CNN’s lameness was forever memorialized yesterday at 10:17 a.m. EST, when the network erroneously reported the decision by the United States Supreme Court had struck down the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act, AKA, ObamaCare.

Listen carefully as braindead anchor Wolf Blitzer opines, “Wow, that’s a dramatic moment.” And as a bonus pleasure, after CNN makes a fool of itself, keep watching the video as FIXED News anchor Bill Hemmer reports, “We have breaking news on the Fox News Channel, the individual mandate has been ruled unconstitutional.”

Keep in mind, the individual mandate is the centerpiece of the case opponents of the Affordable Care Act argued before the United States Supreme Court. This was no careless mistake by CNN (and FIXED News). This was careless reporting to the nth degree.

Watch It:

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14 Responses to CNN Hall of Shame: Reports Wrong ObamaCare Ruling by SCOTUS

  1. Marcus Ybanez says:

    Stick to the networks.

    I used to laugh at how corny my parents and grandparents were for watch NBC and ABC news during the dinner hour but you know what? It turns out they are correct and I am wrong. CNN and FOX are jokes. They’re careless and don’t even try to be accurate.

  2. ajihani says:

    Cable news is shameless and shameful.

  3. Joe in Colorado says:

    Isn’t Jeffrey Toobin CNN’s law expert? Why did they have the hot babe on reporting the story and not a lawyer who knows how to read a legal brief? The babe on the video looks like an Upper Eastside call girl. Little wonder she didn’t know what the hell she was talking about.

  4. Matteo says:

    Here’s a ‘must read’ from Michael Moore’s blog on the SCOTUS ruling.

    More Than a Victory, the Decision Today Was a Mandate for Us to Act

  5. TOM339 says:

    Yesterday was, by any measure, a huge victory for the American people. Especially, the 45 million Americans with no healthcare.

    I listened to bits and pieces of rightwingers yesterday on CNN, Fox and MSNBC claim no American would ever be denied a life-saving operation or treatment if they showed up at hospital without an insurance card. Incredible.

    While this may be true, the fact is, assuming you survived and were discharged, the treating hospital would come after you for the entire cost of your stay and treatment. Imagine it? An uninsured patient having to come up with $50,000 or more? Now only would they wind up in collections, their credit would be ruined.

    Idiot Republicans.

  6. Brigadoon says:

    Did the four Republican SCOTUS justices who voted against the entire Affordable Care Act even bother to read it or did they just voted against it because Obama is a Democrat?

  7. mdmbl says:

    I expect to see increased student loan funding for Americans to become physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. We will see an expansion of local health clinics to treat patients who need medical care but who don’t belong in a hospital emergency department. Unemployment will go down and the average lifespan of Americans will increase. At last, the USA will joint the other industrialized nations of the world who provide healthcare as a birth right and not a privilege.

  8. Vivzz says:

    The most important Supreme Court decision in a generation and CNN sends a Scores cocktail server to the US Supreme Court building and then they ask her to read the legal document. No wonder CNN is on the verge of no longer existing.

  9. Nigel Karsten says:

    I heard the announcement via the BBC. They had no difficulty reading the court announcement correctly. Of course, BBC is in a class by itself and doesn’t engage in what you Yanks refer to as “the get.”

  10. emcee says:

    Did the four Republican SCOTUS justices who voted against the entire Affordable Care Act even bother to read it…

    You are assuming Clarence Thomas can read?

  11. DMason says:

    I’ve read in the 20+ years Clarence Thomas has been a Supreme Court justice, he’s never once asked a question. Not. One. Time. Now, I’m not a lawyer but I’ve served on jury duty twice and I can say without any question the attorneys on both sides of the courtroom asked hours worth of questions. There is something wrong with Clarence Thomas.

  12. fran says:

    This is a landmark Supreme Court ruling, for more than one US network to *get it wrong* shows real journalism has gone to hell in a handbasket here in the US.

    Props to Chief Justice John Roberts for not towing the partisan line.
    I now have respect for the guy. I thought this legislation was doomed.

  13. Peace Nick says:

    Such an important High court ruling begs for legal expertise and clearly both CNN and FOX couldn’t be bothered to filter the court’s decision through a qualified reporter.

    This is one of the many reasons people no longer watch cable news.

  14. feminazi says:

    I am appalled at the character assassination of Chief Justice John Roberts by members of the GOP and rightwing media. They have insinuated he’s mentally unstable to mentally ill. But these are the very same people who call liberals “vicious”? Pot, meet kettle. We won, the rabid right lost. Get over it and start to focus on jobs.

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