How Have 165 Passengers Gone Missing from Cruise Ships in Recent Years?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Like a plot from a book of fiction, between 1995 and 2011, 165 cruise ship passengers have vanished — many of them from vessels popular with British vacationers.

Take the case of John Halford. A passenger onboard cruise ship Thomson Spirit. It was the last day of a week-long Egyptian cruise. The Thomson Spirit was due to dock at Sharm-el-Sheikh the following morning.

Mr Halford, 63, texted his wife Ruth, who was at home in Britain, to say he would see her at the airport the next day, then went to dinner. At about 12.30 am, he was seen by other passengers drinking cocktails in an upper-deck bar. Then, he vanished.

Mrs. Halford, who has three children, Lucy, 20, Sophie, 18, and Connor, 17, learned of her husband’s disappearance as she was getting ready to drive to the airport to collect him.

Unfortunately, his case is far from unique. Over the past few years, there have been an alarming number of unexplained and unsolved disappearances on board cruise liners.

Cruise ship holidays are enormously popular. According to the Passenger Shipping Association, 1.7 million cruises will be taken in Britain this year alone. But what is happening to all these passengers who simply vanish while at sea, never to be seen again?

Are they the victims of a sinister crime wave? Have they had a mishap at sea and fallen overboard, or perhaps chosen to take their own lives?

The sad fact is that, in many cases, no one knows.

The parents of 24-year-old Rebecca Coriam, who went missing from a Disney cruise liner in March this year, can empathize.

Miss Coriam, who was working on the ship as a youth activities coordinator vanished from the Disney Wonder on a passage from Mexico to Los Angeles. A single policeman in the Bahamas, where the ship is registered, is investigating her disappearance.

Or the case of a 62-year-old German, identified only as Sabine L, who vanished from Cunard’s prestige liner, the QE2, in 2007, as it sailed off Madeira.

Sabine and her husband Ludwig boarded the ship at Southampton on December 17, 2006, for a two-week cruise to the Canaries and Madeira.

One night, the pair went to bed at about midnight in room 5167. The next morning, when Ludwig awoke, his wife was not in the cabin. She was never seen again.

Most of these people disappeared on black nights, far out at sea. Precisely what befell them is a mystery that looks unlikely ever to be solved.

SOURCE: DailyMail UK

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8 Responses to How Have 165 Passengers Gone Missing from Cruise Ships in Recent Years?

  1. Olivia says:

    Aside from alcohol and murder, the following link has a possible explanation.

    Click to access The_Science_Behind_Mystery_Overboard_Passengers_And_Crew.pdf

  2. Brigadoon says:

    This is one of the more disturbing things I’ve read of late. What the hell is going on in the cruise ship industry?

  3. Rachel says:

    I’ve been on a cruise before and I know there’s a lot of drinking. People who otherwise don’t tip a glass suddenly get drunk as a skunk and wander around the ship lost, not comporting themselves in a very good manner. But these cases are bizarre. Like the German woman who vanished from her bed before her husband awoke. I don’t think I’ll be taking another cruise anytime soon.

  4. Harry says:

    I can’t imagine anything more horrible for the remaining family members to not know what happened to a loved one.

  5. Tiny Dancer says:


    I think the passengers were abducted.

  6. ultragreen says:

    I think people disappear from these cruise ships for the following 3 reasons:

    1) Drugs & Alcohol — Clumsy/senile passenger leans over the railing (sometimes to vomit), accidentally falls overboard.

    2) Wind Gusts — Out at sea, the wind can be pretty strong. A gust of wind could blow someone overboard, especially if they are elderly or intoxicated.

    3) Murder — A couple goes on board. One spouse disappears because the other spouse (probably the man) deliberately pushes her/him overhead during the wee hours of the night. Because the ship is in the middle of the sea, the missing spouse disappears without a trace.

    Aliens? It’s a cute theory, but rather unlikely.

  7. “How Have 165 Passengers Gone Missing from Cruise Ships in Recent Years?
    | From the Left” in fact makes me ponder a small bit more.
    I actually loved every single part of it. I appreciate it ,

  8. Walter says:

    Cruise Ships are nothing more toilets that smell.

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