President Obama Raises $1 Million in 90 Minutes After Pro-Marriage Announcement

Thursday, May 10, 2012

President Barack Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage translated into a huge campaign windfall. His 2012 reelection coffer was received a tsunami of cash from wealthy gay donors and disillusioned young people eager to be inspired by him again.

After three and half years of political ambiguity on marriage equality, Mr. Obama delivered a surprise gift to many of his core supporters who view the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans as the civil rights issue of their generation.

In the first 90 minutes after President Obama’s announcement on Wednesday, the president’s campaign received $1 million in spontaneous contributions. This means donations were flooding the campaign at a rate of $11,111.11 a minute.

Gay ATMs are open again to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

SOURCE: Buzzfeed

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11 Responses to President Obama Raises $1 Million in 90 Minutes After Pro-Marriage Announcement

  1. Brigadoon says:

    I will be donating $100 on payday. It’s critically important Obama gets another term and the Mormon isn’t allowed anywhere near the Oval Office.

  2. stradella says:

    While I praise Obama’s announcement yesterday, I am trouble by his comment that said the issue of marriage “should be determined by each state.”

    States rights? Really, Barry? Methinks there needs to be a bit more evolution on marriage equality.

  3. Rendaculous says:

    Obama is the future. Romney is the past. Obama speaks for Americans under forty. Romney speaks for Americans who long for the days of Lawrence Welk and segregated schools and neighborhoods.

  4. Jessica Cox says:

    Obama does not speak for this American under 40. I support Romney and the values that he stands for, as do many, many other Americans.

  5. hipolito says:

    Jessica – Isn’t America great? You have the freedom to exist in the past or look forward. Imagine a world without this freedom?

  6. DMason says:

    I wonder how much Willard Romney raised in the same 90 minutes? Monopoly dollars don’t count.

  7. Idaho Librul says:

    The 2012 election is OVER.

    Romney is going to lose on the economy, immigration, national defense, foreign policy, and on same sex marriage. Obama is going to see a surge of under-30 age support, college students and Indies, unsure until yesterday if he was one of them.

    While some people of faith, Baptists and Methodists oppose same sex marriage, most U.S. Catholics support it. Romney is a proud bigot, intolerant, flip-flopping bigot. Michelle Obama can go ahead and measure the First Families living quarters for new drapes.

  8. I donated yesterday, but not in the first hour, I’m curious what the overnight numbers are.

  9. Randy Arroyo says:

    Good for President Obama. We need to support his reelection campaign. I have donated too. Now if the DNC would move the convention out of Charlotte, NC, I would be giddy.

  10. Fran says:

    OMG! I did not realize the DNC is in the new *hate state* N. Carolina!

    “Charlotte in 2012 Charlotte in 2012 Host Committee joins the people of Charlotte in saying, “ Welcome” to everyone attending the 2012 Democratic National Convention!

    Welcome to everyone, except those in same sex marriages.

    Will Obama & the new same sex marriage supporters, walk the walk & boycott NC for their
    latest constitutional ban on same sex marriages?

    Or is it lip service, “States rights” & business as usual?

  11. friv says:

    at a rapid pace and has also made a well known Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.

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