Mitt Romney Dressed in Drag as a Police Officer?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been accused of impersonating:
a conservative; a jobs creator; a dog lover; even a human being! But, Romney’s high school and university years spent dressing in drag as a police officer is the story of the day!

According to Joe Conason, the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, when Mitt Romney was a college freshman, he told fellow residents at his Stanford University dormitory that he sometimes went in drag as a police officer! A crime in many states, including Michigan and California, where he then lived. Romney had the uniform on display as proof.

Robin Madden, who was a Stanford freshman, recalled how the incident began when Romney called him and two or three other residents into his room, saying, “Come up, I want to show you something.” When they entered Romney’s room, “Romney had laid out on his bed a Michigan State Trooper’s uniform.”

Madden recalled in a recent interview, “He told us that he had gotten the uniform from his father,” George Romney, then the Governor of Michigan, whose security detail was staffed by uniformed troopers. “He told us that he was using it to pull over drivers on the road. He also had a red flashing light that he would attach to the top of his white Rambler.”

Mitt Romney began dressing in drag as a cop back in his Cranbrook School days in Bloomfield Hills, MI. This is the same, elite preparatory high school where Romney bullied a fellow student who so offended him for being gay that Romney attacked the young man, cutting off his hair with a pair of scissors.

However, following his sophomore year at Stanford, Romney departed the prestigious Ivy League university. Over the next two years, he served as a Mormon missionary living in a swank palace in France, thus avoiding the obligation to wear a different uniform — in Vietnam.

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10 Responses to Mitt Romney Dressed in Drag as a Police Officer?

  1. Estacada says:

    Romney is a perpetual man-child.

    He has the emotional maturation of a 15-year old teenager. This phenomena is frequently seen in the wealthy sons of American politicians (George W. Bush) and industrialists (the Getty oil boys), who are stuck. This is sometimes mistaken for youthfulness but it is something much more serious.

  2. Matteo says:

    Kos has a great diary that lists all of Romney’s lies in real time and updated daily. Check it out!

    ALL of Romney’s Lies in One Place! UPDATED YET AGAIN!

    Romney is a sociopath.

  3. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    I wonder if Ann Romney gets off having sex with Willard when he’s wearing full-on trooper drag? I bet the Romneys are real freaks under the sheets.

    Even anal. At least on Mitt’s birthday.

  4. Abbey Peripatetic says:

    Maybe if Romney donned a cop uniform he would find the courage to stand up to Donald Trump’s birther idiocy?

    If Romney can’t do what Sen. Jon McCain did when that loon stood up and said she believed Obama is a Muslim and McCain corrected her with “No Mame, Sen. Obama is a good American family man who I just happen to disagree with.”

    Romney is the biggest coward I have ever seen in politics. A total wussy boy.

  5. Randy Arroyo says:

    Mitt pretended to be a cop because he’s a loser lacking an identity of his own. These are issues most people deal with in their teenage years. No with Mitt. Like Estacada said, Mitt hasn’t evolved, he’s devolved.

  6. Joe in Colorado says:

    My guess is the truth is in the middle. Romney’s uniform antics screams of fetish.

  7. Brigadoon says:

    Romney is so gross. I just want him to go away.

  8. TOM339 says:

    I’m just curious about this character?

    If my father was governor, I had taken a trooper uniform, my father would’ve shown my butt the back of his hand. My father wasn’t mean nor was he what you might call strict however, he was from a generation of men who respected institutions like law enforcement and if I had impersonated a policeman in high school, I can imagine being grounded for six months.

    Apparently, the rich have a different approach to raising their kids.

  9. fran says:

    Has anyone ever heard of anything good about Romney?
    The more we know, the more we can adopt the slogan:
    Mitt rhymes with…. sh..

  10. May I make a suggestion? Mitt Romney is going to be our next President. If that upsets you, then leave…please!

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