CNN Can’t Find London!

Monday, January 30, 2012

By now, just about everyone knows CNN, the U.S. cable news organization, is just a shell of its former self.

Case in point, this recent picture grab from a CNN segment on the Rupert Murdock phone hacking scandal. The idiots at CNN identified London around Norwich. The two cities are just 115 miles apart.

CNN is today’s braindead media recipients.

This is where CNN thinks London is located

This is where London actually belongs

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13 Responses to CNN Can’t Find London!

  1. feminazi says:

    CNN is so busy pushing their racial inequality stories that no one bothers to check little issues like where one of the world’s largest and most important cities is located on a map. This is akin to saying New York City is where Boston is located or Los Angeles is where San Diego is located. Its sad because not too long ago CNN was where we went to for news. Not today.

  2. Joe in Colorado says:

    What feminazi said. Have you tried to watch CNN on the weekend? It’s a joke. I don’t even bother with them anymore. I wait until 6:30p.m. and our local PBS station runs BBC. If there’s an important story BBC will cover it in depth and with a level of intelligence.

  3. Marcus Ybanez says:

    Yesterday, CNN spent probably 10 minutes on a segment whining about the alleged lack of diversity in the Grammy nominations. The segment made no sense.

    Grammy categories include pop, country, R&B, rap and classical. Not to mention duo. You can’t get much more diverse than these categories. I think CNN is just a lost cause. The best thing that could happen is for Ted Turner to purchase CNN from Time Warner and fire everyone who works there.

  4. Brigadoon says:

    The people in-charge of CNN today can’t find London on a map of England so in their arrogance assume nobody else can find London on a map of England either. My guess is, CNN in 2012 isn’t run by people with degrees in journalism, political science or history. CNN in 2012 is run by people with GEDs.

  5. TOM339 says:

    CNN has been in a failed competition for FOX News’ audience for at least a decade.

    Remember when FOX incorrectly placed Egypt on a map where Iraq belongs? Not just wrong but the wrong continent. Egypt is in Africa. Did FOX issue an on-air apology or admission of guilt? Nope and why would they? Their audience doesn’t know Africa from Asia and FOX knows it.

    The same can now be said for CNN’s audience. This is just the latest chapter in the dumbing down of American that began in earnest way back when Reagan was president.

  6. ajihani says:


  7. Harry says:

    I would not miss CNN if it went away. The channel could become another commercial-free movie channel. a la, TCM, and show movies all day.

  8. One Fly says:

    I don’t see much difference in any of them. They are owned by the 1% and why would thy screw themselves with truth. Fox Whore News has the ability to manipulate public opinion at will and quickly. This is a major part of the full house the right holds and why even with the pair of sevens our side holds many think because we’re smarter that there’s gonna be an ass kicking in November. This country at the drop of a hat can elect on of these imbeciles on the right as prez and be proud as a pig in shit to have done so. LTFO!

    Christopher – because of other interest in the pictures at the museum at White Sands I put some some others up here.

  9. DMason says:

    Sometimes you just have to scratch your head and laugh out loud.

  10. The Real Adam says:

    CNN International remains quite good. In fact, many of the original journalists who started at CNN have been shipped off to CNN International.

    Meanwhile, regular CNN is a wasteland populated by the likes of Piers Morgan, Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, Brooke Baldwin and Anderson Cooper. None of whom could get a paying job at the BBC, CBN or al Jazeera. Regular CNN is a bizarre, clubby world of pseudo journalists and fakers.

  11. Shirley Birch says:

    I stick to BBC. Haven’t watched the CNN circus for years.

  12. Walk on Socks says:

    I would like to see a dozen CNN anchors and reporters interviewed at once time.

    Fire basic American government and history questions at them like, how many U.S. senators are there in congress, what was the first state to sign the U.S. constitution, and what was the Louisiana Purchase?

    I bet fewer than half could correctly answer these questions.

  13. distributorcap says:

    any organization that hires eric erickson — well that says it all

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