BOMBSHELL: Fourth Herman Cain Accuser to Break Silence Today, Hires Gloria Allred

Monday, November 7, 2011

BOMBSHELL: Fourth Herman Cain Accuser to Go Public, Hires Gloria Allred reports:

A woman alleging sexual harassment by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain will break her silence at a news conference with high profile attorney Gloria Allred today in New York City.

The Republican nominee has admitted several women who worked at the National Restaurant Association during his tenure as president of the organization received financial settlements equal to a year’s salary after reporting Cain sexually harassed them.

POLITICO broke the news of the story of the sexual harassment allegations.

Allred and Herman Cain’s fourth victim of sexual harassment will discuss in detail, what she alleges occurred with by the Godfather of Pizza.

The Tea Party darling had hoped the scandal would go away but in fact, the opposite is happening. Cain clashed with reporters on Saturday night after a sit-down debate with Newt Gingrich. Cain refused to answer questions about the allegations and said:

“You see what I mean? I was gonna do something that my staff told me not to do and try to respond, okay? What I’m saying is this — we are getting back on message, end of story. Back on message. Read all of the other accounts. Read all of the other accounts where everything has been answered in the story. We’re getting back on message, okay?”

This is a developing story.

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20 Responses to BOMBSHELL: Fourth Herman Cain Accuser to Break Silence Today, Hires Gloria Allred

  1. feminazi says:

    Good. I am sick and tired of Herman Cain’s victims being hamstrung by a confidentiality agreement which prevents them from speaking to the media but all the while, Cain is out there violating the agreement calling his victims “liars”. It isn’t fair to these women. I want to hear their voice and see their faces. Thanks for posting this, Christopher. I haven’t seen this report anyplace else.

  2. VicoDANIEL says:

    Gloria Allred? No way!

    Herman can should be afraid, very afraid. She’s tough as nails and won’t back down. If I were ever harassed at work or in housing for being a gay man, I would hire Ms. Allred’s expertise in a heart beat and I would never look back.

    Cain is a fool. Did he really think he could push this boulder all the way up the hill and defeat Obama for the 2012 presidential election? It’s over for him. He needs to withdraw — immediately. The longer he remains in the GOP field, the deeper the legal hole he digs for himself. The guy isn’t very smart.

  3. Eric Equality Kuntz says:

    Since Ole man Herman enjoys singing, here’s a song he should start singing about now.

    The party’s over
    It’s time to call it a day
    No matter how you pretend
    You knew it would end this way

    It’s time to wind up
    The masquerade
    Just make your mind up
    The piper must be paid

    The party’s over
    The candles flicker and dim
    You danced and dreamed through the night
    It seemed to be right
    just being with him

    Now you must wake up
    All dreams must end
    Take off your make-up
    The party’s over
    It’s all over my friend

    You danced and dreamed through the night
    It seemed to be right
    just being with him

    Now you must wake up
    All dreams must end
    Take off your make-up
    The party’s over
    It’s all over my friend

  4. stradella says:

    If this woman turns out to be Caucasian, then HC’s goose is cooked.

    These Teabaggers are died-in-the-wool racists and the last thing they will tolerate is a black man putting the heat on a white woman.

    Even worse, HC is a married man. Married more than forty years to a strong black woman. Social conservatives won’t cotton to him chasing tail behind his wife’s back.

  5. Brigadoon says:

    You mean biz when you hire Gloria Allred to handle your shit. Herman can should be afraid, very afraid this fine Monday. Can’t wait for the presser.

  6. kev07wan says:

    I just hope this isn’t another vague statement along the lines of the last one. Hopefully it says something more substantive than “he didn’t something bad and sexual to me, but I’m not giving any more details!”

  7. I agree with Stradella.

    If Cain’s fourth victim is a white woman, then look out. The Tea Party and social conservatives will drop him faster than a piece of hot, gooey pizza.

  8. Harry says:

    I thought today was going to be a slow news day? What do I know?

  9. The Real Adam says:

    It all reminds me of Bill Clinton’s bimbo eruptions.

    Every quarter, a new woman would come out of the woodwork claiming Clinton had diddled her in some way. I hope victim number four has more credibility than did Paula Jones. Jones was a plant by GOP operatives in Arkansas. I don’t want the same background to happen here with Herman Cain.

  10. Debbie Banuelos says:

    Herman Cain only has himself to blame for this scandal.

    As a former CEO of multiple companies, you should know better than to behave in a way that could in anyway, be construed as provocative. I don’t buy the GOP’s spin on this that says Cain is old school and didn’t know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate work behavior.

    If he’s as clueless as this, then he doesn’t belong in the White House unless he’s delivering dinner to the First Family or mowing the White House lawns.

  11. Rendaculous says:

    Herman Cain’s “charm” has become creepy. He needs to exit stage right and go eat a pepperoni pizza and smoke a Kool.

  12. TOM339 says:

    Gloria Cain is like an African American, conservative version of Rose Kennedy.

    Joe Kennedy was a serial philanderer. He had many relationships with women behind Rose’s back and Rose just turned a blind eye to it. Even Gloria Swanson wrote about her relationship with Joe Kennedy in her autobiography.

    Rose Kennedy clung to her Catholicism and Rosary. Gloria Cain seems to be following a similar path in her marriage to Herman. But the difference here is, Joe Kennedy knew the highest he could ever rise with such a background was ambassador. He bet his fortune on his boys, Jack, Bobby and Teddy and they became famous and accomplished in public service. Herman Cain’s mistake was philandering in the workplace — as recently as the 1990’s and 2000’s. It’s a different world than Joe Kennedy.

    Gloria Cain seems like a decent woman but she had to know what was happening. Multiple legal settlements create noise and can’t be drowned out by the vacuum and mixers whipping up cakes for her family. After today though, Gloria’s adoring gaze may very well become a glare.

  13. Shirley Birch says:

    You libs are terrified of a strong, black male conservative. Just admit it.

  14. okjimm says:

    well, Shirley, maybe…but Herman seems to be only Black… the strong male conservative thing is really questionable.

    //This is a developing story.// but only if Herman puts the Viagra on the pizza

  15. Woodcliffe says:

    Shirley Birch- Seriously? Did you just listen to the little bit of the press conference CNN allowed us to hear before they went to their talking heads? Herman tried to put his hand on the victim’s vagina and then tried to pull her head to his cock. Is this the sort of behavior you would want to suffer? Or your daughter? Or your sister? Or your mother? I respectfully suggest you STFU.

  16. Rachel says:

    I’m speechless and nauseated at what I just heard. Herman Cain is a fucking pig. He should be jailed and not loose to harass innocent women. I hope he’s charged in a court of law and jailed. He’s a sexual predator.

  17. Marcus Ybanez says:

    Cain can run and he can hide bu the trail of sex abuse victims stretches from coast to coast.

    He has a serious problem or using his power to gain favors from women. Not only does his behavior rise to the level of inappropriate, he’s just plain gross. He’s like Adi Amin exploiting those under him.

  18. Estacada says:

    If Cain doesn’t drop out this week, it means he will have to appear at the next GOP debate which I think is Wednesday.

    Watch for Michele Bachmann to bring up the scandal. Bitch is fearless and she won’t back down.

  19. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    Have you folks noticed when Old Herman says the word “harass” he pronounces it like two, separate words? Old Herman says “ha” “rass”.

    Allegedly, he has a college degree? Did he get it from the Sally Struthers Trade Schools of America?

  20. Patriot777 says:

    Problem with ms. bialek is that she says she is a tea party person. It appears she ain’t where she was in october. Trust me right now heads of the tea party are searching for this woman and if she is found out not to be a tea party person she will be in hot water!!!

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