Pastor Hangs Obama Effigy in Florida Church’s Front Yard

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Remember Florida Pastor Terry Jones? He’s the Christian loon who threatened to burn a pile of Korans igniting an international furor. Well, he’s baaaack.

Pastor Terry Jones built a gallows on the front yard of his Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, to which Jones hung a likeness of President Obama in effigy.

The display features a dummy wearing an Obama mask hanging from a yellow noose, along with an American flag and a rainbow gay pride flag. The scene is topped off with an Uncle Sam dummy and a doll hanging from the right hand of the Obama figure.

Don’t you just love Christian values? Why the Secret Service hasn’t arrested Pastor Terry Jones remains one of life’s great mysteries.

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14 Responses to Pastor Hangs Obama Effigy in Florida Church’s Front Yard

  1. feminazi says:

    I read many of the comments from the site you linked to. Truly sick and proof the Tea Party and racism have dovetailed to form a perfect union of insanity. I think our nation is a lost cause.

  2. Rational&Scientific&antiReligion says:

    Hang this poor example of a ‘christian’ right next to his Effigy…………

  3. Brigadoon says:


  4. The Real Adam says:

    I agree, Christopher; where is the Secret Service?

    It’s one thing to flap your mouth in the heat of a moment but it is another thing entirely to hang an effigy of a sitting U.S. president. This is an act of depravity.

  5. Rachel says:

    Terry Jones is a hooligan. He’s the face of the modern, Christian right. May he rot in hell.

  6. Estacada says:

    It’s always been interesting how men and women associated with Christianity are among the most vicious and hateful people on the planet.

    My grandmother once told me, “Christianity makes you crazy.” She was correct.

  7. To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, a death threat is a death threat is a death threat.

    Jones’ effigy isn’t performance art — he’s stating President Obama belongs at the end of a noose. I too wonder, where is the Secret Service? I know recently they’ve been extremely busy defending themselves against charges they hired hookers in several South American cities and then failed to pay the girls for their services but, this mess in Gainsville, FL is beyond the pale.

    Domestic threats against the president are no different from foreign threats.

  8. Jim says:

    What says “Christianity” more, than an Obama effigy! One has to ask, what effigy would Jesus hang?

  9. Adirondacky says:

    Typical conservatives. This image is so deliberate in its racism, so hateful and vile, that I can’t quite wrap my brain around it.

  10. What happened to “Thou shall not kill?” Conservatives have seem to have forgotten the Ten Commandments.

  11. fran says:

    Dove World Outreach Center ?

    How about the Lunatic Fringe desperation outpost?

    In the Bush jr admin, this guy would be in jail already, as a Ntl security threat.

  12. Vivzz says:

    The Bible makes people insane. Literally, insane.

  13. I Love Obama says:

    This is crazy people are really sick ! Obama is a great president. Racism needs to come to an end , face it the african american race is huge we bleed the same as any caucasion . Grow up people !

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