Democratic Insider: Obama-Clinton 2012

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

People familiar with this Blog know I don’t use anonymous sources. If I can’t source by name, chances are good the story doesn’t make it in. I am making an exception this time because of the subject — Hillary Clinton and because it comes courtesy of Peter D. Rosenstein.

Rosenstein writes in the Huffington Post:

On a recent Sunday morning, a very prominent Democratic insider stated unequivocally, “Mark my words, on the podium in Charlotte, NC on the final day of the Democratic Convention, the hands held high will be that of Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.” Everyone within earshot looked at him and asked, “Is this inside information?” He responded with a resounding NO but then stood by his prediction nonetheless.

He went on to explain his reasoning and it made sense. If the president’s polling numbers don’t come up or fall even further, he will need to do something to change the discussion and focus to reinvigorate the party and excite the faithful. There would be nothing more exciting then Hillary on the ticket in 2012.

Why would Obama want her on the ticket? First there is the four-shot at the end of the convention. Hands held high, Barack and Hillary flanked by Michelle and Bill being a not-so-subtle reminder that when Bill Clinton left the Presidency the nation was at peace with a budget surplus. Today Bill and Hillary Clinton are two of the most popular politicians in the world. Why would Obama allow Hillary to be the star of the 2012 election? The answer is simple. With Hillary on the ticket he wins a second term, without her he could be a one-term president. What about Joe Biden? He has reached the pinnacle of his elective political career. He can have any position he likes including Secretary of State or Ambassador to Ireland or just retire as an admired elder statesman and make the kind of money he has never made before.

Whether this scenario comes to fruition will depend on what happens over the next six to eight months. Does Obama rebound in the polls or do they continue to show he is vulnerable? Who is the Republican nominee? What is the state of the economy and how high is unemployment? But I have learned to never dismiss as idle D.C. coffee house chatter.

Let’s not forget, back in October, 2010, Washington reporter Bob Woodward said the possibility of a Barack Obama- Hillary Clinton presidential ticket in 2012 was “on the table.”

Woodward said on CNN:

“Some of Hillary Clinton’s advisers see it as a real possibility in 2012. President Obama needs some of the women, Latinos, retirees that she did so well with during the 2008 primaries and, so they switch jobs, not out of the question.”

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13 Responses to Democratic Insider: Obama-Clinton 2012

  1. feminazi says:

    The only way I can see myself voting to reelect Obama is if he put Hillary in the number 2 spot. I know she can get things done for this country and she isn’t afraid of the bullies in the GOP. In fact, she spent many years working with them and they like and even respect her. If this doesn’t happen I don’t think I will even bother to vote in 2012.

  2. Robyn says:

    I’d be okay with this. Obama needs to grow a set or he can borrow hers.

  3. The Real Adam says:

    Christopher – I saw Rosenstein’s piece in HuffPo and thought it was very interesting.

    The Democratic insider he mentions said the very samething you’ve been saying for months about what Obama has to do if he is really interested in having a second term as president. It’s true that Biden always wanted to be Secretary of State and Hillary is tendering her resignation at the end of next year.

  4. Brigadoon says:

    Obama has relied on strong, warrior women his entire life. This pattern began with his white, Midwest mother who bore two children with a black Kenyan, then later his bank executive grandmother, and finally hiding behind the coattails of wife Michele, who is said to be a bitch on wheels. Obama needs Hillary more than Hillary needs Obama. Plus, with Hillary, Obama gets Bill Clinton who knows a thing or two about creating new jobs, having created 23 million in 8 years.

  5. Debbie Banuelos says:

    I have to say the Republican field is pretty pathetic.

    If Obama put Hillary on the ticket I might consider voting for his sorry ass. But, Hillary is one smart cookie and I can’t see her traveling aboard a sinking ship.

    The USS Barack Hussein Obama is going down for the last count.

  6. Mrs. B. says:

    Hillary would be the ONE and only thing that would entice me to vote for Barry again. Actually, I’d prefer that she primary him, but she’s loyal to the party and I don’t think she’d risk splitting the vote and losing the whole shot to Republicans, especially if they would happen to scrape up a sane candidate between now and the next election.

    My only worry would be that if they couldn’t get things turned around at least somewhat by 2016, her political career would be over. I also can’t see Barry letting her accomplish much in the way of a liberal agenda, since he doesn’t seem to be inclined in that direction much at all, so this is a real thorny path she might be headed down if she is indeed considering it.

    I’d like to see her wait until Barry’s term is over and then make a run, but again, if he has left a bad taste in people’s mouths over Democrats in general (whether the blame is fair or not, that might be the reality) she would need to actually distance herself from his administration and run as the candidate we thought we were electing in Obama, but better and with more experience.

  7. DMason says:

    I have mixed feelings about this revelation. If Barry puts Hillary on the ticket and they lose, the fallout for Hillary’s reputation will be marked by the stench of Barry’s failed legacy. if the opposite holds and an Obama-Clinton ticket fires up the base and creates a tidalwave of excitement, sweeping the pair to four years, then I think it’s a great idea. What I do know for certain is, Obama by himself will not win reelection and frankly, he just isn’t up to the job.

  8. okjimm says:

    OK…. I Know that there are a lot of folks on these pages who are less than happy with Obama….. but he could have ANYONE on the ticket with him and I would still vote for him…… and my reasoning is simple…… DOES ANYONE REALLY THINK THAT ANY OF THE REPUBLICAN CLOWNS WOULD DO BETTER !!!!!!! no no no no…. if you think it is bad now…. just wait….

  9. Rendaculous says:

    The problem of worsening unemployment, a shrinking middle class and growing poverty in America is real. If the trend doesn’t stop, I believe it will become a national security issue.

    While I am not enthusiastic about any of the Republican candidates running for president, I fear four more years of Barack Obama. It is clear Mr. Obama has no idea how to fix what ails the economy.

    Green jobs, payroll tax holidays and covert wars against Libya and Yemen aren’t cutting it. Something needs to change. I am very, very worried about the direction this nation is on. At this point, I would help elect Dr. Phil McGraw if he could deliver 5 million new jobs.

  10. ajihani says:

    If I were advising Hillary I would tell her not to be attached to the Obama 2012 ticket. Challenge him for the nomination because I think she would win. But Obama is damaged good now. Steer clear of the rotting cantaloup. Consumers, like voters, know what produce to avoid.

  11. preskley says:

    Are you CRAZY? WE can’t afford another President Obama. His wife has spent MILLIONS on lavish vacations and expensive massages while the rest of America is in dire straights………just google michelle obama and vacation to get the hard cold TRUTH……she could care LESS about helping Americans, which is no surprise since her and hubby went to a church that basically said F U America….

  12. Faith says:

    It should have been Hilary before. The only way Obama has a chance is if he gets rid of his Wall Street buddies. Tim Geithner needs to go.


    “Operation “barack Obama” by Mikhail Kryzhanovsky

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