From Pedophile Priest to TSA Agent at Philadelphia Int’l Airport

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pedophile TSA Agent Thomas Harkins On the Job at PHL

Kudos to CBS News I-Team in Philadelphia for uncovering this pip.

A defrocked Catholic priest who was removed from the ministry over sex abuse allegations now holds a sensitive security post at Philadelphia Int’l Airport.

The security checkpoint between Terminals D and E is a busy place where thousands of people – including lots of kids, pass through every day. But you might not believe who is now a TSA supervisor at that checkpoint this week: Thomas Harkins.

In 2002, Harkins was a Catholic priest working at churches across South Jersey. But the Diocese of Camden removed him from ministry because it discovered he sexually abused two young girls. Now, in a new lawsuit, a third woman is claiming she also is one of Harkins’ victims.

CBS News’ I-Team asked Harkins about the suit as he was leaving his shift at the airport.

“I have nothing to say,” was Harkins’ reply.

A new lawsuit, filed in federal court against the Camden Diocese says quite a bit. It accuses Harkins of sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl 10 to 15 times in 1980 and 1981. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the alleged victim, claims the abuse occurred while Harkins was a priest at Saint Anthony of Padua parish in Hammonton, NJ, with one assault even occurring in Harkins’ bedroom at the rectory.

It’s criminal that the TSA is so lax when it comes to performing background checks on the men and women they hire to work at America’s airports.

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17 Responses to From Pedophile Priest to TSA Agent at Philadelphia Int’l Airport

  1. Rational&Scientific&antiReligion says:

    Oh! What agreat job to have for a disgraced priest…. How many little children does he get to feel up every day?

  2. feminazi says:

    This is very troubling. The TSA has access to children all day long. It would be very easy for Harkins to cop a feel of a little girl in the chaos that is now the norm at airport check point. I have to wonder how Janet Napolitano can defend this?

  3. TOM339 says:

    With any luck, the father of one of Harkins’ victims will make a visit to Philly International and sink his fist into his face.

    Oh wait? Fathers in the U.S. are such pussies that they don’t have a violent reaction to priest who molest and even rape their sons and daughters.

    What was I thinking?

  4. Joe in Colorado says:

    I wonder if Harkins received a job recognition award from Janet Napolitano? She seems to really like the worst of the worst at TSA.

  5. Rational&Scientific&antiReligion says:

    It’s true, we’ve turned into a nation of pussies. And we allow the Religious to just get away with anything. We need to start remembering….. Respect is something that must be earned, Priests of the catholic church do not deserve it.

  6. mdmbl says:

    Once a pedophile always a pedophile. It’s a fact. This is not a behavior you can turn on and off at will.

  7. Mets Fan says:

    I find it interesting the TSA says they performed a background check on Harkins but since his sex crimes against several little girls occurred “too long ago”, they were unable to use his past behavior to deny him employment.

    So does this mean, pedophilia is like filing for bankruptcy? Just wait a decade and you can begin anew?

  8. Skylar says:

    Tell me again? Why do the taxpayers fund the TSA?

  9. Brigadoon says:

    Gross. I hope the people of Philadelphia are outraged over this.

  10. Yeo says:

    Keep you children close and your eye on the TSA agent fondling your 6 or 7 year old before boarding the flight. This is now the new norm in America in the post-9/11 era. Pedophile priests elevated to the job of TSA screener with access to our children with Obama and Napolitano thinking it’s acceptable beahvior. Madness has taken over commonsense.

  11. fran says:

    Good gawd- How did this happen??
    Will they at least get rid of him now???

  12. Stephen Iversonn says:

    The civil liberties abuses at the hands of the TSA coupled with the ongoing security breaches at the nations largest airports suggests the best fix is to pull the plug on the agency once and for all.

    Millions of potential American air travelers refuse to book a flight and pay for a ticket over concerns for civil liberties abuses. This fact is costing airlines billions of dollars each year forcing carriers to charge fare paying passengers for such things as early boarding, aisle seats and pillows.

    The reason air traffic in 2012 is out of control has nothing to do with 9/11 but it has everything to do with the government’s response to 9/11, namely giving the TSA unprecedented powers to abuse the American public.

  13. Jim says:

    This stuff makes me sick. Why isn’t someone like this prevented from ANY possible contact with any person, much less a child.

  14. DMason says:

    What Jim said. I’m so tired of the TSA.

  15. Walk on Socks says:

    All roads lead to Janet Napolitano.

    She’s a former city mayor and has no background that would qualify her to run a federal agency with a budget of $60 billion with more than 100,000 employees.

    Napolitano is way in over her head and she’s lost in the weeds.

  16. Garrett M. Ockun says:

    Yet one more example of why airport security in the United States is a joke.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Whoever hired this guy should be canned. What is wrong with these people?!

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