Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rebekah Brooks, Seen Here with Her Boss and Mentor, Rupert Murdock

Rebekah Brooks, the former editor of Rupert Murdock’s News of the World, and later promoted to chief executive of Murdock’s News International, will face charges she tried to conceal evidence from detectives investigating the phone hacking scandal that has rocked the Murdock empire to its foundation.

Brooks is among six individuals, including her husband Charlie Brooks, the racehorse trainer and friend of the British Prime Minister, charged over allegations she tried to conceal evidence from detectives investigating phone hacking and alleged bribes to public officials.

Alison Levitt, a principal legal adviser involved in the case said:

“I have concluded that a prosecution is required in the public interest in relation to each of the other six. In “the interests of transparency and accountability to explain the decisions reached in respect of allegations that Rebekah Brooks conspired with her husband, Charles Brooks, and others to pervert the course of justice.”

Rebekah Brooks is charged with attempting to remove seven boxes of material from the archive of News International. She is also charged, along with her husband and three others, of conspiring to conceal documents, computers and other electronic equipment from officers of the Metropolitan Police Service.

Source: UK Guardian

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5 Responses to PERVERT

  1. Pechanga says:

    Why hasn’t CNN’s Piers Morgan been charged in the phone hacking scandal? Paul McCartney’s ex wife, Heather Mills, told the media she remembers Piers Morgan at the helm of News of the World when their phones were hacked.

    Who is protecting Piers Morgan?

  2. Nigel Karsten says:

    Rebekah Brooks, the Red Witch of Warrington. Frankly, I am taken aback she was charged at all.

  3. Brigadoon says:

    In my view, no one person should be allowed to own as much of the media as Rupert Murdock. This is why the U.S. passed anti-trust and monopoly laws decades ago. Maybe the UK needs to follow our example.

  4. Rachel says:

    Everyone associated with Rupert Murdock is sleazy and creepy. I’m delighted Rebekah Brooks will be prosecuted. She’s a real piece of work.

  5. Nicole in Chesepeake Bay says:

    Rebekah Brooks is a whore. Lock her up.

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