Hypocrite Obama May Place Americans on ‘Kill List’

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back in 2008, candidate-Barack Obama criticized President George W. Bush for the use of torture to interrogate terror suspects. Obama promised, if elected president, to end such lawlessness.

However, as president, Mr. Obama has come down with a serious case of hypocrisy.

Military.com reports:

A secret panel of mid-level national security officials has been established that can put American citizens on a “kill or capture” list that is ultimately sent to the White House for final approval.

The panel’s recommendations first go through a group of National Security Council “principals” – meaning Cabinet secretaries and intelligence chiefs – for approval before reaching the president’s desk, according to a report today by Reuter’s.

Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born militant killed by a U.S. drone strike in Yemen last month, was approved for killing in this way, though the role of the president in ordering or ratifying a decision to target a citizen is vague, the report said. Reuters said White House spokesman Tommy Vietor declined to discuss anything about the process.

There is no public record of the panel’s workings and no law actually establishing it or spelling out its functions.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), who is a candidate for president, was quick to criticize Obama for the al-Awlaki assassination and said in a National Press Club talk that if American citizens did not protest at such killings it’s possible that even reporters could end up on a hit list.

“Can you imagine being put on a list because you’re a threat? What’s going to happen when they come to the media? What if the media becomes a threat?” he said in remarks reported by the Associated Press. “This is the way this works. It’s incrementalism.” Paul said.

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13 Responses to Hypocrite Obama May Place Americans on ‘Kill List’

  1. Brigadoon says:

    This was always the charge against the Bush administration. He operated in secrecy and critics of the Bush administration wondered if they might find themselves arrested or worse. Now Obama is actually doing the very thing his criticized Bush for: maintaining secret kill lists and no FOIA will reveal the “work” of the deciders because they don’t actually exist.

  2. Mets Fan says:

    Didn’t Mr. Obama also pledge to have “the most open and transparent administration in history?”

    I guess all those heady promises fall away when you realize secrecy and criminality serve your ends much better than antiquated ideas like truth and honesty.

  3. Harry says:

    The good news is, Obama will be gone in 13 months. Let’s hope the next one is better.

  4. Tiny Dancer says:

    The U.S. is becoming more and more like a Central American banana republic.

  5. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    Obama really is Bush with a tan.

  6. One Fly says:

    Harry – hope will not help I’m afraid .

  7. Big Hank says:

    I am at peace knowing al-Awlaki is dead.

    However, he was an American citizen and all American citizens are entitled to due process under the US Constitution. Even American citizens who we disagree with or who do bad things. This is what sets the U.S. apart from the rest of the world.

    But I am troubled to think this president or any future president, can make a kill determination under cover of darkness and without any apparent transparent, independent controlling mechanism.

  8. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    I can’t see my way clear to ever vote for Obama again…………

  9. Rachel says:

    Did Bush maintain a “kill Americans” list? I can’t recall. If not then, Obama is the first president I am aware of who established such a list. I know most Democrats are giddy over Obama’s drone attacks and his record of killing — what is it now? 1,100 people? But I would have preferred it if al-Awlaki was picked up and returned to the U.S. to be interrogated and stand trial. This kill, first and be done with it makes Obama sounds like a dictator.

  10. Marcus Ybanez says:

    Imagine such authority and power under a President Bachmann or a President Perry?

    Obama’s liberal base needs to consider this as they cheer on their Warrior-in-Chief. I am not even remotely comfortable with this. I would hope others feel similarly. A secret kill Americans hit list is the stuff of a Manchurian candidate. It’s un-American.

  11. gary says:

    If you find yourself on the ‘list’ please let those around you know in order
    for them to seek appropriate cover in case shots are fired.

  12. Yamba de pukin honeyant, bruz says:

    It’s a little difficult to serve Arrest Warrants in some neighborhoods. It’s also a bit impractical to maintain the ability to put actual boots on the ground, all over the place, even if it were possible to simply breeze in and ‘pick someone up’, as was suggested.

    Additionally, what happens when one of these sovereign nations (which may even tip off the target) objects to our presence?

    I don’t care what rights someone claims- make war against us and our citizens, you’ve forfeited all claims to any rights Americans enjoy. Renouncing your citizenship (Islamists are only citizens of their faith and not any man-made ‘nation’, remember) is one sure way to become an Enemy Combatant- which all applicable laws allow to be summarily executed on the battlefield which the Jihadniks themselves have specified, is the entire globe.

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