Katie Couric Whines: “When will I be loved?”

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Former NBC Today show host and former CBS News anchor Katie Couric gave the commencement at the University of Virginia, claiming she’s been cheated by sexists.

Said Le Couric:

“One of the problems with being a trailblazer is, sometimes you get burned. In those first few months at CBS, TV critics wrote about my clothes, my hair, my makeup, even the way I held my hands. Some said I lacked ‘gravitas,’ which I’ve since decided is Latin for ‘testicles.’…My story may have played out in the public eye, but it’s by no means unique. Every one of you will at some point be confronted by naysayers and learn that life isn’t always fair. You’ll feel cheated, you’ll be mistreated. You’ll wonder, when will I be loved?’”

Media Research Center Vice President Brent Baker is having none of Couric’s whine and said:

“Apparently, $15 million a year to read off a teleprompter didn’t show enough ‘love’ to satisfy Couric. Maybe she would’ve earned more gravitas if she pursued the harder news path instead of fluff exemplified by giggling along with Nancy Pelosi, as she did one night. And Tuesday she’ll host a two hour special on ABC: The Jubilee Queen with Katie Couric. That kind of celebrity news doesn’t take cojones.”

It’s difficult to take Couric seriously. After all, this is a woman who was paid $15 million dollars a year by CBS to read the news off a teleprompter for 22 minutes, five days a week. How much more love does her ego need?

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13 Responses to Katie Couric Whines: “When will I be loved?”

  1. Rachel says:

    Maybe Couric needs a warm, fuzzy pet? Like a low-maintenance pussy, who will sit on her lap and lick her hand, mercifully unaware of her stupidity?

  2. hipolito says:

    Dear Ms. Couric,

    C You Next Tuesday.

  3. DMason says:

    Love the Joker mouth. Katie is simply lovely.

  4. Mets Fan says:

    Katie Couric asks: “When will I be loved?”

    The answer: NEVER.

  5. Estacada says:

    Shame on the University of Virginia for inviting Couric to give the commencement speech.

    The kids who worked hard and graduated from the school deserved better than having to suffer this nitwit on their final day as students. This was obviously a publicity stunt on the part of the University of Virginia.

  6. PUMA Lisa 1972 says:

    So Couric wants a back rub from the public in addition to her millions in the bank?

    Her playing the sexism card is proof she has no idea what sexism means. She gives a bad name to all women trying to make their way in broadcast journalism.

    I would argue Miss Couric refrain from using “sexists” in relation to her own career.

  7. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    Katie Couric is so annoying her late husband had to die to get away from her! Talk about annoying!

  8. retahyajyajav says:

    Bill Hussein O’Reilly – Ouch! Harsh but true. 😉

  9. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    Couric can’t play the sexism canard because she got her ill-fated nightly news anchor job on CBS because she has a vagina.

    Not because she’s qualified. Ditto Diane Sawyer.

  10. Randy Arroyo says:

    Now Katie Couric is about to launch a daytime talkshow on ABC. Rumors say the long running and much loved soap opera, General Hospital, may be cancelled in order for ABC to meet the cost of Couric’s salary and the expenses related to the crew hired to mount her talkshow. If this happens, Katie Couric will become one of the most hated celebrity women.

  11. Adirondacky says:

    I remember Katie Couric hen she was on Today with Bryant Gumbel. They worked well together. But that was then and today, Katie is a glassy-eyed, self-important, media elitist and I can’t stand her.

  12. Fran says:

    I will be eternally grateful to Couric for her interviews with Palin. She played a big role in exposing what an airhead Palin is. She could have taken the softball approach–
    tell us about your beauty queen years, Todd’s snow machine races, and other BS topics.
    Instead she asked her to name specific things McCain was bi partisan about (Palin winds up saying, she;ll get back to her on that). She asked what specific Supreme court cases are standouts for her ( cue crickets), and then that really tough question: What publications do you read?

    “All of them” was Palin’s answer– which really came across as *none of them*.

    She put up with the morning show for a long time quasi-news with fluff about fashion & food & what not…. shifting gears to the actual news must be a huge bummer….reporting on all the crap in the world w a few happy stories thrown in. Plus she was told she would be able to call the shots on story input etc & the network shut that down. Corporate masters, etc.
    It is a bitch when you are reporting serious news & others are busy critiquing clothing choices or colors.
    Couric is broadcast gold & her pay scale reflects that.

    At least she is not a Fox clone/clown.

  13. The Real Adam says:

    Watching Miss Katie courtesy last night before Queen Elizabeth II during ABC’s Jubilee Queen program was nauseating.

    Someone needs to tell Couric, Queen Elizabeth isn’t HER queen — she’s an American. Watching her courtesy made her look cloyingly stupid.

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