Denver Bronco and Focus on the Family Shill, Tim Tebow, Likes Kissing Men

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tim Tebow plants a wet one on Demaryius Thomas for all the world to see

Notoriously homophobic Denver Bronco and Focus on the Family shill, Tim Tebow, is shown here rewarding fellow teammate Demaryius Thomas with a kiss on the mouth during a game on Sunday. Thomas had caught the first of two touchdown passes from Tebow that positioned the Broncos for a win.

A few years ago, Tebow had another PDA of man-love with University of Florida teammate Tony Joiner that had the college football world agog.

Tebow, who faced controversy after he made a PSA for viciously antigay, anti-choice evangelical group Focus on the Family, is now forbidden from talking about same-sex marriage, as was shown during an interviewed by the Washington Post’s Sally Quinn who cooed over Tebow like a 14-year old girl.

There is something very beguiling about Tebow. He seems almost an unmolded adolescent who is just beginning to think for himself, examine his life, and ask questions. He is open and friendly with a good sense of humor. It’s hard to imagine such innocence in someone his age and in his field, but talking to him, it’s hard to believe it isn’t genuine. When asked questions he clearly has not been asked before, he ponders and tries to respond as openly and honestly as he can. Only once, when asked about same-sex marriage, did his publicist, on the other end of the phone, protectively jump in to object that that was off message.

“Very beguiling.” Sally, please. Yes, Tim Tebow is hot-as-hell but not so hot that your journalist objectivity should get washed away in your vaginal juices.

In any case, if Tebow keeps having these Tommy Boy moments, I will be forced to start questioning just how committed he is to the Evangelical movement?

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10 Responses to Denver Bronco and Focus on the Family Shill, Tim Tebow, Likes Kissing Men

  1. Marcus Ybanez says:

    Have you seen the Jockey ad?

    Totally hot and totally gay. There’s no way, no how, that I think Tim Tebow hasn’t traveled on the man train at least once and possibly many times.

  2. Harry says:

    Gay. No question. A closeted gay man. I volunteer to bring him out.

  3. Rachel says:

    If Tim Tebow were Italian or Spanish I could buy the moment on the field excitement meme I see in the print media but this guy really likes sucking man-face. He seems especially fond of flava. I think he’s trying to kick open that closet door.

  4. One Fly says:

    I don’t know shit about NFL these days but always want any team to lose if they have a person like this dick who will be able to have access to a microphone. I walked over to my brothers place as there is TV there to watch a bit of this guy.

    Well shit fire – it was 20 after and kick off was at 2:15. That’s what I saw on the NFL website. What I did see was the ball sail between the posts for an overtime win for the Donks. I knew what was coming.

  5. One Fly says:

    THE REST OF THE STORY as I accidentally posted a comment.

    I got a call from my bud back in da boat where I just moved from “You were right” he says. The first words out of tebo’s mouth was thanking the invisible sky being who does not exist for da big win. This is exactly why the donk’s need to lose every damn game. I understand the Rockies had a bunch of god shit running around in their dugout too. Look what it got ’em.

    My friend also said this guy looked like shit the whole time. He’s not very good. I’ll see for myself if I can get in front of the tube at the right time.

  6. Eric Equality Kuntz says:

    Tebow is all hype. Overrated.

    Sure, he’s attractive but I don’t see strong instincts. He’s also prone to injuries. He’s 24 — the guy should be as fit as a young buck in the wilds.

    His far-right religious beliefs might be draining him of that spark you see in successful football players.

  7. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    The problem with Tim Tebow isn’t that he’s gay or a Bible thumper. The problem is, he’s overrated.

    He was a great college QB player. Great arm and anticipated how plays would unfold, calm and unflappable. But, In the pro world, he’s average to slightly above average. Many young QBs are superior.

    Matthew Stafford, Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez leave Tebow in the dust. Maybe in time Tebow will reach their level but not in 2011.

  8. DMason says:

    I boycotted Jockey brand after they signed Tim Tebow. He could be hot but his religious affiliations made him go from Hot-to-Not for me. As for his football skills, I couldn’t care less. He’s a winger first and foremost.

  9. R.J. says:

    The thing about Tebow is his skills aren’t NFL calibre but he gets the most out of what he has. He did well against an inept Dolphins team that may have problems winning an SEC game. Now let’s see how he does against my Raiders in two weeks.

  10. tim tebow says:

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