The Big Dick: U.S. Should Have Bombed Iran Over Downed Drone

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Big Dick may be barely alive, his heart kept beating with a pump device, but he is still a firm hawk when when it comes to the use of U.S. military force.

Dick Cheney told CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” program that President Obama should have ordered an air strike to quickly destroy a U.S. drone downed by Iran this month.

“The right response to that would have been to go in immediately after it had gone down and destroy it. You can do that from the air. You can do that with a quick air strike. And, in effect, make it impossible for them to benefit from having captured that drone.”

Cheney suggested President Obama’s response was as weak as water.

“I was told that the president had three options on his desk. He rejected all of them. He asked nicely for them to return it, and they aren’t going to do that.”

Iran has treated the episode as a propaganda and military coup promising to reverse engineer the sophisticated spy aircraft.

SOURCE: Defense News

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10 Responses to The Big Dick: U.S. Should Have Bombed Iran Over Downed Drone

  1. dz says:

    Is Dick happy to see us or is he just thinking about startin’ another war???

    Interesting shot.

  2. Mets Fan says:

    Dick Cheney? Oh, of course; the clown who tried to push the propaganda ball up the hill that Saddam Hussein had tried to obtain yellow cake uranium?

    He has less credibility on matters of foreign policy and national security than Rumsfeld.

  3. Joe in Colorado says:

    Obama has decided he cam run the military with drone technology. It’s an interesting choice when you consider the vulnerability of drones. These are small, unmanned aircraft and can easily be shot out of the sky. When they are armed and headed to a target, they are notoriously inaccurate. Just ask Pakistan where Obama’s love drones have slaughtered innocent people attending a wedding and school children sitting in a classroom.

  4. Estacada says:

    There is no question losing a CIA spy drone to Iran is a grave national security failure.

    But for Obama to ask Ahmadinejad “pretty please, return our drone” is child-like and embarrassing and not one of Obama’s best moments. Iran will never return this drone.

  5. okjimm says:

    ….course… never going hunting with him…. he’ll shoot you in the face.

  6. Unconditional1 says:

    Obama has proven himself to be more of a Clyde Kadiddlehopper when it comes to making affirmative decisions. Makes one wonder who is guiding and assisting his less than puny responses, to ALL of these major issues occurring during his tenure.

    “Dick them all,” is certainly not an appropriate response either…(WW#3), but perhaps something in between might be the best choice?!

  7. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    Big Dick needs to be NEUTERED……………

  8. One Fly says:

    What about the fact that this thing is intact. Iran landed this goddamn thing and nobody seems to get it. Certainly we did not intentionally land this in Iran.

    The other thing is the design. What the hell we got here anyway. I can’t find a craft that looks like this.

    I’d like someone who knows more than me advance some thoughts here. What else can they do.

  9. Insouciant says:

    The real question that should be asked about drones is, what is the Obama administration and the CIA doing with this army of unmanned flying devices? Is this the dreaded preparation for WWIII in the Middle East with the USA and Israel attacking Iran and, China and Russia siding with Tehran in the battle to end all battles?

  10. Brigadoon says:

    Iran says they will close the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, the world’s most important oil shipping lane, as punishment to Israel, the USA and the EU if we continue spying on them. Obama might want to turn one of his ginormous ears toward Tehran because is this were to happen, Crude would skyrocket to $500 a barrel and American drivers will be paying $15 a gallon at the pump.

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