Vice President Hillary Clinton?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The allure of an Obama-Clinton ticket? Game on!

The Chicago-Sun Times reports what I’ve been hearing for the past six months:

Hillary to the rescue? That rumor-theory-speculation-spin-Hail Mary pass has been circulating around the political hustings for the last year.

The Washington mouths are blabbering that Vice President Joe Biden will take a political bullet for his president and step off the 2012 presidential ticket. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama’s archrival-turned-secretary of state, is tired of the international fly-arounds and serving as red meat for America’s attack dogs.

She could step off the world stage and into the vice presidential nomination. It’s a way, some political soothsayers say, to rekindle that old “black” magic.

Washington Post reporter and author Bob Woodward floated the prospect in an October 2010 interview. CNN Host John King suggested that “a lot of people think if the president’s a little weak going into 2012, he’ll have to do a switch there and run with Hillary Clinton as his running mate.”

“It’s on the table,” Woodward replied. “President Obama needs some of the women, Latinos, retirees that she did so well with during the [2008] primaries.” He added that it’s “not out of the question.”

The idea still has juice. Little wonder. Politically, Obama has been having a very bad year. A recent ABC/Washington Post poll found that four in 10 Americans “strongly” disapprove of how Obama is handling his job. It’s “the highest that number has risen during his time in office and a sign of the hardening opposition to him,” the Post reported last week.

Of course, Obama’s posse has ridiculed the concept. The president is happy with Biden and Clinton in their current roles, they say. The idea of an Obama-Clinton ticket has been greeted with scorn, ridicule, incredulity or glee, depending on who’s talking.

Still, they natter on.

There are plenty of women and feminists of all genders who begrudgingly voted for Obama in 2008 but are still hankering for Hillary Clinton. Sarah Palin punted and Michele Bachmann is imploding, but Democrats have one more chance to make 2012 the Year of the Woman.

I called my go-to guy on presidential matters. Michael Mezey pooh-poohed the idea as warmed-over grist from the D.C. rumor mills. “It’s very hard for a president to do that because it seems to me that what the president [would be] doing is admitting failure,” said Mezey, a DePaul University political science professor and expert on the American presidency. “The storyline will be that the campaign is desperate,” he added. “I just don’t think they’re at a point of desperation.”

I’m not so sure. An Obama-Clinton ticket would be a potent and historic lure. It would pander to female voters, but I suspect they’ll go with it. It would open the door for a Clinton presidential bid in 2016.

And it would bring a tear to U.S. House Speaker John Boehner’s eye.

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8 Responses to Vice President Hillary Clinton?

  1. Joe in Colorado says:

    This is the only logical way Obama can win his race for reelection. As things stand now, his job approval numbers are in the toilet and with the economy stalled and unemployment expected to be above 9% throughout 2012, he will lose to Mitt Romney, unless he takes decisive steps to create the kind of excitement Hillary Clinton brings.

  2. Vivzz says:

    Hillary is a worker. She defines the term multitask and unlike Obama, she won’t back down and fold to the likes of Boehner and McConnell. We need strength in the White House. Hillary could assume the position of de facto president, much as Cheney did with Bush. Then, Obama can spend his days playing golf and wandering aimlessly around.

  3. Brigadoon says:

    Too bad feminazi is on her way to Virginia to see her kids. She would love this.

  4. The Real Adam says:

    How many mainstream news sites does this make?

    I think we’re up to six and that number doesn’t include the online news publications like Huffington Post and the Daily Beast. There is something brewing in the Obama White House and it includes Hillary Clinton.

  5. PUMA Lisa 1972 says:

    Vice President Hillary Clinton in 2012.
    President Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    This is how PUMA Lisa sees it. Thanks for posting this, Christopher.

  6. Idaho Librul says:

    The poll you reported the other day showing 51% don’t think President Obama deserves a second term is chilling.

    It looks like an indictment is coming for Attorney General Eric Holder for Justice’s role in the deadly “Operation Fast and Furious” scandal. If Holder fingers his boss, Barack Obama, then we could be looking at impeachment or a resignation, a la, Richard Nixon.

    If it breaks this way, I can’t see Hillary Clinton wanting to associate herself in anyway with President Obama. The taint would rub off on her and she’s too smart to let that happen.

    I think we need to prepare for what looks like an eventual Mitt Romney presidency in 2012. While I am no particular fan of Romney, he is in many ways much more middle of the road on social issues than is Obama. Look at his record as Massachusetts governor.

  7. Rachel says:

    I agree with Idaho Liberal. Hillary is too smart to board the USS Barack Obama. That ship is going down like the Titanic and there ain’t going to be any survivors. Why should she try to help Obama when he only has himself to blame for his miserable numbers? He’s sold the Democratic party down the river trying to dance with “his friends across the aisle.” He’s fool and he’s a one termer.

  8. Peace Nick says:

    I love Hillary but she shouldn’t let herself be used by Obama to win reelection.

    His poll numbers are so poor now that even with her on the ticket, there is no guarantee voters will reelect him to a second term. I would much prefer seeing Hillary challenge Obama as a third party candidate or wait until 2016.

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