CNN Hemorrhages Viewers, Sinks to Lowest-Rated April in a Decade

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CNN continued to lose viewers at an accelerated pace in April, posting its worst audience numbers in a decade.

The once mighty cable news network recorded a paltry 357,000 total viewers and among adults 25-54, a tiny 108,000 audience. CNN was down 21% in total viewers and 29% in the all important 25-54 adult audience. By comparison, leader Fox News Channel was up 2% in total viewers to 1.1 million viewers. MSNBC was flat in total total viewers to 425,000.

The evening CNN line-up did not fare any better. John King USA at 6PM was down 41% in the 25-54 demographic and Erin Burnett Outfront at 7PM was down 34%. Piers Morgan was down 14% at 9PM, and Anderson Cooper 360 was down 8% at 8 PM and 28% at 10PM.

All of which begs the question? How much longer can parent company Time-Warner continue to pour money into a losing operation like CNN until the board decides to sell CNN or simply shut it down completely?

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17 Responses to CNN Hemorrhages Viewers, Sinks to Lowest-Rated April in a Decade

  1. feminazi says:

    I gave up on CNN years ago. Everytime a breaking or important news event was unfolding and I turned to CNN, they were squandering time on some special interest story. Who can forget the perfectly dreadful Saturday night specials like Soledad O’Brien’s ‘Hispanics in America’ or “Blacks in Silicon Valley’? These pre-recorded programs aren’t news. It’s just a way to not have to pay a salary to an on-air TV anchor.

  2. Mets Fan says:

    Piers Morgan, who CNN hired to replace the retiring Larry King is a Rupert Murdock protege and is tied to the Rupert Murdock phone hacking scandal.

    It’s an insult to Larry King who helped build the CNN brand back when Ted Turner still operated CNN.

  3. TOM339 says:

    The problem with CNN is their format.

    You see an anchor report a story (more like read a headline) and then the anchor says, “Now, here to talk about it is,” and 3 or 4 talking heads start yapping away. This isn’t news — it’s opinion and I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what 3 or 4 New York elites think about the time of day.

    For the life of me, I don’t understand why CNN is determined to follow this model? It’s effectively driving them into oblivion.

  4. Peace Nick says:

    Longtime viewers of CNN can find many of the original anchors over at CNN International doing excellent journalism.

    I guess once people like Natalie Allen, Jill Dougherty and Ben Wedeman passed age 40, CNN decided they were too old to be on camera on regular CNN, so they were sent to the international desk where fewer viewers could see them. How’s working out CNN?

  5. jadez says:

    its because the audience is leaving tv political shows and has been for years.

    but i dont buy into the numbers because its not possible to be accurate.
    that said sure fox is tops for now…because its the older people who are tuning in and the youth want no part of any of these propaganda shows.

    they simply are made up junk to brainwash the idiots.

  6. Revolutionary Soldier says:

    Ben Wedeman is solid but I never see him on lower-channel CNN.

    He’s been marooned to CNN International. However his coverage of the uprising and overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt was every bit as good as anything I saw on BBC.

    From my perspective, CNN went down hill when they decided to compete with FOX Noise.

  7. DMason says:

    Everyone know why CNN’s ratings are in the toilet but no one can say it in polite company or you risk being labeled a racist. CNN forgets how huge and diverse the United States is, so marketing your station to just one demographic is a recipe for failure.

  8. Insouciant says:

    So many commercials on CNN.
    MSNBC and Fox are broadcasting and CNN is on a commercial break. I get nervous with all the cutting to commercial breaks and end up turning to another news channel.

  9. Randy Arroyo says:

    Last year I read an article that said the old school evening news with Brian Williams at 6:30PM was up 11% with viewers. Apparently, Americans still want “the news” and have decided the cable “news” circus isn’t worth bothering with anymore.

  10. Joe in Colorado says:

    CEO Jeff Bewkes is said to be livid. He will lose his job if things don’t turn around at CNN. Someone decided to make CNN a predominately black news network. The stories are black centric. Most of the anchors and so-called experts are black. You see no Asian or Hispanic Americans on CNN. If I were an alien arriving on earth the first time and received CNN feed, I would assume most of humanity on planet earth is black. This is all fine and well but, the ratings reflect Americans don’t buy it and they’re turning away from CNN in droves. Fixing CNN isn’t difficult. Just stop the multi-cultural nonsense and go back to reporting the news, all the time.

  11. Jerry from Oregon says:

    News viewers are looking for the TRUTH, something that CNN has turned its back on. Journalists used to pride themselves in reporting the truth. It’s hard to find truth or real journalism in TV news anymore. CNN has become more right-wing of late and they have chosen to follow the path of FOX which is like watching Jerry Springer! When you bring on 3 or 4 talking heads and just let them talk over each other, trying to out yell each other and see who can tell the biggest lies, your loss of viewership is exactly what you deserve. When Wolf Blitzer or John King allows an Eric Erickson or a Michele Bachmann to re-spew the same old lies over and over again (when they know what they’re saying is a total lie) then it is time to turn them off! A journalist, reporter or news org. that allows that to happen and refuses to challenge the lies is dis-honoring their profession and the viewing public. CALL ‘EM ON THEIR BULLSHIT, REPORT THE TRUTH OR GET OFF THE AIR!!

  12. Scott Dancer says:

    If I were asked to “fix” CNN, here’s what I would immediately do:

    1.) Move the International Channel’s talent back to regular, broadcast CNN.
    2.) Fire the regular, broadcast CNN talent including Wolf Blitzer, Jack Cafferty, Piers Morgan, Don Lemon, Fredericka Whitfield, Soledad O’Brien and Erin Burnett.
    3.) Reopen the international bureaus and hire young, talented men and women with journalism and history degrees.
    4.) Stop the special interest programming. This would include the “specials” hosted by Soledad O’Brien. These programs are not news.
    5.) Stop trying to compete with FOX News.

    It isn’t too late to save CNN but I don’t know if they have the will or leadership to save the network.

  13. Greg H says:

    CNN is a liberal outlet for the movement forward of the liberal agenda. They are bias beyond any other news station. Anyone that would put a halo over Barack Obama is out of touch with politics. CNN is not interested in the news! Thay are interested in the liberal agenda!

  14. Jerry from Oregon says:

    Liberal Outlet my ass! CNN is losing viewers because of their recent (in the last year) move to the right! Fox News is the worst network on TV for truth in news. University of New Hampshire did a scientific study and determined that Fox News viewers were the least informed viewers in the country (less informed than people that watched no news at all)! CNN is trying extremely hard to become competition to Fox in the right-wing propaganda category. The vast majority of news viewers are sick of the Fox lies and when they turn to CNN (where they used to find an element or truth) they now find the same right-wing nut-job lies! Keep watching Fox and CNN Greg H. you obviously wouldn’t recognize the TRUTH if ran over you! What a moron!
    Left is right & right is wrong!

  15. Greg H,

    FOX is not interested in the news! They are interested in the rightwing agenda.

    You see, it can cut both ways. But don’t believe me. FOX only uses Rasmussen Polls which sway to the right 100% of the time. In 2008, Rasmussen kept reporting polls that showed the Old Coot and Mama Grifter winning the election.

    How’d that turn out? 😉

  16. Use to watch CNN says:

    Qiut watching CNN because of too many commercials.

  17. R Brooks says:

    I’m beginning to think CNN stands for “Cheap Network News”.
    And, it also seems that CNN has lost it’s soul. I used to even listen to CNN on my XM Radio, but God, they have so many darned (and LONG) commercial breaks that I have now switched to NPR.

    CNN is able to produce their “specials” fairly inexpensively as opposed to having correspondents around the globe covering real news. The “specials” can be run over and over again, filling up their broadcast schedule, and in this manner, they can have less actual news reporters and producers out in the field covering real news.

    I’m so turned off by CNN now, that Ive installed apps on my iPhone that alert me to “late braking news.”

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