Death Becomes Them

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Last night’s Republican presidential debate was a celebration of the powerful over the sick, elevating death to the level of Tea Party campaign plank.

Asked a hypothetical question by CNN host Wolf Blitzer about how our society should respond when a healthy 30-year-old man decides not to buy health insurance suddenly goes into a coma and requires intensive care for six months, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, a doctor, replied:

“That’s what freedom is all about, taking your own risks. This whole idea that you have to prepare to take care of everybody…”

Rep. Ron Paul was drowned out by audience applause and shouts of “yeah.”

Blitzer pressed Paul further asking:

“Are you saying that society should let him die?”

That’s when the audience got even more involved shouting loud cheers of “yeah!,” followed by laughter in response to Blitzer’s question.

Death, it seems, becomes the Tea Party.

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10 Responses to Death Becomes Them

  1. Mrs. B. says:

    They’ve come a long way in a couple years. Back then they were screeching hysterically about death panels coming for granny if healthcare reform passed. Now they want to cut Medicare and let granny die if she didn’t have the foresight to save for her own insurance.

    Blitzer really phrased the question stupidly, too. He should have asked Paul if some guy making $9 an hour at a job with no bennies, who can’t AFFORD fucking insurance but makes too much to qualify for Medicaid (which the ‘baggers want to cut anyway), should die because of his income level.

    The whole bunch of those morons, the candidates and the audience, both represent the absolute worst humanity has to offer, and I’m using the term humanity loosely because they barely qualify as human.

  2. DMason says:

    Fuck me. These Tea Party clowns are ghouls.

  3. Jim says:

    I don’t even recognize this country anymore. It is indeed a frightening place.

  4. Randy Arroyo says:

    Ron Paul has always creeped me out. He’s a tiny, bizarre little man and the fact that he’s from Texas just fits the profile of everything and everyone I’ve known about the Lone Star State. The good news is, he will never be elected president. 2012 is all about Mitt Romney. If internals hold, Obama will go head-to-head with Romney, which should be fascinating to watch.

  5. Fran says:

    “Deciding not to buy health insurance” is usually for some or all the following reasons:

    1. The person does not get paid enough to pay bills AND afford health insurance.
    2. The health insurance policy has more holes in it than a sieve. (Things it does not cover).
    3. The Co pays & additional out-of-pocket % exceed the value of the policy.
    4. The company does not offer health insurance.
    5. The only work the person can find is less than full time, and does not qualify to purchase health insurance.
    6. You lost your job & cannot afford COBRA insurance.

    Freedom is about being able to choose to die because your country does not really have a health care system?

  6. Adirondacky says:

    The coverage known as COBRA, is for all intent and purposes, is a joke. I have a friend who was lost his job at IBM and was offered COBRA. The monthly premium was $1,500. Naturally, he couldn’t take it and rolled the dice. My friend found another job but it took six months and for that period, he had no health insurance. People like my friend aren’t a part of Ron Paul’s world.

  7. okjimm says:

    WHAT FRAN SAID…. Cobras is a joke…it would have chewed up almost 65% of my unemployment…….. and the coverage sucked

  8. feminazi says:

    So much for the so-called “party of life”?

  9. Brigadoon says:

    Party of Life my ass. Conservatives oppose abortion but support Capital Punishment. The right can claim they enshrine “life” until the cows come home but we all know this just isn’t true. Conservatives are all about death.

  10. ultragreen says:

    Did you know that the former manager of Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential political campaign died from pneumonia and wound up penniless with a $400,000 medical debt? This was because he couldn’t afford health insurance because of a preexisting condition (AIDS). His friends and associates raised about $38,000 toward his medical bills — less than 10% of the total.

    As for the jovial teabaggers, the last laugh may be on them: Many of them think that their jobs are more secure than they really are, and they also think their health insurance coverage is better than it really is. And then there are teabaggers without health insurance who think that they won’t need it because they will be blessed with good health by God (ha! ha!). But some of them, just like Ron Paul’s former campaign manager, are going to find themselves out-of-luck when life-threatening illness finally intrudes into their little lives.

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