Mike Tyson on George Zimmerman: ‘It’s a disgrace he hasn’t been shot yet’

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mike Tyson has no patience with the legal system in Florida and thinks that George Zimmerman deserves violent retribution for the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

In a rambling interview with Yahoo News, Tyson opined:

“It’s a disgrace that man hasn’t been dragged out of his house and tied to a car and taken away. That’s the only kind of retribution that people like that understand. It’s a disgrace that man hasn’t been shot yet. Forget about him being arrested–the fact that he hasn’t been shot yet is a disgrace. That’s how I feel personally about it.”

In 1992, Tyson was convicted of raping Desiree Washington, a beauty pageant contestant, and served three years in prison.

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22 Responses to Mike Tyson on George Zimmerman: ‘It’s a disgrace he hasn’t been shot yet’

  1. Frank in Castaic says:

    Tyson is a crazy son-of-a-bitch. He savagely bit an ear off a fellow boxer and beat up his ex-wife and was convicted of raping a woman. I think the case can be made he’s insane.

  2. Walk on Socks says:

    Tyson has a syphilitic brain. No one is home.

  3. Mets Fan says:

    No one really cares what a convicted rapist says.

    Mike Tyson should, in my opinion, be in prison. Not fighting for money and not offering his opinion on a sensitive social issue.

  4. Jannah Mujahidah says:

    I’d like to see how brave this kid killer would be without his gun and alone with Mike Tyson for 5 minutes. Zimmerman is an animal and I commend and think Mike was right that there is only one kind of retribution that animals like this understand! I am the parent of a 17 year old kid myself and could not stop crying when I heard that childs mother speak about her loss of her boy. I know i couldnt be as strong as her and would curl up and die if that happened to me. He was getting ready to go off to college and had his whole life ahead of him and his life was taken by this animal. I think this tragedy should show Florida to toughen up on its open gun policy. Florida has to open its eyes and stop letting every psychotic weirdo carry a gun this needs to be stopped. Guns should be for police and military and people trained and psychologically sound. My prayers are with Trayvons family to ease there suffering and what that coward did to this child is nothing compared to the punishment God has planned for the animal Zimmerman in the next life that will be eternal. Anyone who intervenes for a good cause will get a share of the reward and anyone intervenes for a bad cause will get a share of the punishment. So anyone who supports this monster Zimmerman will share with him in his sin just as if they was a murderer too. I say save us tax payers some money and hand him over to Mike and see this coward cry like a little girl! He is awefully brave with defenseless children lets see how brave he would be with a real tough guy.

  5. Peace Nick says:

    Jannah Mujahidah – You “commend” Tyson saying Zimmerman should be shot and killed?

    Nevermind a legal system that charged Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder. Just shoot and kill. You are every bit as bad as George Zimmerman. What a sad example you are for your 17-year old.

  6. Jannah Mujahidah says:

    How am i as bad as Zimmerman? I never murdered anyone or hurt a child. Nor do i support it or the person who supports the murderer shares a portion of that sin too. He needs to be brought to justice. A life for a life. Why should he get to live when that poor little boy wont get to go to college next year like he planned. He will never get a chance to marry or have kids and a life. All his hopes and dreams cut short. Zimmerman is a savage and I think Mike Tyson could take care of him real good. He murdered a child. Perhaps his punishment in the next life God will put him in front of firing squad and he will get shot again and again then get new skin and feel it again eternally when Trayvan is in peace. But i say why should we pay our tax dollars for this pig? I can think of better things to do with that money. We can build schools and hospitals. So best plan ever is just Hand him over to Mike!

  7. Debbie Banuelos says:

    Tyson was convicted of raping a woman. He’s a cretin. Nothing he says is of any merit to me.

    As for the relentless Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman saga. Let the system work. A trial will take place and we will learn the details of what really happened that terrible night. If Zimmerman is guilty of committing a crime, I am confident he will go to prison. If he isn’t guilty, he will live go free.

    If anything good comes from this awful event, it is states like Florida as well as other gun-obsessed southern states, will rethink their lenient gun laws.

  8. Seabec says:

    Florida is one of several U.S. states that have “stand-your-ground” gun laws that allow individuals to claim self-defense to justify use of deadly force against another individual. The Florida legislature plans to revisit the law. It looks like it may be tossed. The Department of Justice and FBI also opened a civil rights investigation into the killing. The system is working. Calls for more killings will do nothing and will not honor Trayvon’s legacy.

  9. Jannah Mujahidah says:

    I agree with you Debbie however im not convinced that Mike Tyson raped anyone there were not witnesses and from what i read about the case she went back to his hotel room and asked him to perform oral sex on her. “loveley girl” Seems many people wanted to sue him because of his money. But even if someone did do one wrong thing that dosent make them wrong about everything else. Even a broken clock is right a couple of times per day. Seems when people know you are right they just try to discredit you and say oh well this person did this this and this to take the focus off the point that they was accurate. But really i cant compare someone having sex with some loose woman who goes back to a hotel room with a man she is not married to and having him do all kinds of things with her and things getting out of control to someone who murders a child in cold blood!
    The people on this board are making it sound like Mike Tyson stole some chaste innocent virgin from her home like a thief in the middle of the night and violently raped her. Based on the evidence I dont think that was the case. But whatever Mike Tyson did or didnt do in his life he still is right about his one issue. I agree with you on the gun issue however the justice system is not full proof many innocent people go to jail because they cant afford good laywers or the color of their skin. How many millionares got the death penalty? And then there are many people who do a crime and get fast talking lawyers and get off scott free. Remember the central park rape when the women was in a coma and left without some of her senses in the brutal attack those 5 black teenage boys went to jail for 15 years and was beat into a confession and then 15 years later someone confessed on death row and his semen was a match. So the justice system dosent always work like a fairy tail. THey got freed but there whole youth was lost and a jury found they guilty even though they was innocent. My prayers right now are with the boys family for there loss and hope justice will be served.

  10. The Real Adam says:

    Jannah Mujahidah,

    It doesn’t matter what you think.

    The fact is, Tyson was convicted by a jury of 12 men and women and 4 alternates of raping the woman who accused him. Women do not readily (or easily) bring rape charges against men and endure such an ordeal if it isn’t true. Try to become more informed on such matters before you embarrass yourself by making uninformed comments.

  11. Jannah Mujahidah says:

    LOL the woman had made previous rape charges and a lawsuit about other man trying to rape her. Also she responded to a 1:36AM booty call from Mike hung out with him claimed mike was making sexually advances to her in his Limo however even after that she joined him in his hotel room and she admit to letting him perform oral sex on her but then after that she said he raped her lol and even after this abusive act of this chaste girl she went back in the the Limo and rode back to her hotel. That girl was a nasty gold digger who got millions from MIke. Many innocent people gotten proven guilty by a court and later exonnerated. I remember those central park attackers who went to jail 15 years the jury found them guilty later they found the real guy and let them go. SUre they gave them like a million dollars but there whole youth was stolen from them. In the Mike case THere were no witnesses no proof just the word of some whore who meets a guy who she is not married to at 1:36 am and tells him to make oral sex on her. “nice Gal” Sounds fishy to me. But many people have been put to death even and later found they were innocent. And some people were guilty as hell and there lawyers got them off so if you are on a jury you convict beyond the shadow of doubt. If you are on a jury you are not god you dont know the thoughts and intentions and cannot look in a magic ball and see what happens you can only go by the evidence you have and use your best guess. Mike Tyson has 8 kids and never hurt any of his kids and is a great dad. I truly think though they should take mike up on his offer to take care of zimmerman and save some tax payers money so we can do some excellent things with that money for the community. Zimmerman feels his oats around kids I bet he would scream like a bitch alone in the room with TYson:)

  12. The Real Adam says:

    Jannah Mujahidah,

    You have your narrative in place vis a vis Mike Tyson. But Tyson was found guilty on the evidence.

    No alternative read of that evidence and no reinvention of reality could clear him. The is also why voir dire would never allow someone like you anywhere near the jury. Now, I’m sure you will jump in and say you’ve been empaneled on “dozens of juries over the years,” but your own words render this impossible. Thank goodness.

  13. Jannah Mujahidah says:

    Well i was sent a paper for jury duty twice when i was in Tampa for some reason they wanted me but I called the court and said there system conflicted with my religious system so I could not do this and they said it was no problem so I didnt have to go. MANY many people get placed to death in US courts who are poor and black and cant afford good legal defense then years later they find the dna and real murderer. Those people were found guilty too dosent mean they were. I dont see any evidence mike tyson raped anyone there were no witnesses she was not beaten and hurt when they found her if they heavy weight beat up a petite woman beauty contest winner she would have broken bones and be in rare form. Also she wasnt the virgin your pertraying she responded to a 1:36am booty call and also asked mike to do oral sex on her so she was a bad girl that wasnt rape she came to have sex then sue him and take his money and didnt care he had to go to jail 3 years. BUt anyway many people juries find them guilty when they are innocent and many people find someone innocent when they are guilty. Many rapists go free when they have expensive attorneys and are rich like that Kennedy guy by smearing the woman.
    Rape is if a girl is a good girl and she dosent date and have sex with men and someone break in and rape her take her viginity and hurt her he should be put to death. Or to rape someobodys wife who never thought of being unchaste. BUt Mike Tyson never broke into anyones house and stole any women who were good girls. He made a mistake he called a fast woman for sex at 1:36 am she obliged then sued the hell out of him. NOw MIke Tyson has a great wife and 8 great kids GB him. OK maybe this woman who Mike so called raped was a novice nun and she responded to his 1:36AM call because she thought they were going to stay up all night feeding all the poor children. But anyway Mikes idea is the best I heard so far regarding ZImmerman. YOu got any better ones. Leave the justice to MIke and then we can use the taxpayers money to build all kinds of schools, clinics and playgrounds for kids. Zimmerman is a kid killer he gets no mercy!!!!!!!!! COps told him leave the boy alone he persued him with a loaded gun and killed the scared young boy when he tried to run away.

  14. Jannah Mujahidah says:

    For the guy who said if USA court jury finds you guilty you are guilty here is a list of some poor folks on death row for years who were later aquitted beccase new dna revealed there innocents.
    THese people all were found guilty by a jury of there peers but were actually innocent and let go after being imprisoned for years.
    David Keaton FL B 1971 1973 2 Charges Dismissed
    2 Samuel A. Poole NC B 1973 1974 1 Charges Dismissed
    3 Wilbert Lee FL B 1963 1975 12 Pardoned
    4 Freddie Pitts FL B 1963 1975 12 Pardoned
    5 James Creamer GA W 1973 1975 2 Charges Dismissed
    6 Christopher Spicer NC B 1973 1975 2 Acquitted
    7 Thomas Gladish NM W 1974 1976 2 Charges Dismissed
    8 Richard Greer NM W 1974 1976 2 Charges Dismissed
    9 Ronald Keine NM W 1974 1976 2 Charges Dismissed
    10 Clarence Smith NM W 1974 1976 2 Charges Dismissed
    11 Delbert Tibbs FL B 1974 1977 3 Charges Dismissed
    12 Earl Charles GA B 1975 1978 3 Charges Dismissed
    13 Jonathan Treadway AZ W 1975 1978 3 Acquitted
    14 Gary Beeman OH W 1976 1979 3 Acquitted
    15 Jerry Banks GA B 1975 1980 5 Charges Dismissed
    16 Larry Hicks IN B 1978 1980 2 Acquitted
    17 Charles Ray Giddens OK B 1978 1981 3 Charges Dismissed
    18 Michael Linder SC W 1979 1981 2 Acquitted
    19 Johnny Ross LA B 1975 1981 6 Charges Dismissed
    20 Ernest (Shujaa) Graham CA B 1976 1981 5 Acquitted
    21 Annibal Jaramillo FL L 1981 1982 1 Charges Dismissed
    22 Lawyer Johnson MA B 1971 1982 11 Charges Dismissed
    23 Larry Fisher MS W 1984 1985 1 Acquitted
    24 Anthony Brown FL B 1983 1986 3 Acquitted
    25 Neil Ferber PA W 1982 1986 4 Charges Dismissed
    26 Clifford Henry Bowen OK W 1981 1986 5 Charges Dismissed
    27 Joseph Green Brown FL B 1974 1987 13 Charges Dismissed
    28 Perry Cobb IL B 1979 1987 8 Acquitted
    29 Darby (Williams) Tillis IL B 1979 1987 8 Acquitted
    30 Vernon McManus TX W 1977 1987 10 Charges Dismissed
    31 Anthony Ray Peek FL B 1978 1987 9 Acquitted
    32 Juan Ramos FL L 1983 1987 4 Acquitted
    33 Robert Wallace GA B 1980 1987 7 Acquitted
    34 Richard Neal Jones OK W 1983 1987 4 Acquitted
    35 Willie Brown FL B 1983 1988 5 Charges Dismissed
    36 Larry Troy FL B 1983 1988 5 Charges Dismissed
    37 Randall Dale Adams TX W 1977 1989 12 Charges Dismissed
    38 Robert Cox FL W 1988 1989 1 Charges Dismissed

    Timothy Hennis NC W 1986 1989 3 Acquitted, but later resentenced
    39 James Richardson FL B 1968 1989 21 Charges Dismissed
    40 Clarence Brandley TX B 1981 1990 9 Charges Dismissed
    41 John C. Skelton TX W 1983 1990 7 Acquitted
    42 Dale Johnston OH W 1984 1990 6 Charges Dismissed
    43 Jimmy Lee Mathers AZ W 1987 1990 3 Acquitted
    44 Gary Nelson GA B 1980 1991 11 Charges Dismissed
    45 Bradley P. Scott FL W 1988 1991 3 Acquitted
    46 Charles Smith IN B 1983 1991 8 Acquitted
    47 Jay C. Smith PA W 1986 1992 6 Acquitted
    48 Kirk Bloodsworth MD W 1984 1993 9 Charges Dismissed Yes
    49 Federico M. Macias TX L 1984 1993 9 Charges Dismissed
    50 Walter McMillian AL B 1988 1993 5 Charges Dismissed
    51 Gregory R. Wilhoit OK W 1987 1993 6 Acquitted
    52 James Robison AZ W 1977 1993 16 Acquitted
    53 Muneer Deeb TX O 1985 1993 8 Acquitted
    54 Andrew Golden FL W 1991 1994 3 Charges Dismissed
    55 Adolph Munson OK B 1985 1995 10 Acquitted
    56 Robert Charles Cruz AZ L 1981 1995 14 Acquitted
    57 Rolando Cruz IL L 1985 1995 10 Acquitted Yes
    58 Alejandro Hernandez IL L 1985 1995 10 Charges Dismissed Yes
    59 Sabrina Butler MS B 1990 1995 5 Acquitted
    60 Joseph Burrows IL W 1989 1996 7 Charges Dismissed
    61 Verneal Jimerson IL B 1985 1996 11 Charges Dismissed Yes
    62 Dennis Williams IL B 1979 1996 17 Charges Dismissed Yes
    63 Roberto Miranda NV L 1982 1996 14 Charges Dismissed
    64 Gary Gauger IL W 1993 1996 3 Charges Dismissed
    65 Troy Lee Jones CA B 1982 1996 14 Charges Dismissed
    66 Carl Lawson IL B 1990 1996 6 Acquitted
    67 David Wayne Grannis AZ W 1991 1996 5 Charges Dismissed
    68 Ricardo Aldape Guerra TX L 1982 1997 15 Charges Dismissed
    69 Benjamin Harris WA B 1985 1997 12 Charges Dismissed
    70 Robert Hayes FL B 1991 1997 6 Acquitted
    71 Christopher McCrimmon AZ B 1993 1997 4 Acquitted
    72 Randal Padgett AL W 1992 1997 5 Acquitted
    ** James Bo Cochran AL B 1976 1997 21 Acquitted of murder, but not robbery
    73 Robert Lee Miller, Jr. OK B 1988 1998 10 Charges Dismissed Yes
    74 Curtis Kyles LA B 1984 1998 14 Charges Dismissed
    75 Shareef Cousin LA B 1996 1999 3 Charges Dismissed
    76 Anthony Porter IL B 1983 1999 16 Charges Dismissed
    77 Steven Smith IL B 1985 1999 14 Acquitted
    78 Ronald Williamson OK W 1988 1999 11 Charges Dismissed Yes
    79 Ronald Jones IL B 1989 1999 10 Charges Dismissed Yes
    80 Clarence Dexter, Jr. MO W 1991 1999 8 Charges Dismissed
    81 Warren Douglas Manning SC B 1989 1999 10 Acquitted
    82 Alfred Rivera NC L 1997 1999 2 Charges Dismissed
    83 Steve Manning IL W 1993 2000 7 Charges Dismissed
    84 Eric Clemmons MO B 1987 2000 13 Acquitted
    85 Joseph Nahume Green FL B 1993 2000 7 Charges Dismissed
    86 Earl Washington VA B 1984 2000 16 Pardoned Yes
    87 William Nieves PA L 1994 2000 6 Acquitted
    Frank Lee Smith – died prior to exoneration FL B 1986 2000 ** 14 Charges Dismissed Yes
    Michael Graham LA W 1987 2000 13 Charges Dismissed
    90 Albert Burrell LA W 1987 2000 13 Charges Dismissed
    91 Oscar Lee Morris CA B 1983 2000 17 Charges Dismissed
    92 Peter Limone MA W 1968 2001 33 Charges Dismissed
    93 Gary Drinkard AL W 1995 2001 6 Charges Dismissed
    94 Joaquin Jose Martinez FL L 1997 2001 4 Acquitted
    95 Jeremy Sheets NE W 1997 2001 4 Charges Dismissed
    96 Charles Fain ID W 1983 2001 18 Charges Dismissed Yes
    97 Juan Roberto Melendez FL L 1984 2002 18 Charges Dismissed
    98 Ray Krone AZ W 1992 2002 10 Charges Dismissed Yes
    99 Thomas Kimbell, Jr. PA W 1998 2002 4 Acquitted
    100 Larry Osborne KY W 1999 2002 3 Charges Dismissed
    101 Aaron Patterson IL B 1986 2003 17 Pardoned
    102 Madison Hobley IL B 1987 2003 16 Pardoned
    103 Leroy Orange IL B 1984 2003 19 Pardoned
    104 Stanley Howard IL B 1987 2003 16 Pardoned
    105 Rudolph Holton FL B 1986 2003 16 Charges Dismissed
    106 Lemuel Prion AZ W 1999 2003 4 Charges Dismissed
    107 Wesley Quick AL W 1997 2003 6 Acquitted
    108 John Thompson LA B 1985 2003 18 Acquitted
    109 Timothy Howard OH B 1976 2003 26 Charges Dismissed
    110 Gary Lamar James OH B 1976 2003 26 Charges Dismissed
    111 Joseph Amrine MO B 1986 2003 17 Charges Dismissed
    112 Nicholas Yarris PA W 1982 2003 21 Charges Dismissed Yes
    113 Alan Gell NC W 1998 2004 6 Acquitted
    114 Gordon Steidl IL W 1987 2004 17 Charges Dismissed
    115 Laurence Adams MA B 1974 2004 30 Charges Dismissed
    116 Dan L. Bright LA B 1996 2004 8 Charges Dismissed
    117 Ryan Matthews LA B 1999 2004 5 Charges Dismissed Yes
    118 Ernest Ray Willis TX W 1987 2004 17 Charges Dismissed
    119 Derrick Jamison OH B 1985 2005 20 Charges Dismissed
    120 Harold Wilson PA B 1989 2005 16 Acquitted
    121 John Ballard FL W 2003 2006 3 Acquitted
    122 Curtis McCarty OK W 1986 2007 21 Charges Dismissed Yes
    123 Michael McCormick TN W 1987 2007 20 Acquitted
    124 Jonathon Hoffman NC B 1995 2007 12 Charges Dismissed
    125 Kennedy Brewer MS B 1995 2008 13 Charges Dismissed Yes
    126 Glen Chapman NC B 1994 2008 14 Charges Dismissed
    127 Levon Jones NC B 1993 2008 15 Charges Dismissed
    128 Michael Blair TX O 1994 2008 14 Charges Dismissed Yes
    129 Nathson Fields IL B 1986 2009 23 Acquitted
    130 Paul House TN W 1986 2009 23 Charges Dismissed
    131 Daniel Wade Moore AL W 2002 2009 7 Acquitted

    Ronald Kitchen IL B 1988 2009 21 Charges Dismissed
    133 Herman Lindsey FL B 2006 2009 3 Acquitted
    134 Michael Toney TX W 1999 2009 10 Charges Dismissed
    135 Yancy Douglas OK B 1995 2009 14 Charges Dismissed
    136 Paris Powell OK B 1997 2009 12 Charges Dismissed
    137 Robert Springsteen TX W 2001 2009 8 Charges Dismissed
    138 Anthony Graves TX B 1994 2010 16 Charges Dismissed
    139 Gussie Vann TN W 1994 2011 17 Charges Dismissed
    140 Joe D’Ambrosio OH W 1989 2012 23 Charges Dismissed
    HOw would have you liked to have sat in prison for 12 years like Paris powell for something you didnt do?????????????

  15. The Real Adam says:

    Jannah Mujahidah,

    So I am “some guy”? I showed you respect by addressing you by name. Interesting.

    In any case, posting a list of “poor folks” wrongly convicted of murder who were later acquitted is a separate issue pointing to a flaw in our legal system. Tyson, was not charged with, or convicted of murder, was not poor. If he is innocent of his conviction of rape, why hasn’t he and his team of lawyers pursued the matter?

    Tyson is a high-profile person. Rest assured, lawyers salivate at the chance to revisit a conviction of a high profile person like Mike Tyson. But using your logic, the entire legal and judicial system is flawed so why bother? Lets review the tax filings of everyone convicted of a crime and if they earned less than, oh, how about $50,000 a year, just release them because they were discriminated against.

  16. Jannah Mujahidah says:

    WHat legal evidence do i have to prove i didnt do anything if you said i touched you without your permission how can i prove you did give perrmission? Its up to each person to tell there sad story and see who the jury will beleve who is a better actor or whos lawyer is better. The woman who accused Mike Tyson of rape also accused another man of raped who was wealthy and sued him. She was not a good girl going to meet a man at 1:36 am in his hotel room for oral sex now that is enough evidence to support he raped her thats ridiculous. Only a straight up whore would go to a hotel room with a guy she is not married to and she let him to everything in the book to her and then said he raped her. THere were no witnesses to support her testimony it was strictly his word against hers. Dosent matter if you are wrongly accused for murder or rape a wrongly accused is a wrongly accused. So yes the legal system is not perfect. IF that girl was really raped when she finally got away from the hotel room wouldnt she be running and screaming trying to scream for help or the hospital but she left after there night of passion and his limo driver drove her back to her hotel and they laughed and conversated the whole way back. Doesnt sound like she was traumatized or brutalized to me based on that behaviour! Well whatever you want to think about the former heavy weight champ dosent change the fact he was right about this low life zimmerman and he totally made himself a hero by what he said. Do you honestly think mike tyson having consensual still granted still sex out of wedlock with some whore compares to someone murdering a child??? Mike Tyson repented from that and redeemed himself and got married to a good woman isnt in to them loose women anymore he has a good family and a good life. However if you murder a child there is not way you can make ammends for that because that kid dont have a chance to enjoy life and the breeze on his face either should zimmerman. Its a shame though us tax payers have to pay for this murderer zimmermans 3 hots and a cot I much rather hand him over to Tyson and do something way more beneficial with that money.

  17. stradella says:

    Jannah – What you’re advocating is ghetto justice. Thank goodness people like you are a minority view or society would completely collapse around us.

  18. Listerine High Yella says:

    The problem ain’t the system. The problem is, there are too many niggers committing crimes making our cities and towns unsafe. If all the niggers went back to the motherland of Africa, the USA would be a relatively safe country. Let’s face it and know it isn’t politically correct to say it but, niggers are 16% of the population in the USA but account for 95% of all the crimes. Do the math.

  19. Jannah Mujahidah says:

    The court needs to make a big example of this George Zimmerman and give him the full life sentence if they dont there will be sooooooo many rednecks carrying guns in these open guns state thinking they have free rain to shoot and kill anyone based on the color of their skin, religion, etc. If they dont make a big example out of Zimmerman there are going to be so many hate crimes because of it. White undeduated rednecks will feel they can do hate crimes and get away with it. Florida really needs to rethink this open gun policy it is insane!!!!!!!!

  20. Jannah Mujahidah says:

    Hate crimes need to be dealt with very seriously. I think people should be imprisoned for hate speech as this motivates hate crimes. And some one like zimmerman who killed a child in cold blood he should have gotten the death penalty this really isnt fair because trayvan dont get to breathe why should he? Well only think i can hope for him is life in prison of course its us taxpayers who now have to pay for this animals 3 hots and a cot. But he is a kid killer and too dangerous to intermix with society. ANd he should never be able to have a life as he stole Tryavans life from him. Zimmerman still in protective custody? How much extra tax dollars to we have to pay for that? I say throw him in General Population and let him get some BBC all day long

  21. ajihani says:

    Hate crimes are really crimes against everyone. But I wonder if they can legislated away? I think hate has to die with an older generation.

  22. Jannah Mujahidah says:

    Yes a hate crime is a crime specified against a certain group like black people, muslim people asian people whatever group the person hates so it is a crime if someone beats someone up and robs them but if they do if for the motivation they are gonna get this person because there asian and for some sick reason he wants to make asians pay then that would be a hate crime. So if someone rapes someone that is a bad crime but if he rapes a nun to humiliate the catholics then this is also a hate crime. A crime inspired by hate.

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