Sarah Palin Can’t Shut Up About President Obama

Sunday, March 11, 2012

For those of you who need a Mama Grifter fix, here we have Palin blathering on and on about President Obama and the Civil War during a recent appearance on FIXED News. As usual, she makes absolutely no sense and sounds like an escapee from a mental institution.

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13 Responses to Sarah Palin Can’t Shut Up About President Obama

  1. Brigadoon says:

    Am I the only one who gets the impression Sarah Palin is sexually attracted to Obama? She’s truly obsessed with him. Anytime she offers her unsolicited opinion of the president, she sounds like she’s short of breath and excited in ways I choose not to elaborate on. 😉

  2. Eric Equality Kuntz says:

    What a stupid bitch.

  3. Jim says:

    The Civil War? Huh? What the FUCK is she talking about? Completely insane.

  4. okjimm says:

    I cannot listen to Palin….at all… she reminds me of a cat whose tail was caught in the screen door four years ago …. and she is still howling.

  5. Mollie says:

    Did you see that President Obama’s PAC is now using this bit of hate to fundraise? Yep, delightfully, they’ve raised almost 5 million dollars just from this clip alone. Watch it.
    Her comments ARE wrong and dangerous. They DO have consequences.

  6. One Fly says:

    What Jim says.

  7. The Real Adam says:

    I see Fixed News has provided this dolt with a new background for her television appearances from her home in Wasilla. All bright and shiny, urban-looking, and sophisticated.

    But whether Palin is yapping in front of a faux city scape or a rodeo, this woman is a braindead shrew. A shameless media whore who becomes more pitiful each day.

  8. S. Clausen says:

    Denizens of Trailer Park Nation will watch and listen to this and nod in agreement.

    It doesn’t matter that Palin is a blithering idiot and has no clue what she’s saying (pre-Civil War?), it is enough for them that she’s critical of the president.

    Of course, since the U.S. is still at war, an argument can be made that people like Palin are now officially enemies of the state.

  9. Insouciant says:

    Has anyone considered the very real possibility that Sarah Palin is insane?

  10. Harry says:

    Palin has diarrhea of the mouth. She spews watery shit when she talks.

  11. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    I watched this twice and concluded she is ready for the nice young men in their clean white coats to whisk her away to an asylum for quiet rest and treatment.

    Fox should be shamed of themselves for exploiting a kook this way.

  12. Fran says:

    Palin dishes up *word salad* more than logical thoughts. She says lots of words, but leaves us wondering WTF did she just say, and was there a point? If FOX just ran test screen footage, it would have been more informative.

  13. One Fly says:

    Nobody wants this women to say anything that resembles something intelligent. This mumbo jumbo shit is just what the masses want. It works well with Big Whore Media and Mind Fuck AM saying it does.

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