Rep. Ron Paul is Terrified of Catching ‘teh Gay’

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Republican presidential hopeful and Libertarian darling Rep. Ron Paul is so afraid of catching ‘teh gay’ that he prefers availing himself to the unsanitary conditions of a busy fast food restaurant john than using the bathroom in a private home of a gay supporter.

Right Wing News reports:

Former staffer Eric Dondero describes Rep. Ron Paul’s attitudes towards the gay community.

“He is not all bigoted towards homosexuals. He supports their rights to do whatever they please in their private lives. He is however, personally uncomfortable around homosexuals, no different from a lot of older folks of his era.”

Dondero describes an incident in San Francisco back in 1988 where Ron Paul was uncomfortable using the bathroom in the home of Jim Peron, a gay supporter and the owner of Laissez Faire Books in San Francisco. Jim had set up a magnificent 3-day campaign swing for us in the SF Bay Area.

“Ron pulled me aside the first time we went there, and specifically instructed me to find an excuse to excuse him to a local fast food restaurant so that he could use the bathroom. He told me very clearly, that although he liked Jim, he did not wish to use his bathroom facilities. I chided him a bit, but he sternly reacted, as he often did to me, Eric, just do what I say.”

Rep. Ron Paul must find campaigning excruciatingly challenging finding gay-free public restrooms.

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16 Responses to Rep. Ron Paul is Terrified of Catching ‘teh Gay’

  1. One Fly says:

    If it’s true I doubt he has changed.

  2. Unconditional1 says:

    Geeez. Just when you thought you knew someone!! 😀

  3. Joe in Colorado says:

    Ron Paul’s incoherent political, social and hygiene views are incompatible with the 21st century. I don’t pretend to understand why he enjoys safe harbor with the Libertarians, as well as many college age voters. I find Ron Paul to be an extremist with a dangerous world view.

  4. Brigadoon says:

    Paul is a physician, right? How can he be so damned ignorant?

  5. feminazi says:

    Dr. Ron Paul is as ignorant as the day is long. He utters all sorts of strange and bizarre crap and then hides behind his credentials as a doctor and a congressman. Memo to Dr. Paul: you can’t catch being gay from using a commode in the home of a gay man. This makes about as much sense as catching being black or Hispanic from using the commode in a black or Hispanic person’s home. If Paul really believes this then he isn’t suited to be a practicing medical doctor. He may be suited to present Texas but I wouldn’t hold that up as anything to be proud of.

  6. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    Ron Paul should be more worried about ”spreading” the stupid!!

  7. Pechanga says:

    Ron Paul is a shitbird.

    Let the clueless Libertarians enjoy him.

  8. Mets Fan says:

    Yet, for all the crazy-talk Ron Paul delivers, the nation’s first primary vote in Iowa is just six days away.

    Paul is leading former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney 24 percent to 20 percent, according to the democratic-affiliated Public Policy Polling (PPP) group. If someone can figure this out and offer an explanation, please post it because I don’t pretend to get it.

  9. Eric Equality Kuntz says:

    Mets Fan,

    Ron Paul is a kook. He’s a racist, an anti-Semite and a homophobe.

    His views are so extremist that he makes Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney look mainstream by comparison. His POV appeals to the fringe of the Republican party.

    They can’t come out and admit they hate the blacks, and the Jews and the gays, so Ron Paul says it form them.

  10. DMason says:

    I’m reading this and trying to find an iota of sense in Ron Paul’s nonsense. All I can come up with is, this anecdote took place in 1988. Maybe he believed if the bathroom belonged to a gay man, there was some great degree of contracting HIV? After all, it was once thought HIV was a “gay disease” and it could be contracted casually. But as a doctor and a scientist, if this is true it is even more troubling because Ron Paul should have know better.

  11. Rachel says:

    Ron Paul shocked me (I was unfamiliar with him before) when during an early Republican debate he said something about a hypothetical scenario when uninsured man should be left to die because he chose to go about his life without health insurance. This reeked of something Ayn Rand would say.

  12. Matteo says:

    There’s more.

    Stormfront Founder: Ron Paul’s views ‘coincide with ours’ on most issues

    Texas Rep. Ron Paul (R) received an unwanted endorsement on Tuesday when Don Black, the founder of the white nationalist group Stormfront, told The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur that he supported Paul’s presidential candidacy.

    Black told Cenk. “But we agree with his stand on the issues, which we believe are heartfelt, coincide with ours. I might prefer that he understand the racial issues that we deal with a little more than he does.”

  13. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    Ron Paul for President 2012: 100% of White Nationalist Approved!

  14. Randy Arroyo says:

    Ron Paul is an idiot. You have to wonder how he ever got through medical school.

  15. Rusty Shackelford says:

    How the F@$K does this nut get over 20%? Shit,how the F@$K does he get any percent?

  16. Stephen Iversonn says:

    Congressman Ron Paul is insane.

    Consider: Paul would have allowed 6 million Jews and 3 million others to be gassed because he enshrines an isolationist foreign policy. He blames the USA for Pearl Harbor and 9/11. He has no problem with transporting minors across state lines to receive abortions. He published a series of newsletters so racist in nature and tone that Storm Front came out to endorse him. He says Israel has no right to exist. He is profoundly homophobic.

    Do your research before supporting Mr. Paul. He’s an extremist.

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