Really Ohio?

Monday, September 26, 2011

From Ohio, the state that gave us Rep. John Boehner, Gov. John Kasich, and Rep. Jim Jordan, comes an ongoing and sometimes contentious debate in churches regarding homosexuality thanks to 10 Toledo-area billboards proclaiming competing messages.

After Toledo’s Central United Methodist Church posted a single roadside billboard in late April that said, “Being Gay Is a Gift from God,” the Rev. Tony Scott of the Church on Strayer felt compelled to offer an opposing point of view.

The Maumee megachurch this week bought nine billboards that proclaim, “Being Gay is NOT a Gift from God — Forgiveness, Love, and Eternal Life Are.”

SOURCE: Toledo Blade

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7 Responses to Really Ohio?

  1. hockeynana says:

    Think of how much good the money they spent on 9 billboards could do for their local soup kitchens! But we all know that god loves to read his name on billboards, so this will get their members brownie points with him.

  2. Randy Arroyo says:

    I’m not familiar with Ohio but it looks like the Bible Thumpers are in firm control. Not a place I have any interest in ever visiting.

  3. church of the strayer – wanna bet Tony Scott has a “wide stance”

  4. okjimm says:

    PFffffttttt… until God buys a few rounds at happy hour…. I refuse to believe in him.

  5. Joe in Colorado says:

    The only good thing a Bible can be used for is toilet paper on a camping trip.

  6. The Real Adam says:

    I think being gay is a “gift.”

    But I hope it isn’t from God because everything I see associated with the Supreme Being is violent and ugly and dreadful.

  7. Chance says:

    This posting, “Really Ohio? | From the Left” demonstrates the fact that you truly comprehend precisely what you are talking about!
    I personally entirely approve. Many thanks ,David

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