Obama: No Rush to ‘Exits’ in Afghanistan After Slaughter

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If you were hoping President Obama would show leadership and order an early redeployment of U.S. troops out of Afghanistan following the the massacre of 16 Afghan civilians by an American soldier, you will be sadly disappointed.

Warbling meaningless rhetoric and sounding every bit as boneheaded as his hero Ronald Reagan, President Obama said:

“What we don’t want to do is to do it in a way that is just a rush for the exits. We’ve got to make sure that the Afghans can protect their borders and prevent al-Qaeda from coming back, and so we’re going to have to do it in a responsible way.”

President Obama now has his very own My Lai massacre to explain to the American voters in next fall’s presidential debates. Good luck, Barry.

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10 Responses to Obama: No Rush to ‘Exits’ in Afghanistan After Slaughter

  1. feminazi says:

    If past is prologue, I think coupled with record high gas prices, Obama’s reelection is still far from certain. It’s a shame he didn’t face a challenger because I think we had a very good chance to send him packing. I thought Hillary might hear our pleas but she did not.

  2. TOM339 says:

    Thousands of Afghans took to the streets in Afghanistan on Tuesday to protest the killing of 16 civilians by a rogue U.S. soldier, burning an effigy of Barack Obama and calling for the killer to be tried in Afghanistan.

    Demonstrators in the city of Jalalabad chanted “Death to America — Death to Obama” and blocked the main highway to Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, Britain’s Daily Telegraph reported.
    “Jihad (holy war) is the only way to get the invading Americans out of Afghanistan,” one banner read, according to the newspaper.

    Our endless occupation of Afghanistan has transformed the country into an anti-American cesspool of terrorists willing to partner with Pakistan and Iran, ready to risk life and limb to hurt us. I predict more killings of American soldiers in the days and weeks ahead.

  3. Brigadoon says:

    Obama is a worm. He’s so damned afraid of what John McCain and Rush Limbaugh might say if he brought the troops home earlier. I really don’t think I can vote for him on November 7th.

  4. Peace Nick says:

    President Obama owns the Afghanistan war now and it is rapidly morphing into Vietnam 2.0.

    Liberals wanted Obama to be more like LBJ. It looks like they are getting their wish. The similarities are striking. Be careful of what you wish for.

  5. onefly says:

    bama does what he’s told. With recent laws in place some as recent as last week I believe more so than ever the military is calling many of the shots. They can kill our own at will with no questions asked and it’s all legal. That’s where we are at. And no one says squat except us guys.

    Tom points out current conditions there is a chance this thing could explode big time and who could blame them? Why Big Whore Media and hate AM radio all on our air waves. We also would be blamed like always and it will work as always and death and destruction will continue as usual.

    It may seem very terribly fucked up and for sure it is but mind you the 1% is loving it all the way to the bank. Pretty much the way they planned it.

    It’s obvious what needs to be done but it ain’t gonna happen now or later. We’re so screwed and don’t even know it.

    Sorry folks but I can’t help feeling this is gonna get a lot uglier sooner than later. I hope not but never the less –


  6. Rendaculous says:

    The president has an opportunity here to do the right thing and speed-up the redeployment of the US troops and end the madness. But will he? Sadly, my guess is, no. He will continue to play politics with the troops and the war.

  7. Marcus Ybanez says:

    Obama is a fool. I heard him on the radio today and I thought I was going to puke.

    He was asked about ending the war early and he mumbled about the “importance of completing the mission” and “protecting our country.” Same ole, same ole. Mouth detached from brain. I honestly thought I was listening to Bush.

  8. Fran says:

    There was a convoluted statement delivered by Sec. of State Hillary Clinton– saying
    “the incident does not change America’s steadfast dedication to protecting the Afghan people and to help build a strong and stable Afghanistan.”

    If this is “protection” & “strength & stability building”, the people of Afghanistan & the U.S. have every right to demand the U.S. troops get out of Afghanistan immediately. Protection and stability? Who do they think they’re fooling? If a picture says a thousand words, then seeing partially charred children, wrapped in their blankets, lifeless in the back of a truck says it all.

  9. Fran says:

    The current “reason” (excuse) to continue “strength & stability building” (chaotic & endless war) against the evil Taliban. Let’s back this train up:

    The mujahideen were significantly financed, armed and trained by the United States [Central Intelligence Agency] (CIA) during the administrations of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, and also by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan under Zia-ul-Haq, Iran, the People’s Republic of China and several Western European countries. Pakistan’s secret service, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), was used as an intermediary for most of these activities to disguise the sources of support for the resistance. One of the CIA’s longest and most expensive covert operations was the supplying of billions of dollars in arms to the Afghan mujahideen militants. The arms included Stinger missiles, shoulder-fired, antiaircraft weapons that they used against Soviet helicopters and that later were in circulation among terrorists who have fired such weapons at commercial airliners. Between $3–$20 billion in U.S. funds were funneled into the country to train and equip troops with weapons, including Stinger surface-to-air missiles. Some media reports claim up to $40 billion.
    Osama bin Laden was allegedly among the recipients of U.S. arms,although this view has been disputed.
    Under Reagan, U.S. support for the mujahideen evolved into an official U.S. foreign policy, known as the Reagan Doctrine, which included U.S. support for anti-Soviet movements in Afghanistan, Angola, Nicaragua, and elsewhere. Ronald Reagan praised mujahideen as “freedom fighters”.

    Fast forward to post Soviet Union/Afghanistan war:
    Mujahideen forces caused serious casualties to the Soviet forces, and made the war very costly for the Soviet Union. Thus in 1989, the Soviet Union withdrew its forces from Afghanistan. Many districts and cities then fell to the mujahideen; in 1992 the DRA’s last president, Mohammad Najibullah, was overthrown.
    However, the mujahideen did not establish a united government, and many of the larger mujahideen groups began to fight each other over power in Kabul. After several years of devastating fighting, a village mullah named Mohammed Omar organized a new armed movement with the backing of Pakistan. This movement became known as the Taliban (“students” in Arabic), referring to the Saudi-backed religious schools known for producing extremism. Veteran mujahideen were confronted by this radical splinter group in 1996.

    So there you have it, full circle- the US wanted the Soviet Union to have it’s own Vietnam, so they funded and armed the mujahideen in Afghanistan. Later, the mujahideen morphed into the Taliban & now the US is at war with the Taliban, whom we initially trained & armed to go to war.

    Knowing all that makes a continued war w Afghanistan even more senseless.

  10. Estacada says:

    We can invade a country and occupy it in 24 hours but it now takes a decade to leave.

    The truth of the Afghan occupation is — a fact not often reported in the corporate-owned U.S. media is, the Afghans don’t want us there. We’re seen as hostile invaders and not the peace-inducers of Dick Cheney’s fantasy world.

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